Medical Tourism Options Increasing In Yucatan Peninsula Of Mexico

Written by ClinicTrip on May 2, 2019
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The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is located in southeastern Mexico on Caribbean side of the country. Two of the three states that make up that area are Yucatan state and Quintana Roo state. The largest city in Yucatan is Mérida and the largest city in Quintana Roo is Cancún. Both cities have become top medical tourism designations in the country.

Mérida is the largest city in Yucatan State with almost one million people. It has a broad mix of cultures including the indigenous Mayan people. It is a center of tourism for the country and now has become a medical tourism destination. A popular hospital in Mérida is Star Medica Mérida. It is part of the Star Medica hospital group which manages 14 hospitals across the country. Star Medica Mérida offers a range of specialties including health screenings, heart care center, and imaging and endoscopy services.

Cancún is a popular beach and resort vacation destination with a range of hospitality services. it is the largest city in Quintana Roo state and has a developed infrastructure for tourist arrivals. It’s now a medical tourism destination as well including two Joint Commission International accredited hospitals. They are Hospital Galenia and Amerimed Hospital Cancún. Hospital Galenia is a private general hospital with a range of services and an international patients center. It also has a cancer center, IVF center, and health screening center. Cancún also has many dental clinics so you can get a teeth cleaning easily before relaxing on the beach.

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