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Orthodontix Dental Clinic

July 4, 2022 Tweet

Are you searching for the most affordable & best Dental clinic in Dubai, UAE? Your search ends here at Orthodontix Dental Clinic in Dubai UAE!!! We are located very near Deira City Centre and very close to the metro station. Hence, providing ease of access and abundant free parking within the same building while you comfortably get your dental treatment! We always make life easy for our patients at Orthodontix Dental Clinic in Deira, Dubai, UAE!
We are a team of highly experienced Dental professionals with more than 20+ years of combined experience. Our Dentists & clinic staff are proficient in English, Arabic, Tagalog, Filipino, Russian & most Indian languages like Tamil, Hindi, etc.,. So communicating your Dental issues is never a problem to get the right treatment at a cheap cost with the best in class treatment options from us. We take care of all your dental needs at an affordable cost and installment payment options are also available. Insurance options are available for the applicable Dental treatments. We are always open for your emergency Dental treatments in Dubai, UAE.
Experience Quality Dental Care with one of the leading & most trusted dental clinic in Dubai, UAE. We are proud to be recognized as one of the best dental clinics in Dubai, doing high quality low cost dental treatment trusted & recommended hugely by all of our patients as you can see from our Google reviews.
Our Dentists in Dubai have expertise in all types of dental treatment including but not limited to :
* Aesthetic dentistry
* Teeth fillings
* Dentures
* Teeth extraction
* Gum treatment
* Implant Crowns & Zirconia crowns
* Teeth cleaning or Oral prophylaxis
* Stain removal & teeth whitening
* Root canal treatment
* Wisdom teeth removal
* Orthodontics
* Veneers and Hollywood Smile makeover
* Invisalign, Clear invisible braces.
Click on a Dental treatment type from the main menu to know more about it. Contact us for a FREE complimentary consultation in our Dental Clinic in Deira, Dubai, UAE!
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Email :

Nazeer Ahmed Meeran

A-301, Al Shoala Building (Green House Building), Al Naboodah Building, DNATA Intersection, Landmark : Next to Toyota showroom, Near Deira City Center, DUBAI.

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What is Ayurvedic Medicine

June 12, 2022 Tweet

Learn more from the Cleveland Clinic






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The Medical City Manila Wins Medical Tourism Award

May 26, 2022 Tweet

Hospital In Focus: The Medical City Ortigas – Manila, Philippines

The Medical City Ortigas which is located in Pasig City in Manila, Philippines, has won a hospital of the year and medical tourism award for the second time in a row. The award is given by Healthcare Asia as described below.

The awards program recognizes remarkable performances or cutting-edge development from healthcare organizations across Asia. The Medical City’s continuous efforts to care for international patients and to thrive despite the mounting challenges brought by the pandemic have distinguished the hospital from its competitors and elevated it to the status of award winners at the recently-concluded Healthcare Asia Awards.

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The hospital is the main facility in the largest hospital network in the Philippines. It is also Joint Commission International accredited and offers services for medical tourists. To view health screening packages, visit:

Because of the high quality of its hospitals, the Philippines is aiming to ramp up its appeal to medical tourists and promote itself as an emerging destination for medical travel. While it has plenty of competition from Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore regionally, its goal to be a top destination which will provide medical travelers with even more options for quality and affordable healthcare outside of their home country.

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Thailand Promotes Medical Tourism Upon Reopening

May 24, 2022 Tweet

Thailand aims to lure more foreign visitors in the post-Covid period by promoting itself as a medical tourism hub, building on its good track record of handling the Covid-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said.





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Estetska Kirurgija u Zagrebu

January 26, 2022 Tweet

Poliklinika Kvaternik je novootvorena poliklinika za dijagnostiku i liječenje koja obuhvaća široki spektar zdravstvenih djelatnosti: internu medicinu, ultrazvučnu dijagnostiku, otorinolaringologiju, dermatologiju, estetsku kirurgiju i ortopediju.

Poliklinika se nalazi u centru Zagreba, okuplja tim vrhunskih medicinskih stručnjaka te omogućuje brzo i kvalitetno rješavanje Vaših zdravstvenih problema.

Poliklinika Kvaternik

Adresa: Kostanjevec 47, 10000, Zagreb

Tel: 01 613 1900


Radno Vrijeme: PON-PET 12:00 – 20:00

Poliklinika Kvaternik Zagreb

Kostanjevec 47, 10000, Zagreb

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CBCC India – Best Cancer Hospital in India

December 29, 2021 Tweet

CBCC USA Cancer Hospital is a super-speciality cancer centre dedicated exclusively towards comprehensive cancer management. All modalities of treatment i.e. Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Haematology and Haemato-oncology, Radiotherapy Oncology for cancer are being provided at CBCC USA Cancer Hospital since 2006. The world-class radiotherapy facility (Linear Accelerator), is available in the radiotherapy wing of the hospital. The radiotherapy facility with 3G dual-energy IMRT and IGRT.


Best Cancer Hospital in Chennai


CBCC Chennai, Tamil Nadu India stands at the forefront of treatment excellence offering precision cancer care for all types of cancers for all age groups and genders. Personalized care has a lot of significance when it comes to cancer care and we provide top-notch services along with expertise medical professionals assisted by advanced facilities. Team of Radiation Oncologists, Medical Oncologists, and Surgical Oncologists provide a wide range of treatments and medical procedures that meets international standards in terms of quality and precision. A wide range of treatments and medical procedures are available to tailor them to suit the medical requirements of each patient.


here’s a rundown of the cancer specialists.




Cancer treatment requires specialized care by cancer specialists who are trained in the diagnosis and treating cancer. Oncologists are trained at a specialists / super-specialist level, having trained for over 3 to 6 years at the very least in the art and science of treating patients with cancer. There are various types of oncologists, and it is essential to know who they are. A large team of other specialists supports oncologists to safely and efficiently ensure the delivery of all types of treatment.


Medical oncologist:


Medical oncologists are cancer specialists who are involved in the diagnosis and treating cancers. They are experts in delivering chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy for all types of cancers. 


Radiation oncologist:


Radiation oncologists are cancer specialists who deliver radiation treatment for all types of cancers.  Radiation treatment requires master care furnished by radiation oncologists alongside Physicists and Technologists to guarantee protected, exact, and effective therapy conveyance.




Haemato-oncologists are cancer specialists who specialize in the diagnosis and treating various blood cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma, and multiple myeloma. They are experts in different types of bone marrow transplant procedures.  


Surgical oncologist: 


Surgical oncologists are cancer specialists who conduct operations for cancer treatment. Cancer surgeries are highly specialized surgeries and require dedicated surgical oncologists to provide high-quality care. Various surgical sub-specialties are also trained in performing cancer surgeries for their respective specialties, such as neurosurgeon, urologist, gastrointestinal surgeon, hepatobiliary surgeon, ortho oncologist, head and neck surgeon, thoracic surgeon, gyne-oncologist, etc. 


Palliative care physician:


A palliative care physician is a specialist in symptom control for all types of symptoms arising from cancer, including pain. They are trained in dealing with cancer symptoms, treatment side-effects, and providing end-of-life care. 


Paediatric oncologist:


Paediatric oncologists are cancer specialists who diagnose and treat children with cancer. They usually have a dedicated team to look after all children under the age of 16 diagnosed with cancer. 




Onco-pathologists are cancer specialists who are trained in the diagnosis of cancer. Most cancers need a biopsy to be diagnosed. An onco-pathologist will process and review the biopsy and tell us whether the patient has cancer. If yes, they may do further tests on the biopsy sample to tell us about the type of cancer and its characteristics. They also do molecular studies if required and tell us if a particular treatment will work for that type of cancer. All cancers are different and have treatment options. The treatment is generally decided after a full review of the biopsy by a trained onco-pathologist. 




Onco-radiologists are radiologists who specialize in reading scans of cancer patients. Various imaging modalities such as CT scan, MRI, and Ultrasound for cancer patients can be quite complex in their nature of interpretation for diagnosis and evaluation of response to treatment. This requires specialized experience and training to provide high-quality care. 


Nuclear medicine physician: 


Nuclear medicine physician specializes in doing high-end scans that are done using radioactive isotopes such as PET-CT scan, DOTA scan, PSMA scan, Radioactive iodine scan (thyroid scan), DTPA scan, bone scan, etc. for cancer diagnosis, response assessment, and treatment. 


Radiation Technologist:


There are separate courses for specialized imaging like CT scan, MRI, etc. (radiodiagnosis technologist) and radiation therapy machines (radiation therapy technologists).  Radiation therapy technologists are specialized in handling sophisticated radiotherapy machines for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. Their role starts from preparing the patient for treatment, i.e., preparing patient positioning, imaging, to daily delivery of precision treatment. 


Oncology nurse practitioner:


An Oncology nurse or nurse practitioner is a specialized nurse who is trained in taking care of cancer patients. They have the necessary skills to safely mix and deliver all types of anti-cancer treatment such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy for various cancers. These nurses require specialized skills, and it may take many years of training to have the necessary skills. 


A multidisciplinary team (MDT) for cancer treatment is essentially a large team of various specialists who come together to decide the course of treatment and to ensure that the best treatment is advised for the patient. Cancer care and treatment can be quite complex, and various cancer specialists are required to contribute to treating the patient optimally. This approach provides better quality of cancer care to the patients, and research has shown that it significantly improves patient outcomes.


Cancer Therapy India is known as the best cancer hospital in India, having the best oncologist in Chennai with extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of virtually every kind of cancer. Cancer Therapy India has some of the best medical oncologist in Bangalore who are experts in using the latest technologies and treatments to address unmet patient needs and have wide experience in providing cancer treatment in India.


Cancer Therapy India has the best radiation oncologist in India, experienced in treating any kind of cancer and works together in areas of expertise to provide the best radiation therapy and the highest level of patient care.

Best Cancer Hospital in India


Best Cancer Hospital in Chennai

CBCC India


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Best psoriasis treatment in bangalore

November 30, 2021 Tweet

Best Psoriasis Treatment in Bangalore

Psoriasis is a skin condition that can have a negative effect on your lifestyle and daily routine. Although it’s easy to treat, it can be painful and difficult to deal with if you don’t know what to do. For best results, it’s important to seek out a qualified dermatologist for treatment. Here are some tips to choose the best psoriasis treatment in bangalore.

Best psoriasis treatment in bangalore

The best psoriasis treatment in Bangalore is available in the form of a topical solution. This solution can help treat the symptoms and reduce inflammation. In addition, the doctor may prescribe a variety of other remedies, including aloe-vera, banana leaf, and garlic. As long as you have an effective, safe, and effective psoriasis treatment, you’ll have a beautiful, healthy skin.

The best psoriasis treatment in the city depends on your lifestyle. The disorder often begins as a result of unhealthy living and can lead to a compromised immune system. Consequently, the best psoriasis treatment is a combination of these approaches. The most effective treatments involve a combination of homeopathic and medical solutions. If you’re looking for a local bangalore clinic, consider the following options:

The best psoriasis treatment in the bangalore centre will include anthralin, a topical medicine, and dietary supplements. Light therapy is an excellent option for mild to moderate cases of psoriasis. It can also be treated with oral or injected drugs. However, be aware that the best sclerotherapy is not always available in the bangalore clinic.

If you have psoriasis, it is essential to find the best psoriasis treatment in the city. There are many options to choose from in bangalore. The best psoriasis treatment can help you manage the disease effectively. Your doctor will decide which psoriasis treatment is best for you. It is essential to have an understanding of your symptoms.

The best psoriasis treatment in the bangalore center is a comprehensive ayurveda facility that specializes in treating psoriasis. Vedamayurvedais an authorized Vaidyaratnam dealer and offers extensive Ayurveda care. It is a hospital that specializes in providing complete Ayurveda therapy in Kerala style.

The best psoriasis treatment in the bangalore branch includes repeated detoxifications. A skin specialist will examine a small patch of skin for psoriasis and make sure that you are receiving the best possible care. Your therapist will also provide the best psoriasis treatment plans for you. You can consult with him if you need to find out which is the best psoriasis care in the bangalore segment.

A reputable psoriasis treatment in the bangalore branch is critical to your success. This treatment will improve your overall health by treating the root cause of the problem. If you want to get the best psoriasis treatment in Bangalore, consider consulting with your doctor. You can find a reputable psoriasis clinic in the city.



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IVF Consultation – Preparing For Your IVF Journey

November 15, 2021 Tweet

You\’ve made the decision to become pregnant with your partner and now you need to know what to expect at your IVF Consultation. A good way to start is by being prepared for the IVF procedure itself. Your IVF consultant should come prepared with helpful and informative information about getting pregnant through IVF. There are many important considerations that must be addressed before you start this new adventure in becoming pregnant. Here, we\’ll discuss some of these key areas and provide tips for the entire process.

The first part of any consultation is always the appointment with your IVF clinic\’s consultant. It is very important to feel as comfortable as possible during this first encounter because you will likely be filling out a lot of forms throughout the consultation. Your IVF consultant should be willing to answer all of your questions, no matter how trivial they may seem. To help you maximize your IVF consultation time, have already compiled a list of any of the IVF clinic\’s key questions to ask.

Following your IVF consultations, you should focus on tracking your pregnancy progress statistics. Monitoring your pregnancy statistics is important because it allows you to see your success rates over time. Some pregnancy statistics will show your age at the time of your IVF; however, others will track your weight gain or loss throughout the months leading up to your IVF surgery. Knowing your overall success rate will allow you to better plan your future treatments.

Another area of importance that you should discuss at your IVF consultation is your treatment for unexplained infertility. Unexplained infertility is a common reason for couples having difficulty becoming pregnant. Unexplained infertility results from low sperm counts, impaired fertility hormones, or genetic causes not related to heredity. Whatever the cause of your unexplained infertility, your IVF consultant can best explain your treatment options to you.

The majority of women undergoing IVF treatment have one or more unusual symptoms. Some women experience excessive cramping in their abdominal area, while others experience incontinence. These symptoms can be embarrassing, and many times they are mistaken as the result of a yeast infection or urinary tract infection. It is very important to rule these symptoms out when discussing your ivf treatment with your doctor. However, many other women will experience their own special surprise during their IVF appointment.

One of the biggest factors in determining your IVF success is your embryo transfer rate. If your donor egg was used for conception by one of your partner\’s siblings, you may not be able to use his sperm. Your IVF doctor will test the sperm obtained from your partner\’s sibling to determine your viability. Unfortunately, your partner\’s sperm may not be usable, or it may not even work. This factor is an important part of the IVF consultations, and it must be discussed at the consultation.

Another factor that will determine your IVF success or failure is your donor egg selection. If you are a family man, chances are good that you have had a successful past relationship with a female donor. If you are a family woman, however, your donor egg selection is likely to be based on your personal history of infidelity. Discussing your IVF situation with your ivf doctor is important in making sure you get the right donor.

After the IVF consultations, you will be asked to share personal information about yourself and your history with your IVF physician. Your physician will also ask you questions to better understand your body and what you have experienced before, during, and after your IVF journey. This is an excellent time to discuss your goals and dreams for your future. Many patients take their IVF journey one step at a time. By being prepared from the beginning, you will be able to focus on your goals for treatment and IVF recovery. Your IVF consultation should be fun and allow you to feel completely involved in your treatment plan.

Cura Hospitals

Bangalore, Inadia

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Anti-Aging Treatments That Makes You Look Younger

November 10, 2021 Tweet

With time your skin ages too, and it is an unstoppable process. The clear fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and dark patches on the face tend to lessen your confidence.

Modern science does not allow aging to surface on your skin. Some treatments erode all signs of aging without leaving traces. At Emirates Dermatology Cosmetology centre, we have many such nonsurgical cosmetic treatments to rehabilitate the glow of your younger self. Without going under the knife, you shall own the youthful skin. But first, let’s understand the factors that make us look older.

What Makes Us Look Older?

While age increases, the fibres responsible for furnishing the smooth appearance weaken, colour complexions firm, and create a wrinkled texture. Collagen production slows down, and young skin elasticity begins to fade as other determinants come into action.

Sunburned is another significant component that gives to the chronic form. Tanning beds show wrinkles, fine lines, pigmented areas, and rough patches on your face for years of baking and unsafe sunlight.

Here we give you few options we offer at Emirates Dermatology and Cosmetology to improve your exterior surface to look as fresh as you feel on the inside.


Botox بوتكس is the prominent non-invasive treatment to beat off aging. It can go a long-drawn process to getting your face and neck looking younger, smoother, and wrinkle-free.

Botox encompasses a tiny painless needle that eases the muscle strain that lets lines and wrinkles. It’s a reasonably simple method that makes you look more blooming in a couple of days. You’ll barely have to go in two to three courses in a year to store the appearance when the result does decreases.

Chemical Peel Treatment

Chemical peel treatment التقشير الكيميائي might be best for you if you lose the luminous radiance of your younger self. The technique is used to lift and smooth the texture of your skin. With this treatment, the outermost layer of the skin gently removes, giving you pure, intact skin.

Chemical Peels are commonly done on the face, but you can get them on the neck, chest, and hands too. This method is adopted to heal acne scars, rough skin, uneven pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, and sunspots/damage.

best skin treatments

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are anti-aging injections that fill the depression and wrinkles, refilling lost capacity to even your skin and developing an even tone. It uses sugar, which is naturally discovered in the body acknowledged as hyaluronic acid, to lessen facial wrinkles and rebuild volume.

When added to the skin, the hyaluronic acid plumps and creates a filling and smoothing effect where lost volume demands to be treated.

Best Dermal Fillers Treatments UAE

PRP Treatment

PRP treatment is used for ages in healing damaged tendons, and it’s now also become famous for the skin. The therapy is usually termed a “vampire facial. ” In this treatment, a doctor gets your blood sample and extorting platelets and plasma to produce a rich sample of PRP. Then microneedles will be used to inject the suspension again into your skin, boosting collagen creation. This treatment helps in getting rid of acne scars, fine lines, and even hyperpigmentation.

PRP Treatment Abu Dhabi


Mesotherapy is a way that utilizes injections of vitamins, hormones, enzymes, and plant extracts to rejuvenate and compress the skin along with getting rid of excess fat. The treatment is used to fade lines and wrinkles, reduce pigmented skin, re-contour the body, etc.

The technique utilizes skinny needles to transfer a series of injections inside the middle layer of the skin. The concept behind mesotherapy is to improve underlying problems like inflammation and poor circulation, damaging the skin.


Profhilo is an injectable skin remodelling treatment with Hyaluronic Acid especially formulated for those people whose skin lacks volume and elasticity. Anybody who performs the symptoms of skin aging is ideal for the treatment of Profhilo.

Key to Profhilo’s popularity is the balance of a unique edifice and scientific characteristics that involve a high cohesion that enables the product to flow smoothly along with subcutaneous tissue and dermis in a method that incorporates conventional hyaluronic acid fillers.

Profhilo Treatment Abu Dhabi

Gold Stamp Therapy

Aqua Gold Stamp Therapy أكوا_جولد_ستامب can apply to enhance the skin quality of your face, as well as any sunburned areas like the decollate, neck, and hands. It is a perfect therapy for grey skin and preventive treatment for those not yet enduring the full aging skin results. Patients feel comfortable without the anxiety of needles, and they can observe actual results, obesity, and instant natural-looking consequences.


You don’t have to let time and age conquest. Here, at Emirates Dermatology and Cosmetology Centre, we have Dr Mouza Al Suwaidi دكتوره_موزة_السويدي the best skin specialist in Abu Dhabi أفضل_إخصائي_بشرة for an initial consultation before stepping ahead.

Book an appointment with us today to begin your journey towards a youthful future.

Emirates Dermatology

Abu Dhabi

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Multispeciality Hospital

November 8, 2021 Tweet

\”Cura  BestMultispeicality hospital Bangalore has been able to take care of all the requirements of its patients with the utmost professionalism and dedication since its establishment. It has become the benchmark for every healthcare organization in Bangalore. Since then, the hospital has received many awards, making it a sought after destination for medical treatment. It also stands out among other Indian hospitals with the services that have been provided to its clients.

\”Cura hospital Bangalore treats patients with the utmost caring and professionalism. The infrastructure of the hospital is designed in an efficient manner, keeping in mind the various needs of the patients. It has all the latest in facilities for the treatment of diseases and injuries.\” Patients can avail themselves of these services at any time convenient to them from the comforts of their homes.

The hospital has a dedicated emergency room where all types of emergencies are taken care of with great efficiency and professionalism. They provide complete emergency care to all types of patients. This emergency room is fully equipped with all the modern and advanced medical equipment. All the doctors and nurses in the hospital are highly trained and highly experienced. In addition, all the rooms are fully air conditioned.

The hospital has a pediatric department that caters to the specific needs of the children. This department caters to the children with special needs and helps them through the entire process. The center offers a wide variety of treatment options for the children, including intensive care units, high tech diagnostic and therapeutic services and pediatric surgery. This facility also has a well organized cardiac unit that caters to the heart patients. The hospital also provides specialty services like Cardiac Surgery, Critical Care, Pneumonia, Pediatrics, Gynecology, ENT and Disorders.

The hospital offers a variety of outpatient services to cater to the various needs of the patients. These services include general medical, surgical, dental, vision and pharmacy services. The services offered by the hospital are fully automated and the staff follows up on each and every patient with their required attention and care. Some of the popular outpatient services offered by the hospital are cardiology services, cancer services, gastroenterology services, neonatal services, pediatrics services, plastic surgery and microsurgery.

This hospital has all the modern amenities to offer quality care to its patients. They offer the latest technologies and the best quality care to their patients. The emergency rooms have all the modern technology necessary to ensure immediate and effective treatment of the patients. The emergency department has twenty four hour medical surveillance and the doctors use the latest equipment for their care. The doctors offer comprehensive healthcare services and are available at all times.

This hospital has twenty four hour medical surveillance and twenty four hour emergency medical service. This helps in saving lives in case a patient is injured or ill. The hospital\’s emergency rooms are well equipped with twenty four hour support and the doctors also use the latest equipment for their care. The doctors also monitor the patient\’s condition from time to time and refer them to the appropriate specialist. The emergency medicine department has the most advanced diagnostic machines and equipments to handle all kinds of emergencies. The doctors use heart-lung machines and other machines to treat the patients quickly.

The hospital also offers a comprehensive after care program to its patients after they leave the hospital premises. The after care services offered by the hospital are usually full of services such as round the clock care, therapy, exercise and speech therapy. The nurses and the other health care staff follow up with the patients on a daily basis and make sure that they have taken their medication. This hospital has all the facilities to serve its clients with quality care.

Cura Hospitals

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5 Tips For A Successful Pregnancy Through IVF Consultation Bangalore

October 14, 2021 Tweet

The first thing that you need to do prior to you even consider IVF is to have an IVF consultation Bangalore at an IVF clinic in Bangalore. But this isn’t necessarily the case everywhere in India. In fact, in some cases, couples discover that they simply aren’t compatible and aren’t looking forward to the IVF process. It’s understandable if this happens to you.

However, even if your match is deemed “unsuitable” for the IVF, you shouldn’t give up hope yet. All things are possible. You may even find that there are other resources available in Bangalore that can help you. If your first thought is to use the internet, then you will want to read on to find out more.

Even if it’s not possible to talk face-to-face with your doctor, there is still a lot that you can do at home. One of the best IVF consultation options in Bangalore is through chat rooms and online forums. There is no doubt that you can find a great amount of support from others who have already had the same experience as you. You can share your worries and concerns, and they can offer their own pieces of advice that can help.

Of course, if you feel that you simply don’t know where to begin, you can always ask for a professional IVF consultant in Bangalore to meet with you in person. This is certainly an option that will relieve some of the stress, but it’s also important to remember that this person is there to serve you. You should never feel pressured to choose this option over another, simply because you have found someone from the IVF consultancy in Bangalore who fits your needs. If you feel comfortable with this individual and feel like he or she understands you, then you should leave it at that.

Before you take your first step toward meeting with an IVF consultant in Bangalore, it’s a good idea to take stock of where you are now with your infertility problems. Did you just find out you were infertile six months ago? Or did you find out a year or even two years ago? Take note of the difficulties and setbacks you’ve had with conceiving in these past few years and try to pinpoint exactly what needs to be done in order to make it easier for you to conceive.

In addition to wanting a child quickly, you also want to have a healthy pregnancy. You may be very excited about meeting with an IVF consultant in Bangalore, but you also want to have a healthy baby. So, talk to your doctor about ways to maintain a healthy pregnancy without getting too stressed out. For example, a healthy pregnancy is possible if you adopt a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, take prenatal vitamins, practice a moderate exercise routine and you avoid ingesting any harmful substances such as tobacco or alcohol. All of these tips will help you maintain a healthy pregnancy, but you also need to make sure you’re not neglecting any of the critical areas related to conceiving.

By taking notes throughout your IVF consultation in Bangalore, you’ll be able to easily recall any important points. This will help you to take control of the entire conversation and be able to address any issues that arise. Even though you may feel as though you’re not communicating well with your IVF consultant in Bangalore, don’t worry. These days, many couples who take advantage of the expert advice provided by an IVF clinic do so because they take notes. By taking notes properly and professionally, you’ll be able to impress your husband, wife, doctor or any other individual who will view them.

Your IVF consultant in Bangalore will be able to check your health with one simple test called a pelvic exam. In the past, couples who went through a traditional IVF treatment were unable to accurately pinpoint their exact condition due to factors such as irregular menstrual periods and low sperm count. The main reason for this was that there was no way for a doctor to tell if the couple’s health was just going to decline in another way. Today, however, advancements have been made and this problem has been solved. Thanks to a new form of monitoring called a gynecologist consultation test, you can get a second opinion about your health without having to worry about being misunderstood by your first doctor.

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How to Find the Best Dermatologist in Bangalore

October 7, 2021 Tweet

Have you been looking for a Best Dermatologist in Bangalore? In that case, you have come to the right place. Bangalore is one of the most happening cities of India today. It has emerged as one of the major destinations for all types of travelers around the world. And if you too want to enjoy all the fun and excitement, look out for a Dermatologist in Bangalore, who can treat you for your skin related problems without any fuss. Let’s find out some of the best Dermatologists in Bangalore, who are famous for their expertise in the field of dermatology.

After spending some time with the dermatologist, we were amazed by some of the wonderful things that he had to offer us. Dr. Subir Chowdhry is a well known doctor who specializes in skin related problems. After spending some time with him, we were impressed by some of the services offered by dr. subir Chowdhry. He was kind enough to help us understand our problems, and even came out with some innovative solutions that proved to be effective. In this article, we will be exploring some of the services offered by the doctor from Bangalore, who went on to treat us for our acne problems.

We had visited several doctors in the city, and after spending some time with Dr. Subir Chowdhry, we were convinced that he was the right doctor for us. The doctor was very cordial and treated us in a very cordial manner. When we met him in his clinic, he introduced himself as Dr. Surgery then took us to the examination room. While we were undergoing our test, we were given some pamphlets, which told about various kinds of problems, which are associated with our skin.

After a lot of discussion, we were told about various kinds of ailments that can cause marks on the skin. This is the reason why the doctor tested different kinds of creams and ointments on our skin, to find out the right solution. In the end, we were found to have a case of acne vulgaris. This is an infection that occurs due to the blockage of sebum gland in our skin. The doctor used some antibiotic gels, to get rid of the pimples.

We were also told that it is not at all difficult to find the best dermatologist in Bangalore. All that we needed to do is to make sure that the doctor is a member of the dermatology association in Bangalore. There are many skin specialists, who are willing to register themselves with such associations. Once we registered ourselves with such organizations, we could get in touch with the doctor through the phone. Many dermatologists, in India are also willing to register themselves with such associations.

However, we were advised to keep an eye open for the kind of treatment being offered by the doctor. We should also look for the kind of education that the doctor had. It would be helpful if the doctor has a certificate in dermatology or he has done his MBA in dermatology. It would be helpful if the doctor specializes in skin or he has extensive experience in treating acne and other skin related problems.

A very good Bangalore scar removal treatment clinic is located at Sapphire Organic Food Center. The doctor suggested some natural acne scar removal treatments like using banana peels. I tried the treatment, which consisted of a bowl of boiled green mango with pieces of shell intact. After drinking a few spoons of the boiled banana extract, I found that my skin felt smoother.

I later visited Kumar on a day to day basis. During the visit, Kumar shared with me that scar removal from our skin was now done through fractional laser and fractional carbon dioxide laser. He also advised me to avoid pimples and to use natural products on my skin as much as possible. I found that a big change had occurred since the last visit to my dermology doctor in Bangalore, Kumar had given me more information about natural products and how they could help me to get rid of my pimples.

Cura Hospitals

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How To Recognize And Stop Shoulder Pain

October 6, 2021 Tweet

Shoulder pain, or pain resulting from injuries to the rotator cuff, is the most common complaint related to rotator cuff surgery. The most frequent cause of shoulder pain is when rotator tendons get trapped beneath the bony socket in the shoulder. The tendons either get injured or become inflamed.

Rotator cuff injury usually follows a direct blow to the rotator cuff, or an indirect blow to the area. It can also be caused by simple trauma to the arm, such as when you overhandpaw from using a golf club. Sometimes, the injury results from improper exercise techniques, poor body mechanics (such as leaning forward at the time you lift your arm), and repetitive stress to the muscles of the arm. This condition is known as bursitis or rotator cuff tendonitis.

There are many causes of shoulder pain. In addition to the mechanical causes described above, some people are prone to shoulder joint injuries. Such individuals are usually involved in repetitive motion or use of unstable shoulders, such as lifting dumbbells or bending over again at the same time. People with small and weak muscles are also at a high risk for injuries to the rotator cuff. These people are called “undersliers.”

Those who have symptoms of shoulder pain and do not want to use prescription medications may suggest over the counter treatments. Over the counter treatments for shoulder pain are usually meant to provide temporary relief. They may suggest taking NSAIDS, rest, ice, heat, and anti-inflammatory medication, or they may suggest physical therapy. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, or NSAIDS, are usually used to control inflammation, which may help to relive symptoms of shoulder pain.

Steroid medications may be prescribed to treat symptoms of shoulder pain. If the symptoms are caused by a more serious injury to the shoulder, steroids may help to accelerate healing and reduce the amount of pain. However, steroid injections should only be used after consulting your doctor to determine that there is no chance of having a serious injury to the shoulder. Steroid treatments can cause side effects, including an increased risk of heart problems.

Ice massages may also be recommended by your doctor. Ice injections are used to relieve shoulder pain caused by inflammation, but they can increase the risk of swelling or infection around the shoulder area, especially if the ice does not reach the inflamed area. Heat can help to reduce inflammation. Heat treatments, however, can be quite expensive.

One of the most common causes of shoulder pain is a mechanical problem with the shoulder joint. This common cause is a pulled tendinous tissue, which stretches and pulls on the rotator cuff. This mechanical problem can be treated with physical therapy and a stretching program designed for your particular condition.

Rotator cuff surgery is another common cause of shoulder pain. Surgery relieves the pain by surgically inserting plates into the tendinous tissue. While this procedure does correct the problem, it usually leaves a bone spur behind, which can become a problem again. Other procedures, such as a capsulotomy or arthroscopic release, do not address the underlying problem, and they may even make the problem worse.

Shoulder exercises and stretches can also help reduce shoulder pain. These exercises to improve the strength of the shoulder muscles and tendons. They may also help reduce pain due to rotator cuff activity. Many shoulder pain exercises focus only on the affected area or areas of the shoulder. These exercises are not designed for use in all situations, however, because they are intended for a specific type of situation, such as shoulder impingement or a pulled rotator cuff.

The third most common cause of shoulder pain is arthritis. Arthritis mostly affects the elderly, but can affect anyone who has been in bad hips, shoulders, or knees for many years. When the joint socket is injured, the bones and cartilage have become further apart, which makes it much more difficult for the bones to intermingle. Swelling, pain, and loss of range of motion may occur, and physical therapists may recommend certain arthritis exercises to alleviate shoulder pain.

If there are no advances in the patient’s medical treatment, physiotherapy and surgery may be recommended. Surgery may be necessary if joint replacement, including a bone graft, is needed. Joint replacement also involves risks and complications such as infection, scarring, or a loss of function. If replacement surgery is not an option, physical therapy and medication may be used. Physical therapy helps patients deal with the pain and restriction of movement that often occurs after shoulder surgery. Medication, such as an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxer, is sometimes used to reduce inflammation and control pain.

Physiotherapy, if not successful, may recommend physiotherapy aids such as braces or crutches. Pain specialists advise patients to do mild activities to decrease pain. Exercises, including light aerobic exercise, are recommended for patients with shoulder pain, especially if their level of stiffness is severe. Light exercise may help with weight-bearing activities and allow patients to move around more freely. Patients should remember to eat a well balanced diet and maintain a reasonable level of activity if they are having trouble with exercise or the ability to get up and down from the floor. The goal is to improve the patient’s daily functioning skills to return to daily activities and to return to work or school.

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How to Choose the Best Rheumatologist for Joint Care

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When you are looking for the best Rheumatoid Arthritis specialist in India, it is important that you find one that has experience in treating your specific type of arthritis. Your specialist needs to be aware of your medical history and what exactly is causing your symptoms. He or she must be able to customize a treatment plan to meet your needs. It is imperative that your Rheumatic disease specialist is someone who you can trust and someone who you can tell when something isn\’t working the way it should. Finding the best Rheumaticologist in India is a process that includes carefully researching a hospital\’s track record and credentials as well as the surgeon\’s training and accomplishments. This article will focus on the last factor – the surgeon\’s training.

As with any specialized field, the best rheumatologist in India also practices with a range of surgical techniques. Your specialist must have extensive experience in dealing with all types of painful diseases of the musculoskeletal system, specifically arthritis. Most orthopedic surgeons in India also use a variety of medications to help reduce pain and swelling, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), steroidal injections, and oral medications. The most effective rheumatic arthritis treatments are primarily non-steroidal. The best rheumatologist in India also employs a range of non-invasive treatment options, which include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, steroids, and oral medications. The best rheumatologist in India is going to be very familiar with your case, so he or she will be able to customize a treatment plan to best meet your needs while also monitoring your progress along the way.

When looking for the best rheumatologist for your condition, it\’s important to make sure that your practitioner has a wide variety of skills. Rheumatic arthritis is a disorder that affects the joints and can cause severe pain, stiffness, and inflammation. Because this condition often affects the joints of people who are middle aged and older, many doctors consider arthritis to be a chronic condition that affects many elderly patients on a daily basis. Therefore, your rheumatology specialist should be able to treat your particular type of rheumatism with techniques that target the joints, tendons, and other tissues in the body.

Since many patients with rheumatic arthritis experience the development of osteoarthritis later in life, your practitioner should also possess orthopedic skills. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the bone that commonly occurs in the knees, hips, and other joints. In India, many orthopedic surgeons are becoming well versed in treating patients with rheumatic arthritis through the use of arthroscopic knee surgery as well as joint replacement. Orthopedic surgeons can perform arthroscopic surgery to treat swelling, remove damaged cartilage, repair damaged joints, or make the cartilage more permeable for increased movement. They may also perform invasive joint replacement surgeries, such as joint replacement of the knee joint.

If you have joint pain, stiffness, or tenderness even after seeking treatment from a professional rheumatologist, it\’s best to visit an orthopaedic surgeon first. An orthopaedic surgeon uses medicine and surgical techniques to treat conditions that affect the joints and bones. Arthritis tends to affect the bones and the joints more than any other part of the body. Orthopedic surgeons have skills that allow them to treat many types of conditions that affect the joints and bones, not just arthritis. When you visit an orthopaedic surgeon for help with joint pain, you\’ll be relieved that you don\’t need to take more pain medication than necessary, and you\’ll also be pleased with the results of the surgery or treatment that your doctor prescribes.

To find an orthopedic surgeon in your area, check your local telephone directory or visit your medical insurance company\’s website to find rheumatology specialists in your area. If you prefer to use the internet to search for an orthopedic surgeon, there are several web directories that feature reviews from doctors across the country. These reviews are usually organized by state, so be sure to include your city if you live in a larger city. Then go to the American Osteopathic Association\’s website and click on\’Orthopedics & Specialties\’ to learn about specialties in orthopedic surgery.

When looking for an orthopedic specialist, ask about payment plans and financing options. Many patients are turned off by the idea of paying for cosmetic procedures or elective surgeries out of pocket. But, many rheumatologists offer payment plans to their patients to help them manage their finances. Your health is important, so you should have as much control over your care as possible. Make sure that you keep track of all your doctor\’s appointments so that you can easily track your progress.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very common condition. Millions of Americans live with this disease, so it is important that you find an orthopedic surgeon that is experienced in treating rheumatic conditions. If you do not want to take chances with your health, then you need to keep track of your doctor\’s appointments to make sure that your joints are being treated properly. Good rheumatologists will also ask to see x-rays of your joints so that they can evaluate your progress. If you continue to experience pain in your joints even after seeing your specialist a few times, then you may have an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. Your rheumatologists can help you find relief so that you can lead a normal life again.

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Pediatric Rheumatology

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Rheumatology treatment is a medical field that involves the study and treatment of the internal organs and tissues of the body. This includes the joints. The term is derived from Greek words meaning “metal”. Rheumatology can treat many common inflammatory symptoms including: joint inflammation, fatigue, joint deformities, or atrophy of the tissue and joint function. Many of these conditions may be difficult to initially diagnose with the necessary medical assistance. Joint pain and stiffness that do not respond to traditional anti-inflammatory treatments may qualify for this type of treatment.

A rheumatologist treats rheumatoid arthritis, which affects approximately 20 million Americans. The most common symptom of rheumatology treatment is widespread pain that does not respond to conventional anti-inflammatory treatments. Often, these types of conditions are chronic. This type of pain can affect different areas of the body in different ways, such as on one side of the body and in an area of the body that do not have joint tissue. The pain and stiffness can also radiate to other parts of the body.

If someone suspects they may have rheumatology symptoms, they should contact a rheumatologist. A rheumatologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid and autoimmune diseases. Common symptoms include swelling, redness, heat, itching, and fatigue. There are specific tests used to diagnose certain types of rheumatic diseases and autoimmune disorders.

Pediatric rheumatology treatment is particularly important for children. Some of the diseases that affect children are juvenile-onset osteoarthritis, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. Rheumatologists have a number of medications that can help prevent and relieve the symptoms of these diseases. Inflammation in joints is often caused by improper nutrition, infections, stress, hormones, or genetics.

An individual who may need a rheumatology treatment for their condition will first talk to a specialist about their symptoms. During this initial consultation, a rheumatologist will be able to determine which type of arthritis they are suffering from. The physician may then decide whether the patient needs to undergo an intervention that will halt inflammation, provide relief from pain, or reduce damage to the joints. In many cases, a consultant rheumatologist will refer their patients to an appropriate specialist to treat their specific type of arthritis.

There are two main categories of rheumatoid arthritis: diffuse and osteoarthritis. diffuse rheumatology treatment is used to treat patients with mild to moderate rheumatoid arthritis. This type of rheumatology treatment usually involves using medication to help control the inflammation in the joints while patients improve their general health. Osteoarthritic rheumatology treatment, on the other hand, involves surgery, radiation, and injections of disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs (DMARDs) to stop the progression of the disease in individuals suffering from this type of arthritis.

While there are multiple types of rheumatology treatment available, specialists tend to treat patients with similar diseases using similar approaches. Patients with osteoarthritis should be monitored closely by a rheumatologist in order to determine when joint deterioration has progressed too far. Joint deformity and atrophy may also occur as the disease progresses, and a rheumatologist will often recommend that patients wear support shoes and a brace to help them avoid further injury to their joints. Some patients may also benefit from laser surgery, as well as an injection of steroids. A consultant rheumatologist can determine which treatment would be best for a particular patient and which procedures would be best reserved for those considered low risk.

Pediatric rheumatology is becoming more popular in the United States and around the world. Many children are born with rheumatoid arthritis, making this condition an even more common issue among this age group. Many parents prefer to treat their children with this type of specialized care, because it is often less invasive than many other treatment options for this age group. Pediatric rheumatology is a specialty that requires years of training and study before it is offered as a specialty in medical school. In fact, many doctors specialize in treating just children with rheumatology instead of adults, in order to provide children with the best possible care at a very young age.

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Emergeny Care – a Holistic Approach


Emergency care medicine is the specialized medical specialty concerned with the treatment of injuries or illnesses requiring urgent medical care. Emergency medical technicians or paramedics are employed in all areas of emergency medicine. They perform different types of duties depending on the area of emergency medicine they are assigned. Emergency doctors continually learn how to treat undiagnosed and unexpected patients of all ages under emergency medicine. Because of their fast pace and a demanding duty, emergency medical technicians and paramedics are often required to take very important and critical skills and have a high level of responsibility.

The emergency medical technician or paramedic is responsible for assessing a patient’s condition and providing the necessary first aid until the appropriate hospital staff can be summoned. Technicians in an emergency room may work as full time employees of a hospital or may be employed by a locum tenens, or a temporary staffing agency. Many emergency medical technicians work as paramedics on emergency calls. On-call emergency medical technicians may travel to scenes of severe accidents, natural disasters, or terrorist incidents. Regardless of location, they provide complete care to patients in urgent need of care.

A certified EMT-E graduate works in an emergency department of a hospital, nursing home, or other healthcare facility. Some medical facilities employ one EMT-E to cover many patients, while others may hire several at a time for different shifts. In some facilities, all emergency medical technicians and paramedics are EMT-ED certified. In other facilities, emergency medical technicians may be required to have an EMT certification but not an EMT-E. All other EMT-E’s are EMTs, although not as highly trained.

The responsibilities of an EMT vary but all carry out the basic functions of dealing with emergencies. For instance, an EMT may administer oxygen, but not an ambulance response. The focus of their job is to manage the situation as safely as possible, and when the patient can’t provide that care, transporting the patient by other means may be the best option. They’re also responsible for clearing stretchers and/or beds when necessary.

Paramedics are designed specifically to respond to medical calls involving an injury or illness requiring advanced life support. They are more specialized than EMTs. Paramedics may arrive on their own stretcher or may be requested to come in a van. In the event of an accident, they may be requested to use an ambulance, or their own vehicle. Paramedics may even arrive at the scene of an emergency to take the vital signs of the injured patient, such as the temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. They’re then responsible for calling an ambulance to transport the patient to a hospital.

As defined by the Department of Health, “emergency medical technicians” can perform basic functions such as clearing stretchers, providing EMT-like services, and conducting first aid. However, “emergency medical technicians may also have the responsibility for critical care, including use of an operating room and emergency ventilators.” These professionals also have specialized training in surgery, including open heart surgery. This enables them to perform surgeries in less invasive ways, saving more patients’ lives.

Nursing Assistants (NA), also known as Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), are professional healthcare workers who are supervised by RNs or Registered Nurses. They offer routine help to patients suffering from one ailment or another. Examples include helping with meal planning and bathing. However, CNA’s are typically employed to perform tasks that involve lifting patients from beds and into wheelchairs. In some cases, CNAs provide direct patient care to critically ill patients, but most CNAs work in hospital departments.

An increasing number of patients are turning to specialty health care providers, such as an Emergency Care physician, to meet their medical needs. While many patients opt for this type of care when they have a serious illness, these same patients are becoming increasingly aware of the services available through a more holistic approach to health care. If you are looking for a solution that helps patients overcome the demands of modern life and provides a level of comfort and support after surgery, look into becoming a CNA.

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Hospital in Bengaluru – Ensuring Quality Healthcare

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There are several medical institutions and hospitals in India, but none as specialized and successful as the hospital in Bengaluru. The capital city of the state of Karnataka has always been a popular tourist destination and it boasts a large number of private and government hospitals. Bengaluru is well known for being one of the biggest IT hubs in the country. Being the largest city in the Southern most part of India, it has become the medical hub of the country. It is a hub for surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, dental surgery, heart surgeries, neurological surgery, orthopedics, burn wards, dialysis centers, chemotherapy centers and even a fertility center.

Being one of the busiest medical institutions in India, there is always an endless rush of patients in the hospital. The hospital is equipped with all modern facilities including well-qualified doctors, excellent infrastructure and all the latest gadgets and technologies. The hospital staff is also friendly and helpful.

All these factors lead to increase in the number of admissions and also the number of patients who have been treated in the hospital. The hospital in Bengaluru offers various types of treatment ranging from maternity care to rehabilitation. They are well equipped to handle any kind of emergencies. You can easily find hospitals located near your house or office.

If you are out of the city and looking for an affordable hospital in Bengaluru, you can search the internet. There are many websites that offer information about various hospitals. One can easily find the hospital nearest his or her place. These hospitals are categorized according to a location so that one can easily select the hospital.

Most of the times, people get confused between the different types of healthcare centers. The first thing that you need to understand is that every hospital offers different kinds of services. So, it is necessary to understand your requirement before choosing a hospital. There are various websites that can help you a lot in this regard. They will provide you information about all the amenities offered by the hospital.

The other factors that affect your decision include the credibility of the hospital as well as the services provided by them. It is also important to find out whether the hospital has a dedicated emergency unit or not. Bengaluru has many well-known hospitals like Apollo Hospital, St. Francis’ Hospital, Bengaluru Prince’s Hospital, etc. Some of these hospitals are equipped with various technologies that help the patients recover faster. Research on the internet will help you in getting more information about these hospitals.

When you are choosing a hospital, it is very important to check their patient records. Research on the internet about the hospital so that you can understand what kind of services they offer. The hospital staff should be friendly and polite at all times. Patients should be treated respectfully and professionally. The hospital rooms should be clean and well maintained.

One should also consider the budget of the hospital. Research about the cost of the various hospitals in Bengaluru to get an idea about their charges. There are many hospitals that provide free consultation so that the healthcare of the patients can be seen before making a decision. By consulting with friends or relatives who have already visited these hospitals, you will be able to choose the right hospital for your healthcare.

Consult the hospital’s medical officer to know about the various healthcare services offered in the hospital. One should also make a list of the medicines that are available inside the hospital and their prices. You may also want to know about the various emergency medical services that are offered by these hospitals.

If you are planning to travel somewhere to Bengaluru, you should know about the bus service that will take you there. There are many buses that leave from Delhi to Bengaluru. One should also know about the hospitals that are located near the hospital you are going to visit. This will help you plan your healthcare trip better. There are many good hospitals in Bengaluru which provide excellent healthcare to their patients.

Many tourists are now visiting this hospital because of the services provided. As per their requirements, they have booked rooms in these hospitals. Research about these hospitals on the internet and you will also be able to find the right hospital for your needs.

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Finding The Best Treatment For Arthritis In India

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The best treatment for arthritis in India is one that helps people living with the disease to lead normal and active lives. Arthritis is a very debilitating disease that affects the joints of the body causing tremendous pain and discomfort. Millions of people in India suffer from arthritis. In all states of the country, more people are diagnosed with arthritis every year than cancer. The National Institute of Arthritis in India (NIRI) has been treating patients suffering from arthritis for more than 35 years.

Arthritis is the most common chronic disease affecting Americans over 50 years old. It is more prevalent among non-white ethnic groups. One of the best treatments for arthritis in India is rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is caused by the inflammation and infection of the small and large joints of the hands and feet. The best treatment for arthritis in India for patients with rheumatoid arthritis is surgery. Surgery is used as a last resort when other treatment options have failed.

Another disease commonly known as rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects any part of the body, but usually the joints. Another disease commonly known as osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease of the bone that causes the bones to become fragile and can cause severe pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of the best treatments for arthritis in India. This condition attacks the joint that is most commonly used. Rheumatoid arthritis is treated with anti rheumatic drugs that block the chemicals and enzymes that cause the inflammation and pain. Other drugs are also used.

The best treatment for arthritis in India is always a matter of lifestyle change. People affected with arthritis should stay away from hard objects, and if there is pain, they should seek immediate medical attention. Chiropractic treatment is effective in easing tension in the spine, and it also helps to keep the joints movable. It can also relieve muscle spasms and improve circulation.

Dietary changes, including reducing salt in the diet and increasing fiber intake are often used as treatment for arthritis. Oral corticosteroids are sometimes used in severe cases, but this must be prescribed by a doctor and should not be taken in excess. If the patient finds it difficult to urinate, diuretics can be used to help with the urination. Flaxseed oil has also been found to be very effective in relieving some of the symptoms of arthritis.

It is generally agreed among specialists that exercise is the best treatment for arthritis. It can help in reducing the pain that is caused by the inflammation and also improves the flow of blood to the joints. Physical activity should be done on a regular basis, so that joint mobility can be regained. Chiropractic treatment is often recommended to patients who have arthritis. Massage therapy is also used for arthritis; it is said to be a good treatment method for some types of arthritis.

Many people suffering from arthritis want to take part in some sort of physical activity. It is important that they consult their doctor before they start any type of physical activity, as there may be some limitations to what they can do and where they can take their movements. There are many options available to arthritis patients in the treatment of this illness. A variety of natural remedies such as Acai berry are being used. Grapeseed extract is also being studied. Herbal medicines, nutritional supplements and wraps, massage, hot stone therapies and acupuncture have also been found to be useful.

Arthritis is a major cause of disability and suffering for millions of people all over the world. Finding the best treatment for arthritis in India is possible when patients are aware of the treatment methods available to them. Arthritis has no cure but there are plenty of treatments available to help patients manage the symptoms of this disease. A healthy lifestyle and proper diet can help to reduce the effects of rheumatoid arthritis on a person’s life and well-being.


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Rheumatology Specialists


Rheumatology Specialist, also known as internal medicine, is a field of medicine devoted to the study, diagnosis and treatment of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Because it deals with the entire musculoskeletal system, it includes a great variety of specialists including osteopaths, orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and rheumatologists. A rheumatologist treats patients with rheumatoid arthritis by looking at the joints, the muscles, the bones, and the organs in the body. They try to determine the cause of the problem and do what they can to treat it. Some rheumatologists specialize in a certain type of treatment for specific patients.

One characteristic of a rheumatologist that sets them apart from other physicians is the long time spent treating patients. The average rheumatologist spends six to seven years treating patients. During their first visit, the rheumatologist and the patient should be given a comprehensive exam to determine whether there is a history of cancer, anemia, or some other serious condition. This first visit is also when the rheumatologist asks questions about the patients’ symptoms and whether they believe that the problems are related to rheumatoid arthritis. After this first visit, the rheumatologist will write a detailed report. This report will include all of the diagnostic tests that were performed during the initial exam and will describe the patients’ prognosis.

The healthcare industry, as a whole, has been experiencing significant layoffs. Many rheumatology specialists fear that this trend will continue as the healthcare industry restructures itself. In addition, many medical professionals are concerned that the number of specialists available to them will reduce. In response, many hospitals have added rheumatology departments and opened up job openings for medical assistants and rheumatologists. Since there are not enough doctors to staff these positions, many hospitals are supplementing their rheumatology departments with medical assistants who are willing to work two or three times as much as a doctor in order to obtain their full-time position.

Rheumatology specialists provide care for those with rheumatoid arthritis. They diagnose, treat, and monitor patients who have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. These physicians can help control the swelling and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis through various methods. These doctors can provide care in a hospital environment or in a doctor’s office. Some of their methods of providing treatment for patients include treating the patients with anti-rheumatic drugs, corticosteroids, and immunosuppressive drugs.

A rheumatology specialist can also create a treatment plan for a patient. These specialists often work together with a primary care physician to develop a treatment plan for a patient who is diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The treatment plan will involve preventative care as well as management of any symptoms that may occur during the course of the disease. The rheumatology services provided by these physicians also include blood transfusions and the administration of immunoglobulin.

A rheumatology specialist is also trained to provide interventional procedures for those who are diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. These doctors can provide arthroscopic knee surgery, joint replacement surgery, and other types of surgical procedures. They are familiar with the techniques used in internal surgeries, which they can use to remove the joints affected by rheumatoid arthritis. These doctors also have extensive training in dealing with the effects of chemotherapy on patients who are already diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Many rheumatology specialists choose to specialize in internal medicine. These specialists are usually involved in a variety of fields, such as pediatrics, internal medicine, endocrinology, and gastroenterology. They can work at a number of facilities, from hospital to clinic to private practice. If you are interested in becoming one of these specialists, there are a number of opportunities available at both the master’s and the doctorate levels.

Most rheumatology services doctors are generalists, but some specialize by focusing in a particular area. For example, pediatric rheumatology services often focus on caring for newborns and infants. Doctors who choose to specialize in internal medicine will treat patients with a range of diseases, including arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes to name a few. However, the specific areas of focus vary among different rheumatology services physicians. For example, many doctors who work at a university specializing in internal medicine work exclusively on cases dealing with pleural mesothelioma, Lupus, and infectious diseases such as herpes and influenza.

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A Look Into Some of the Best Multispeciality Hospitals

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Best Multispeciality Hospitals in Bengaluru“. In the city of Bengaluru, located on the Malabar Coast of West Bengal, there are numerous hospitals. But as they all have the same mission – to provide world-class healthcare services – selecting the best hospital amongst them becomes a tricky proposition.

This is because there are various types of hospital in Bengaluru. And all these are equipped with some or the other special feature. But in reality selection of a hospital depends on a variety of factors, including the quality and standard of healthcare services, patient safety, emergency care facilities, accessibility of hospital rooms and availability of all types of medical facilities. The following discussion will highlight some of the factors that should be taken into consideration while deciding about the right hospital for you.

The first and foremost factor is the quality of the hospital services. In other words, this is to say that if the quality of healthcare services provided by the hospital staff and the infrastructure of the hospital are not satisfactory then the entire effort of creating a positive image for the hospital as well as for the patient will go in vain. The multispeciality hospitals in Bengaluru focus on quality of services. They try to keep abreast of latest technology and tools and use them to offer world-class services to patients.

Second, on the other hand, there is the consideration of the accessibility of hospital rooms. Here we consider the issue of patient mobility. As medical science continues to make great advancement in this field, so does the hospital room get automated so that the patient can be moved around seamlessly and safely in and out of the room.

Thirdly, patient safety plays an important role in deciding about the hospital. Here we consider the issue of infectious diseases, vulnerability to germs and any other hazards to the health of the patient. The multispeciality hospitals have provided their wards with many devices such as incubators, sterile equipment, high level blood pressure machines, wheel chairs, etc. All these are geared towards creating a safe environment for the patients so that they can lead a healthy and normal life.

Patients have to make sure that the hospital where they are being admitted to be equipped properly and safely. The hospital should be properly air conditioned as that helps in keeping the patient cool. It also helps in avoiding the generation of many different kinds of wastes. Therefore, you should see that the hospital where you are being admitted has all the facilities and equipment required to take care of your entire medical needs.

Doctors and other staff working at the hospital should be of the highest calibre and well trained. The multispeciality hospitals have medical teams comprising completely experienced professionals who are devoted to giving the very best care to the patients. This is one of the major contributing factors to the reputation of the hospital. When a patient steps into a hospital like this, he will feel that he is getting the very best possible care for his illness.

It should be remembered by the patients that the hospital staffs and doctors they are dealing with are training to work together efficiently to provide the very best care to the sick. They will try their level best to keep the patient from feeling discomfort in any way. Doctors and nurses will try to intercede between the patients and insurance companies to ensure that the patient gets proper medical attention. This kind of dedication on the part of the staff at the hospital will help build up the hospital’s reputation.

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Tips to Become a Rheumatologist

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A rheumatology doctor has a medical degree that focuses on the body’s tissues and organs. If you want to specialize in this field, you first need to finish a four-year bachelor’s degree. There are many colleges that offer rheumatology degree programs. You can even earn your rheumatology doctorate online.

The first step toward becoming rheumatology doctor is completing your undergraduate studies. You will want to focus your studies in an area of medicine that focuses on rheumatology. Many colleges and universities across the United States have programs that will help you complete your medical education. A few examples of schools with rheumatology doctor programs include Arizona State University, Colorado Technical Institute, and Northern Arizona University.

Once you have finished your undergraduate degree program, you can start working towards your medical degree. At first, you should pursue an associate’s degree or beginner’s degree. This will give you a good foundation for your future rheumatology career. During your bachelor’s degree program, you will learn medical terminology, diagnostic procedures, and much more.

Once you graduate from college, it’s time to pursue your doctorate degree. You will study the principles and practice of rheumatology. You will have a great opportunity to gain experience while you are studying. You will be prepared for the licensing exam when you finish your master’s degree. Some areas of medical science require a specific amount of credits before you are allowed to take the licensing exam.

It may take several years for you to complete your rheumatology doctorate degree. You can work while you are studying if you want to. This gives you the chance to experience the life of a rheumatologist while you are still in school. You can complete your coursework at your own pace. This is important because you need to learn as much as possible about this exciting medical field before you choose to become one yourself.

Once you have completed your medical schooling and you are certified by the state board of medical examiners, you can begin to apply for jobs in this field. You will need to complete the requirements for every job application you send out. This is to ensure that you get the job of your dreams.

You can find a job in rheumatology by searching online. There are many opportunities for positions that you can qualify for. You will want to do as much research as possible before you apply to any of the positions that you find. Whether you are looking to become a rheumatologist, an x-ray technician, or another type of rheumatologist, there are plenty of great jobs available to you.

The job outlook for rheumatology is excellent. More people are becoming rheumatoid with age. Some causes for this include aging, but it can also be a result of poor diet and exercise habits. Many doctors believe that if the patient is taking care of properly they will have less of a chance of developing rheumatoid problems. Anyone who has questions about their health should immediately contact their doctor. The doctor can run tests to determine if they are suffering from an illness that could be causing their rheumatoid disease.

If you want to become a rheumatologist, you can go through medical school with this degree. It takes four years of schooling and you will need to pass the Medical College Admission Test. This exam is based on your academic performance and is worth several grades lower than your GPA. Once you have graduated, you will have to take a three-year residency that is unpaid.

If you want to become a rheumatologist, you should pursue the fellowship program. This program is designed for individuals already in private practice who want to enhance their medical knowledge while increasing their skills in specific areas of rheumatology. You can find out more information about this program by contacting your local hospital or by visiting the Web site of the American College of Rheumatology.

Once you have completed your medical school you can look for a position in a hospital or a research center. Most rheumatology colleges will require you to take a specific internship as well. You will likely find that you are placed in a specific area where you will be dealing with a specific patient population. The most common areas of rheumatology are pediatrics, oncology and internal medicine. You may also find that you are required to complete a fellowship in order to become a rheumatologist.

You will need to pass a licensing exam before you can become licensed as a rheumatologist. This exam, known as the NCLEX-RN, can be taken online. You will likely have to pass four different sections of the exam in order to successfully complete it. Once you have completed the licensing exam you will be able to work as a rheumatology doctor. You can find out more about becoming rheumatology doctors and finding out how to prepare for the exam by visiting the Web site mentioned above.

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What Does a Plastic Surgeon Do?


When you are thinking about having plastic surgery done, you might be wondering what it would entail. The word plastic surgery might make you think of liposuction and nose jobs. But in reality plastic surgery isn’t just about those things.

Plastic surgery can be divided into reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Reconstructive cosmetic surgery is used to correct physical disfigurements that you have experienced such as burns, tumors, and birth defects. Cosmetic procedures, on the other hand, are used to improve your appearance by improving your appearance in conjunction with making changes to your body structure. Many people confuse cosmetic plastic surgery with aesthetic plastic surgery.

Before you can become a plastic surgeon, you will need to obtain a residency. This residency is typically completed at an accredited medical school or university. In most states you will need to pass a licensing exam before you can do plastic surgeon residency. After you complete your residency you will become a licensed doctor. This means that you are able to treat patients with some level of competency.

Many plastic surgeons go on to become dermatologists. Dermatologists work on diseases that affect the skin such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Some doctors even specialize in treating severe wounds and other conditions such as AIDS and cancer. You will be required to take a national board certification exam in order to become a dermatologist. You will be required to complete a year of residency in order to be certified.

Some plastic surgeons go on to become cosmetic surgeons. These surgeons specialize in certain types of procedures. Some examples include liposuction, breast augmentation, face lifts, and hair replacement. If you have a specific area of improvement that you want to achieve you should talk with your cosmetic surgeon.

You may also want to consider becoming a dermatologist if you have a very common ailment that affects many people. Skin infections are very common among children. There are many people who want to get rid of acne and other skin diseases. Some of these medical conditions include rosacea, irritable bowel syndrome, and even Lupus. Some people have the misconception that cosmetic surgery can help them get rid of their symptoms, but it can actually worsen them. You should talk to your plastic surgeon if you have any concerns about your skin.

Many people are interested in becoming a cardiac surgeon. The American Board of Plastic Surgery is the accrediting body for cosmetic surgeons in the United States. In order to become a plastic surgeon, you will need to pass the American Board of Plastic Surgery Exam. This means that you have been thoroughly tested on both knowledge and technical skills.

Once you have gone through all of your medical schooling, you can then go and get your degree from your chosen medical school or from another accredited institution. This is a great way to get your medical degree and start offering medical services to people who are suffering from traumatic injuries. It is important to make sure that you have all of your general surgery training as well as your training as a plastic surgeon. It is very helpful to have these two sets of skills so that you can offer excellent reconstructive surgery to patients who need it.

A reconstructive plastic surgeon will work on just about every type of surgery that there is. If you have lost a limb due to some accident or a serious disease, you can contact the right plastic surgeon to see if they have any offers for you. Most of them offer some type of breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is used to correct problems with missing breasts after a mastectomy. This service is popular among women who have had a mastectomy because they are usually left with asymmetrical breasts.

Some cosmetic surgeons also offer liposuction. Liposuction is used to remove excess fat that you want removed from your body. There are many people who choose to get liposuction because they are tired of seeing extra fat on their body. Liposuction can be very effective at removing fatty pockets from the body, but this service is only offered by some cosmetic surgeons.

In addition to performing cosmetic surgery, a plastic surgeon can also do reconstructive work. This type of work is performed to correct birth defects and other problems. In addition to performing cosmetic surgery, a plastic surgeon can also perform reconstructive work. This type of work is usually used to correct problems with severe burns or other trauma to the body.

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Top Hospital in Bangalore

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Bangalore is the second most populous city of India located on the southwestern part of the Karnataka state in South India. It has always been the commercial hub of the region and is today the leading economic and commercial center of south India. There are many famous top hospital in Bangalore which are recognized world wide for their excellent medical services. Bangalore is the home of a prominent heart surgeon and cardiologist Udaynarayan Anand. He is said to have achieved worldwide recognition for his various cardiac surgeries. Other prominent hospitals in Bangalore include Apollo Hospital, St. Stephen’s Hospital, Apollo Hospital Group, Star Community Healthcare and Diamond Harbour Medical Camp.

The Periyar Medical College is one of the oldest medical schools in India. Today it is known as one of the most famous hospital in India that provides world-class medical treatment. This hospital is accredited by the prestigious Heart Association. Other hospitals in Bangalore include K.R.Puram, Fortis Healthcare, S.R.I. Group and Apollo Hospital.

Fortis is a renowned private Bangalore hospital. It has achieved a high standard of recognition for its specialty hospitals in Bangalore. It is recognized as one of the leading healthcare chains in India. Other hospitals in Bangalore include K.R.Puram, Star Community Healthcare, Apollo Hospital Group, Diamond Harbour Group and Periyar Medical College. Some of the well-known medical institutions in Bangalore include Apollo Hospital, Fortis Healthcare and S.R.I. Group.

Many top quality hospitals in Bangalore are affiliated with some renowned transplant services such as Apollo Hospital and Periyar Medical College. The two wings of Apollo Hospital are known as Apollo Hospital I and II. They provide complete primary care for all children suffering from different illnesses. The hospital is also affiliated with Fortis Healthcare and S.R.I. Group.

The well-known institution in Bangalore that specializes in joint replacement and cardiology is the Apollo Hospital Group. It has branches in some other cities in India. It is one of the leading institutes for joint replacement, cardiology and ophthalmology in India. It provides specialized facilities and high quality of service to patients who come to them for consultation and treatment. Some of the famous surgeons who performed their surgical operations at Apollo hospitals in Bangalore include MR. Sudhanshu Pillai, B.S.G. Bhatye and S.S. Sudha.

For people who have undergone cardiology or orthopedic surgeries, they need immediate healthcare attention. And for that they should be looking for the right hospital in Bangalore that can cater to all their healthcare needs. At Apollo Hospital they offer a wide variety of outpatient services. These services address individual problems of patients.

Apart from outpatient services, Apollo Hospital also offers rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation center at Bangalore includes a variety of services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech language pathology, psychological assessment and so on. This wing of the hospital provides personalized healthcare solution for each patient. And the doctors working here are very experienced and skilled doctors who are dedicated to providing patients with excellent health care.

Apart from providing excellent healthcare services, Aster Hospital provides excellent accommodation facilities to patients. All the rooms at the hospital are equipped with modern furniture and fixtures. The rooms are well furnished and spacious. There are separate cloakrooms within the hospital buildings. All the rooms have Internet connection and TV sets. Thus, staying at an attractive Bangalore hotel is quite easy these days.

The staff at the hospital is very friendly and attentive. They assist you from the time you step in the door to the time you leave. The doctors at the hospital are trained and have undergone rigorous medical training. The infrastructure of the hospital is modern and up to the mark. The hospital provides all the modern amenities like MRI machines, sties, ventilators, ECG machines, blood pressure cuffs and ECMO.

Fortis hospital is one of the leading medical colleges in India. It is one of the prestigious medical colleges in all over the country. In recent years, it has been able to achieve international standards of excellence in cardiology and coronary heart care. And the clinical care provided here is of excellent quality.

These hospitals provide world-class medical care at very reasonable rates. It has been able to maintain its reputation as one of the finest hospitals in India for the past thirty years. It is one of the largest public hospitals in Bangalore and the city has a good air. It has a blend of the old and the new culture of the city. The hospital has a well-equipped well-known wing and the outpatient department.

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How to Choose the Best General Surgeon Doctors

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Surgeons are generally called to perform surgery on patients who are in need of medical assistance. This can be from a serious condition to simple problems. In most cases, patients do not choose their physician by their qualities but by the reputation that they enjoy. They go for people with similar qualifications to themselves. To find the best general surgeon doctors in Bangalore, one needs to know what to look for in a hospital or surgical facility.

Surgeons perform surgeries on people who normally have health issues or chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Their qualification generally includes a degree from an accredited university as well as relevant training from an approved medical school. The surgeon needs to be competent in conducting complex surgeries, operate delicate medical equipment as well as understand the most complicated medical terms and jargon. Surgeons should also have excellent communication skills. Otherwise, the entire operation could be ruined due to miscommunication and errors.

If you want to find the best general surgeons in Bangalore, you will have to find a hospital that is capable of handling emergency situations. Most of the time, hospitals in India have the necessary licenses to conduct surgery but you would have to verify this. Emergency situations are usually handled by specialists in a nearby hospital. You will have to look out for these kinds of hospitals as they are more likely to have well-qualified surgeons as compared to general hospitals.

The surgeon does not just carry out the surgery but he or she also guides you throughout the entire process. They should be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. There should be someone to call up in case of any complications during or after the surgery. The hospital should have the necessary arrangements to cater for your post-operative care as well.

It is important that the surgeons are members of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). The ABPS ensures that the surgeons take good care of their patients. This is why the best surgeons always make it a point to be members. This is one of the ways of ensuring that your treatment is of the highest quality.

You should also ensure that the physicians are accredited by the Board of Medicine. They should have graduated from a recognized medical school and pass an examination. Only the best doctors should be considered for membership. Only the best physicians should be considered for licensing as well. These doctors should have at least five years of experience.

The physician’s website should clearly indicate if they belong to any professional association or organization. This will help you to determine if the physician is well qualified to do the job. You should also check their credentials and affiliations to decide whether or not they are the right physician for you. You will also have to verify the frequency with which the physician visits. If you do not feel comfortable with the frequency or the doctor’s response, you should choose someone else.

The next thing that you should check is if the physician is willing to accept your payment in cash and through the website. This is important because you will not want to pay your physician a large amount in advance for surgery. In addition, the payment process should be easy and hassle free. The physician should make you feel at ease and make the entire process as easy as possible.

Another factor that you should consider is whether or not the physician is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). This certification allows them to do more advanced plastic surgery and perform a wider range of the same procedure. It also shows that they have completed a specific set of training. If the physician is not certified by the ABPS, you may want to consider someone who is.

The next thing that you should be looking for is the surgeon’s past case history. This is especially important if you will be paying for additional services. For example, if you are going to have a breast augmentation, you will want to know how many times the plastic surgeon has done this procedure successfully. Furthermore, you will want to know how many different types of patients he has served. While it is not necessarily true, a surgeon with many years of experience usually has more successful cases.

The final thing to consider is the cost of the services that the physician provides. The best general surgeons are always willing to give the most for their patients. If you spend the extra money, you can be sure that your health will be enhanced greatly. While some will charge extra for certain services, such as an ultrasound, others will provide this service for absolutely no charge whatsoever.

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Hospital in Bangalore – A Hub for High Staying Power in India


Hospital in Bangalore is the symbol of top class medical facilities and treatment which is the concern of all the people living in India. Bangalore has got a lot of hospitals and healthcare facilities which are the finest in the world. All these facilities are the outcome of the dedicated efforts of the doctors, staffs and other healthcare professionals working for many years together at one place. Hospital in Bangalore plays a very important role in India’s healthcare sector by providing quality health care services to patients and other medical tourists from all over the country.

The Medical College of India or MCI is one of the most distinguished and oldest medical institutions in India. It is one of the premier institutions for research in healthcare, research in medicines and diagnostics, management of hospitals and nursing homes. Bangalore boasts of the best hospital in India that provides world-class services to the patients with chronic diseases and handicaps.

Bangalore has a number of hospitals like Charaka Samini, Fortis Healthcare, Apollo hospital, M.G. Hospital, Fortis hospital, H.S. Hospital, Bannermana hospital, R.R. hospital, Pantaloon hospital etc.

The salient features that distinguish this hospital from others is that its focus is geared towards providing a comprehensive range of health care services. This kind of multi-specialty hospital provides a comprehensive range of health care services that includes cardiology, dermatology, orthopedics, diagnostics, pediatrics, neurology, pulmonology, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, infectious diseases, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiovascular care, pain management, respiratory therapy, baritoneum, vascular medicine, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), gastroenteritis and gastrointestinal surgery. As far as outpatient departments are concerned, it has a wide range of services like pediatric, geriatric, special needs, cardiac rehabilitation and acute care. As far as in-patient services are concerned, the salient features of the hospital is that it provides a well-balanced mix of general and specialty care with high levels of patient satisfaction and safety.

Bangalore caters to the requirements of diverse segments of society. There are a number of hospitals in Bangalore that cater to the necessities of the different strata of the society and cater to their specific demands. The most prominent medical institution in Bangalore that has garnered a very good reputation across India for excellent treatment and care is Apollo hospital. With an excellent infrastructure and well-equipped clinical facilities, this hospital offers the most comprehensive care to its patients…

As far as renowned medical institutions are concerned, one can refer to Rishikesh where Fortis Healthcare is the leading name in the field of dental implants. With a long-standing and prestigious presence in the region, this medical institute has proved time and again that it is one of the finest options in the country for implant surgeries. Rishikesh also boasts of another leading medical institution — Government Medical College. The Government College is one of the oldest medical colleges in India and has been imparted with a very good reputation across the country for its various research projects and teaching facilities. This is one of the salient features of fortis healthcare that makes it so popular in various states across India.

It is not just in India that we observe the excellence of Indian hospitals but in fact around the world we also witness this phenomenon. A visit to any major city in India would reveal hundreds of hospitals and healthcare organizations where healthcare professionals from all over the world can be seen working hard to provide quality health care services. Healthcare organizations and hospitals in other countries such as Colombia, Nepal and Kenya are also constantly striving to provide world class quality of care to their patients. These endeavors have enabled them to develop extensive partnerships with other institutions in different parts of the globe making it possible to offer high standard healthcare services to their patients.

In fact our medical fraternity is very much aware of the fact that nothing could match the work and services provided by these hospitals in India. India has proved itself as a medical hub that is renowned for its quality healthcare facilities and services. It is this ever-growing reputation for providing high class services that is helping hospitals in Bangalore to gain the trust of patients across the world. And with this growing recognition, there is sure to be a further surge of hospital in Bangalore in the near future…

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IUI Treatment – Conceive Naturally


Many people are very keen to know more about the options that they have for an IVF treatment. This is because many people will want to know what sort of problems they can expect from this treatment and whether they will be able to get pregnant easily through this method. It is very important for every couple to make sure that they know as much as they possibly can about any infertility problems which they might be experiencing. This is not only because it might help them to improve their chances of conceiving naturally, but it can also reduce their stress levels and therefore improve their overall health.

One thing to think about when thinking about an IVF treatment is your ovulation testing. Your ovary will not actually release an egg if there is no egg to release. It is actually your monthly menstrual cycle, which will determine whether an egg will be released or not. If you are looking for an easy way to determine whether or not you are ovulating then there is an ovulation test which can be taken at your local clinic. This test will take a couple of months to conduct so it would be advisable to schedule this test to start checking your fertility levels around the middle of your cycle.

One of the reasons why ovulation testing is conducted at your local clinic is that it is quite difficult to monitor this in other ways. Some women have irregular periods which mean that their ovulation cycle can easily vary by a few days to a couple of weeks. Very often this can mean that ovulation tests are more difficult to conduct. In addition, some women may have problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease which may affect the ovulation pattern. Other factors such as stress and diabetes could also affect whether or not an egg would actually be released during a woman’s ovulation period.

There are various different types of Ovulation tests that could be performed. The most common one is called the Fertility Monitor, which is actually an Ovulation Test which is carried out by a fertility specialist. Another type of Ovulation test is known as the hysterosalpingogram which involves getting an image of the uterus using a tiny needle and having it inserted into the vagina. When an egg reaches the opening of the fallopian tube this will show up as a small lump. This lump could be determined to be the release of the egg or it could simply be a sign that the egg has left the ovary.

As, well as the two tests mentioned above there are various treatment options available to you. If you are worried that you may be unable to get pregnant then your doctor might recommend one of the earlier treatment options such as artificial insemination or IVF treatment. These treatment options are only suitable for couples who are extremely healthy and do not wish to risk their health further. In the vast majority of cases you will find that these treatments are successful and will help you conceive naturally.

If your health is less than perfect then IVF treatment could be a good choice for you. This is an assisted conception method, which means that a specially trained doctor will assist the couple as they try to conceive. The doctor will take x-rays of the woman’s ovaries or her fallopian tubes. The idea of this particular fertility treatment is that if the egg is released before the male sperm is able to fertilize it the conception will fail. The male sperm will be then rejected and the result will be a pregnancy for the female.

A lot of couples choose to use the wait and see approach when it comes to trying to get pregnant using any form of assisted reproductive technology. This is because it is not known for the success rates of the techniques which are used for IVF treatment. Wait and see approaches are known to have a high failure rate and as such a lot of people prefer to use other forms of treatment. The great news is that there are a variety of other ways for you to help increase the chances of getting pregnant naturally and within the twenty-four month period as well.

When it comes to conceiving there are a variety of different things that you can do. However, if you really want to have a baby soon then you may need to think about undergoing assisted fertility treatment. IVF treatment can help you achieve your dream of having a child.

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Why Choose Top Multispeciality Hospital Bangalore?

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Top Multispeciality Hospital Bangalore has opened up its wings with the launch of a new and comprehensive health care facility. The hospital boasts of dedicated departments for Cardiology, ENT, Pediatrics, Dermatology, neurology, Ophthalmology and Gastroenterology. These departments have been joined by a newly established Pediatric department, an ERP Department, a Cardiology department and a department of pathology. In fact, all the departments and extra medical facilities are geared towards one goal – to make sure that patients are provided with world-class healthcare services.

Top Multispeciality Hospital Bangalore caters to all age groups across the society – from children to the elderly. The hospital staff treats each patient as a unique individual and looks out for his aptitude and personality before taking him/her in the operating theatre. It ensures that all the patients are treated on the same level and that their individual requirements are addressed with equal proficiency. Since every person is unique in form and taste, each of them is given individual attention.

The doctors are highly qualified and hold extensive degrees in recognized courses of medicine. They are well versed in their fields and have years of experience behind them. They offer state-of-the-art treatment and are committed to delivering world-class care. They are committed to their patients’ welfare and work to make sure that each and every patient comes out of the surgery or examination session with full strength and vigor.

As far as patient care is concerned, this hospital prides itself for being one of the best hospital care hubs in the country. The doctors here have undertaken all possible methods and techniques to ensure that each and every patient are attended to in the best possible manner. It also offers state-of-the-art equipment and modern diagnostic equipment to ensure that the life span of the patient is extended as much as possible.

The infrastructure of the hospital is modern and up-to-date. It is well connected with the district hospital and other major medical institutions. It caters to the all types of patient – old, young, acute, chronic etc. It even caters to all types of cardiac patients – right from angina to heart attack. All kinds of surgeries are conducted here and the entire medical process is smooth and speedy.

The hospital is equipped with the latest equipment and technologies and the clinical facilities are world-class. The doctors here treat the patients with the utmost care and respect and the entire care staff is friendly and helpful. A multispeciality hospital like Bangalore has everything that it takes to treat a patient with complete confidence and trust.

As far as the physicians are concerned, they are fully qualified and trained and they are the absolute experts. The entire system at the hospital is very efficient and smooth – everything is taken care of by the administration. Hence if you have a problem with any of the part, or you have any other problem, you can just ring up and rest assured that the problem will be sorted out for you in no time.

There are many hospitals of all kinds in Bangalore and they cater to various categories of people. However, it should not be confused that all hospitals are equal. A hospital should never compromise on the quality of its service – it should be able to meet the demands of the people living here. In fact, many hospitals in Bangalore are world-class and that is why they are considered among the best hospitals in India.

Bangalore has the perfect weather conditions year-round and this is what contributes to its being a medical hub. Since Bangalore experiences both wet and dry climate, the healthcare sector in the city is thriving. There are many hospitals here that are equipped with all the latest innovations in the field of medicine. These hospitals also provide the best quality of care. The doctors here are fully qualified and the infrastructure of the hospital is world-class.

Bangalore is fast emerging as a favorite tourist destination. Tourists from all over the country visit Bangalore every year to visit the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens and the Victorian era buildings. The best part about Bangalore is that it is not much saturated with commercialization and has a natural feel. Therefore, there are more chances of patients from abroad visiting a hospital in Bangalore to get treatment – this is because there are many rural hospitals in the city that are better than most big hospitals in the country.

In fact, many people prefer to receive medical care here since the surroundings are peaceful and relaxing. Bangalore has all the modern amenities and treatment facilities that will be needed by the patients here. Top multispeciality hospital Bangalore makes sure that they treat their patients with the utmost professionalism and concern. They offer world-class services to all kinds of patients – old and young, male and female.

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Multispeciality Hospitals in Bangalore

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Multispeciality Hospitals in Bangalore caters to a wide range of patient needs in all walks of life. The latest addition to this list is the Central Library and Museum from the new private hospital called Nagar Hospital. With dedicated departments for dentistry, periodontics, neurology and other specialties, it is quite likely that the hospital will soon have more than one pharmacy on its main road.

The Central Library and Museum will be a good focal point for the hospital staff, who will need a central place to work in and a great customer service base. The recently renovated Central Library and Museum was first opened in 1998 and is located on the second floor of the old Central Jail on the Shades Way. The museum has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Nagar pharmacy occupies almost the entire second floor of the museum. It houses three hundred and sixty-five pharmaceuticals and one hundred and seventy dispensers.

The 2nd floor of the museum has a large expanse of empty space on which numerous posters display information about various drugs. On the third floor of the Central Library and Museum is the Nandhini Layout. This is the main road of the Central Business District in Bangalore and the pharmacy occupies the whole stretch of road. The Central Library is one of the major contributions to the ancient Indian architectural heritage in Bangalore. The architecture is made of concrete and steel.

This modern structure was constructed in nineteen eighty-nine by the prominent architect MR. Kalikaraj, who was the head of the renowned M.I. School of Engineering. The Central Library and Museum are open to all and is a significant building in Bangalore. The multi-speciality hospitals in Bangalore offer all the facilities required by the patients suffering from different diseases. The Central Library and Museum also houses the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bangalore).

There are two hospitals in Bangalore, namely, Charminar and Apollo Hospital. Charminar is a modest hospital with only eleven rooms. The other is Apollo Hospital with a capacity for treating thirty-two hundred patients. Both these hospitals have the traditional approach of treating patients based on the severity of their condition. They treat patients with various types of diseases based on their medical science.

The Apollo Hospital has an innovative approach of treating patients with multiple ailments based on their severity. The medical science used at the hospital includes Cardiology, Dermatology, ENT, Pediatrics, Pharmacology and Radiology. This hospital also houses the renowned Institute of General Pharmaceutical Sciences. There are various branches of medicine within this hospital such as pediatric, neurological, ophthalmic, gastroenterological and cosmetic.

The Multispeciality Healthcare Complex at Bangalore is one of the best public and private hospitals. This hospital has many wings including the departments of cardiology, ENT, pathology, radiology, gastroenterology, neurology, internal medicine, pediatrics, gastroenterology, obstetrics/ Gynecological and vascular medicine. These wings combine to provide excellent medical care to patients who require specialized treatment. The multispeciality hospitals in Bangalore offer various specialty procedures such as Cardiac Surgery, Esophageal and Stomach Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Bariatric and Weight Loss surgery, Orthopedic surgery, Renal and Thoracic surgery, ENT, Pediatrics, Rheumatism, Ophthalmic and Vitular surgery.

The Multi-Speciality Hospitals in Bangalore provides state of the art infrastructure to the patients. All these hospitals have well qualified and experienced doctors for giving the services to the patients. These hospitals are equipped with the latest technologies and are capable of providing optimum care to the patients. The services of these hospitals are well appreciated by the patients because they offer quality service. The hospital rooms are well furnished and the environment is very relaxing. Thus the patients can have a peaceful stay at home.

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Top Hospitals in Bengaluru

July 26, 2021 Tweet

If you are looking to find a good medical care center, then you can look no further than the Top Hospitals in Bengaluru. There are numerous hospitals in Bengaluru located in and around the city of Bengaluru. Most of the Top Hospitals in Bengaluru will be found in the region of Bangalore. Top Hospitals in Bengaluru will offer excellent medical care combined with excellent infrastructure.

The Government of Karnataka has made it easy for people to access the Top Hospitals in Bengaluru by setting up multiplexes across the city. It is very common to find multiplexes in these hospitals offering various medical treatments at great prices. Patients from all across India travel to Bangalore to avail the best treatment available. Top Hospitals in Bengaluru are very well equipped to provide patients with world-class services and are ready to serve any kind of requirement they may have.

As per the latest statistics, there are more than 30 hospitals located in Bangalore which provide excellent medical treatment to every category of patients. They are also equipped with modern day facilities including MRI and Biomedical equipment. The doctors at these hospitals are well trained and their expertise is recognized by patients from all over the country. Patients are usually treated in a peaceful and beautiful environment as these hospitals aim at creating a friendly atmosphere for every patient.

When you look at Top Hospitals in Bengaluru, you will find that they are categorized into different wings depending upon the area of specialization they have. You can easily find a hospital that suits your requirement depending on your field of treatment. You can get different types of services here depending on your budget. You will also find a comprehensive list of services available here.

For instance, you will find an emergency department with all the latest technology and all the necessary medicines for your treatment. The consultants and the surgeons at this hospital are very experienced. They use the latest techniques and equipment in their surgical department. These hospitals also offer rehabilitation center where you can get complete therapy after the surgery.

When it comes to Breast Cancer Research, the entire research wing of this hospital is working in full swing. This means that all the departments are completely dedicated towards providing optimum care to the patients suffering from this disease. In the Intensive Care unit you will find the latest CT Scans and scanners. Other than this, Neurosurgery, Cardiology and Radiology are some of the other branches of medicine at the same facility. The surgeons are experts in their respective fields and can make the surgical process very fast. You can also get the latest information about the medication available for treating various kinds of ailments.

The main aim of this medical facility is to provide optimum support to all the patients here. It means that they listen to the patients carefully, evaluate them and then make their decisions regarding their treatment. The doctors will advise you about what course of treatment would be suitable for you. The doctors also keep you informed about various medical tests that are conducted on a regular basis. If you are taking any kind of supplements or medicine, then you can inform them about that also. All these efforts are made to make your stay with the hospital as comfortable as possible.

The nurses here are some of the best in the country and they take care of the sick like a sister. The hospital staff is always ready to go the extra mile to ensure that the patient is physically sound and fit to drive. The staff has excellent communication skills and they really try to understand the problem of the patient. This is another reason why the patients remain happy at the hospital. The best hospitals in Bengaluru are committed to providing the best possible care to their patients and this is evident from the fact that nearly 8 percent of the population here have come in for cardiac treatment and more than twenty percent have undergone surgery at one time or the other.

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The Psychiatric Hospitals in Bangalore

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Today, psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore are a way of life for many people suffering from mental illnesses. If you have not seen a psychiatrist in action before, you might be wondering what constitutes the nature of this profession, and how it differs from more ‘traditional’ professions like medicine and law. Before delving into that topic, let us take a brief look at what exactly psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore actually entail.

The first thing that one must know is that psychiatrists in India are not required to get a special license or certification in any way. Today, only a few countries in the world require their psychiatrists to get licensing or certification to practice. For most other countries, the profession of psychiatry is one that can be self-practice, but it is important that a psychiatrist gets the best training that he or she can in order to provide the best services to their patients. It is in this way that psychiatrists in India can truly say that they are service providers to their community.

Today, the field of psychiatric care in India has been a booming one, with Bangalore being one of its main centers. In Bangalore, there are several prominent psychiatrists who have established offices or practices. These include Dr. B.S. Pillay, Dr. S.R. Tagore, Dr. M.S. Kulkarni, and Prof. M.S. Nagaraj, all of whom are from Hyderabad, and all of whom are known for their work in psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore.

There are several other psychiatrists in India today. Some of them come from smaller districts of India, while others come from larger cities within India. Bangalore is probably one of the largest cities in India where psychiatric care is provided. This is especially true of many of the psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore. Today, psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore serve almost the entire state of India, as well as the neighboring states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

The psychiatrists who work in these psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore specialize in a particular area of psychiatric treatment. Some of these psychiatrists specialize in psychopharmacology, while others specialize in adolescent and post-adolescent mental health, including issues such as teenage bulimia and self harm. There are also psychiatrists who specialise in bipolar and post-psychiatric disorders. These are people who deal with manic episodes, depression episodes, anxiety episodes, and psychotic disorders in a completely different way. These psychiatrists are also called super therapists, because they are trained to help out patients who suffer from conditions like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder.

The psychiatrists at these psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore have been known to train their staff in special ways that help to make them better at their jobs. For example, in a bipolar patient, the therapist teaches the patient to understand that his moods and actions are caused by things beyond his control. They teach the patients to take responsibility for their own actions. These efforts help the psychiatrist to help the patient to change his violent behaviour and to learn how to live in a productive manner. In other cases, they teach patients to deal with stressful situations without losing their temper or getting angry.

The psychiatrist working at one of these psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore is expected to help the patients to build a secure emotional support system in which they can count on at critical times. This psychiatric hospital in Bangalore is called Asana hospital. This is a famous hospital because it is said that the founder of Asana hospital was a practitioner of Jnana Yoga. He had trained in the teachings of yoga and applied these techniques at this hospital, which he had built using the methods he had learned. Today, the hospital has branches in nineteen hospitals and outpatient clinics in the entire country.

All the psychiatrists working at these psychiatric hospitals in Bangalore have a unique way of helping the patients. The families of patients who come to them cannot be described as poor. The families are well off and there is nothing that can bring about their financial woes. Rather than being worried about the financial stability of their loved ones, they are happy that their problems are being solved in the best possible manner.

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Top Multispeciality Hospital Bulandar

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In a recent study of the financial strength and efficiency of leading medical hospitals in the National Capital Region (NCR), it was found that Top Multispeciality Hospital Bengaluru was well on its way to maintain its position as the most sought after medical facility in the region. The hospitals that comprised the Top Multispeciality Hospital indulged in various medical services that provided comprehensive healthcare solutions to its patients. The hospital successfully evoked various types of patient profiles such as maternity, old age, chronic, acute conditions and rehabilitation services to address the needs of each category of patients.

Patients who suffer from chronic conditions can receive complete treatment at the Top Multispeciality Hospital, including cardiopulmonary and cardiac surgeries, chemotherapy, radiology, x-ray, dental care, pathology, pain management and physiotherapy. Cardiac patients can be treated for various conditions such as myocardial infarction, left ventricular hypertrophy or LVH, angina pectoris, congenital heart diseases, heart valve defects and congenital heart problems. Patients suffering from chronic ailments including diabetes, kidney disease, hypertension, asthma, osteoporosis, stress disorders and obesity can also be treated at the hospital. The hospital has an Oncology department which aims at providing state-of-the-art cancer and other ecological services. Specialist outpatient departments also provide extensive and specialized outpatient care.

A number of outpatient services are offered by the hospital including cardiology, dermatology, ENT, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, plastic surgery and speech language pathology. The hospital also offers surgical services for different types of diseases and injuries. It also has a 24 hour emergency department, where all types of emergencies are promptly attended.

The emergency departments at the Top Multispeciality Hospital bulandar have been designed keeping in view the convenience of the patients. Emergency departments are well equipped with latest technologies and modern apparatuses. The doctors are well trained and fully qualified. The hospital is fully covered by insurance.

An exhaustive list of specialty services is listed along with the names of the hospitals. You can also view the photographs of these specialized hospitals. You can also view the hospital directory to locate a Top Multispeciality Hospital Bulandar in your locality.

Bulandar offers you a wide range of outpatient services such as chemotherapy and radiation oncology, cardiology, diagnostics, fertility services, eye care, dental services, dermatology, ear, nose and throat, fomentation, hormones and surgical services. It also has a dialysis centre for inpatient dialysis. There is a pediatric department which provides treatment of congenital heart diseases, cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome and autism. The hospital also has a cardiac care unit, a surgical department and imaging centre.

The hospital has the Shiksha Menjiri Orthopathy Centre. This hospital also has a Neuropathy Centre. The Multispeciality hospital also has a division for children, women and family. The Cardiology department specializes in cardiology, orthopedics, neurology and obstetrics and pediatrics departments. The imaging and vascular departments have a high quality of service.

The hospital also offers outpatient services such as gynecological, podiatry and infertility services. The hospital is very well equipped with all modern gadgets and technologies. The hospital offers specialty departments such as Cardiology, ENT, Pediatrics, Neurosurgery, Radiology, Rheumatology, Pediatrics and Sleep Disorders. This hospital also has a well established Child Care Centre.

Services offered by the hospital include cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, neurological surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, neonatology, psychiatry and pediatric surgery. They also have a pediatric nursing department to provide special care to the children. The hospital also has an adult day care center for the aged. The hospital also provides specialty services like psychological services, drug treatment and psychotherapy to overcome the challenges faced by the children.

The pediatric services offered by the hospital include cardiology, ENT, gastroenterology, neurological surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics and sleep disorders. The hospital also has a child care center. For the children, they offer day care centers. The top multispeciality hospital bulandar has been recognized as one of the best children’s hospitals in India. They have various branches including cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy and rehabilitation therapy, pediatric, special needs, psychotherapy and other special services.

The hospital offers specialized facilities to the people who are critically ill. They have a number of innovative treatment options including Intensive Care units and Rehabilitation Clinics. They also conduct clinical trials and conducted research in various fields. The hospital also provides specialty services to the patients like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and psychological assessment. The therapists conduct training sessions and classes for the children.

The Multispeciality Hospital bulandar is located at Bandra, Mumbai. It caters to the children’s needs of Mumbai. The budgeted cost of the hospital is about Rs 6 million. The hospital staff provides round the clock services to the patients. The multispeciality hospital has an exclusive and comprehensive weight loss program for the children.

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Physiotherapists In Bangalore

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Today there are many physiotherapists in Bangalore who are working towards achieving excellence in their field. They treat patients of all ages with back pain, muscular skeletal conditions, sports injuries, traumatic brain injury, and a variety of other ailments. They provide complete care to the patient under the supervision of a qualified Physiotherapist. They follow a structured program of work to ensure that the patient is able to achieve maximum physiotherapy recovery. Patients usually come for physiotherapy treatment for treatment of low back pain. However, some patients may need it for the treatment of a myriad of other conditions.

Generally, the charges for a single session or group of sessions vary depending upon the skill and the physical condition of the patient and the extent of the injury. These fees are calculated according to the experience of the physiotherapist as well as the current practice of the physiotherapist. Today, almost all the reputed hospitals in Bangalore have their own physiotherapy departments where consultation fees are directly billed. Almost all the reputed hospitals in Bangalore also have their own physician who specifically specializes in the treatment of back pain and various other musculoskeletal disorders.

The majority of the physiotherapists in Bangalore are trained in conventional methods of physiotherapy and manual therapy. These days, Ayurveda is slowly gaining popularity as a modality of alternative medicine. It is an age-old system of treatment based on ancient Indian methods of treatment and diagnosis. Ayurveda doctors are specialized in the treatment of diseases related to the musculoskeletal, nervous system and endocrine systems of the body. They treat patients of all ages and also prescribe medication according to the individual’s requirements.

Most of the reputable Bangalore physiotherapists have their own offices. However, it is advisable to first go to the consultation rooms of these professionals to know more about the professional’s skills and experience. During the consultation, your physical condition and the type of injury that you have will be accurately diagnosed. Once diagnosed, the physiotherapist will suggest the course of treatment. Usually, physiotherapy includes massage, physical exercises, neurological stimulation and manual techniques. Apart from these traditional methods, new technologies like electronic braces, radio frequency wraps, laser therapies and infrared light therapies are also being used today to provide pain relief for back and neck injuries and muscle and joint pains.

A good physiotherapist in Bangalore is well versed with the treatment approaches for various types of injuries and diseases including muscular dystrophy, tendonitis, knee pain, whiplash, neck pain, cramps, sciatica, head pain, migraine, pollen allergies, osteoarthritis, tendonitis, cerebral palsy, head injuries, back pain, whiplash, migraine, pollen allergies and pregnancy-related neck pain, to name a few. They also keep themselves updated with the latest advancements in the field of bio-medical science. Their services are highly recommended by the insurance companies, as they offer highly effective treatments at a much lower cost. Many physiotherapists in Bangalore to work as independently or as part of a clinic that is specifically dedicated to providing these services to clients. They can be reached through phone, Internet, emails and even personally during office hours. In addition to providing therapy, they can also refer you to a medical specialist or other specialists if need be.

The best way to find a good physiotherapist in Bangalore is to ask your friends and relatives who currently practices physiotherapy in Bangalore or the people you work with in the area. Physiotherapists in Bangalore receive special certification to practice. Therefore, before referring you to a particular physiotherapist in Bangalore, it is important that you take your physiotherapy to a qualified practitioner who is also a member of the Board of Physiotherapy (BP) in India. A licensed BP is one who has completed the course work in physiotherapy. They are recognized by the government as well as private health insurance companies as having completed their post-graduate studies.

Referral from your existing physician will also help you to weed out the ones who are not qualified to treat your specific condition. Physiotherapists in Bangalore should have access to the latest equipment for various types of therapies. This will enable them to be more effective when treating patients, especially those who are experiencing a wide variety of ailments. Patients should be given an orientation session on the benefits of physiotherapy as well as the different types of treatments available. It is important that the practitioner you choose is able to explain all of the pertinent information in great detail.

Physiotherapists in Bangalore who specialize in neurological physiotherapy and sports medicine are most often found working with individuals who have experienced a traumatic injury, or a chronic pain condition such as lower back pain, joint pain, migraine headaches, chronic tension or sciatica. There are many other types of musculoskeletal problems which may benefit from rehabilitation in Bangalore including degenerative joint diseases, spinal cord injuries, stress fractures, head injuries and soft tissue injuries. There are many benefits to physiotherapy including a reduction in pain, mobility, rehabilitation and strength improvement. A skilled Physiotherapist can reduce symptoms and provide a high quality of health care.

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What to Look for in the Best Multispeciality Hospital in Bengaluru

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Being one of the most hip and happening cities in India, Bengaluru has emerged as the best Multispeciality Hospital in Bengaluru. It is located at a distance of 20kms from the city center and offers the best services for better health care facilities. It is considered to be a hub of medical activity in the city and many famous hospitals are located here. Some of the famous hospitals in this city are Essel World, Essel International, Essel Hospital and Apollo Hospital.

As far as the healthcare sector is concerned, Bengaluru tops the list here. The city is known for having several options for every person in need. There are specialty hospitals like Cardiology, Dermatology, ENT, Ophthalmology, Radiology and much more. If you don’t want to stay at a hospital, you can also go for outpatient services at any of these medical centers. This saves your time and money as you can visit the hospital as and when required.

The main hospitals providing the best health services in the city are: Essel World, Essel Hospital and Apollo Hospital. Essel World is one of the premiere pediatric hospitals in Bengaluru and is dedicated for the treatment and prevention of diseases affecting children. The hospital is surrounded by six fully equipped pediatric wings with fully qualified doctors. The hospital caters to various categories of patients, giving them the best treatment. All the treatments are free of cost and the hospital also has some of the best outpatient services in the country.

The other hospital is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of heart and cardiac diseases. It is fully equipped to provide comprehensive heart care services and is one of the leading cardiac care units in Bengaluru. The hospital also has an international class Heart Institute and Laboratory. The hospital is very well connected with the other major hospitals in the country and so, all the patients requiring urgent care can be easily referred to the hospital.

The doctors at the hospital have a very good knowledge of worldwide medical services and they also undertake frequent international travel, enabling them to extend their services round the clock. All the services offered by the doctors are also high quality, which is why the hospital has one of the best reputation in the country. The doctors offer personalized care to each patient and hence the patients are kept in a cheerful mood, despite the fact that they are under tremendous stress. The doctors carefully monitor the condition of the patients and also keep them up to date about the various vaccinations and medicines that they are taking regularly.

Some of the other specialised departments at the hospital include the Intensive Care Unit, the Critical Care Unit, the Gynecological department, the maternity ward and the Urgent Care unit. These departments make use of the latest technology in their treatment and care. The hospital staff also take care of the patients, arranging for the services when they are due. The staff is fully trained in their services and they work diligently to ensure that each patient is attended to with immense care.

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A Neurosurgery Is the Best Approach to Treating Neurotoxic Syndrome

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Neurosurgery is an advanced form of medical science which involves cutting the nerve or the brain and allowing the body to recover. A person who undergoes the treatment is said to have optimum level of neurological functions. In the UK alone, there are lots of neurosurgeons who are providing excellent service to their patients.

Every surgeon has his own philosophy and way of treating patients. The hospital where the surgery takes place should be perfectly built. It must be spacious and should have all modern amenities. The hospital should also have a good infrastructure of equipment and staffs. The clinical support staff of the hospital should be highly qualified and should have good communication skill to handle the patients effectively.

The hospital where the best neurosurgery is being performed should have twenty-four hour room attendants, who can provide emergency assistance to the patients. Another advantage of getting the services of the best neurosurgeon in Bangalore is that the hospital should have a very good emergency room, so that the injured person can get prompt medical aid. The emergency room should be fully equipped with all required medicines including doctors and nurses. The doctors should have top notch qualification and should have many years of experience. The hospital where the best neurosurgery is being conducted has all these facilities.

There are many hospitals and surgical centres in India, which offer best services to people. Some of these surgeons who are famous and well experienced are Dr. Subir Reddy, Dr. B.S. Sahoo, Dr. Ravi Verma, Dr. Manish Malhotra, Dr. Sudhanshu Verma, Dr. K.R. Samant and others.

The cost of getting the treatment done from these hospitals can be a bit high. However, some of these institutions have a good reputation and thus, the price they ask for the treatment is affordable for many people. Before going to a hospital, you should inform your insurance company about the kind of treatment you are looking for. Then, you will get a better idea on which institute to go to, depending upon your budget. You can also make a list of the institutes in your neighborhood, which are renowned for offering the best service.

The time of getting an appointment done is also very important. Many people do not take time to get an appointment as soon as they arrive in the hospital. This is one of the reasons why the best neurosurgery gets booked up within 24 hours. The institute should have all the necessary facilities for the surgery such as the doctors, nurses, technicians and the lab, so that your case gets treated in the best possible manner.

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Finding The Best Multispeciality Hospitals

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Looking for the best multispeciality hospitals in Bangalore, which offer comprehensive medical facilities to patients suffering from different types of ailments? Medical tourism is catching up with several countries in the world and Bengaluru is among them. Located in the state of Karnataka, this city is a hub of medical activities.

In recent years, Bengaluru has emerged as one of the most important medical hubs in South India. As it is situated close to the coast, it enjoys a great deal of tourist influx. Besides being the third largest city of Karnataka, it is also known as the ‘Pearl of the East’. This city is home to some of the best hospitals in Bangalore. In fact, the hospitals here are considered as the finest in the country.

These hospitals mainly concentrate on providing comprehensive healthcare services. They also offer specialty departments such as plastic surgery, cardiology, ENT, neurology, orthopedics, psychiatry, pediatrics, thoracic surgery, and gastroenterology. These departments have been developed to focus on specific diseases and their prevention. Some of these hospitals are accredited by MHA, ICM, and AIHA.

The St. George Hospital is one of the best multispeciality hospitals in the city. It is located in South Bangalore and is adjacent to the famous Anjuna beach. This hospital is equipped with all modern facilities, and all the departments listed above. It has four hospitals – a trauma center, an emergency department, a maternity ward, and a psychiatry center.

The Apollo Hospital is another excellent facility in the city. This hospital is also adjacent to the famous Anjuna beach. It is one of the accredited hospitals by MHA, ICM, and AIHA. It has two branches-one internal and one external medicine department.

For those suffering from autism, there is the Autism Hospitals Bangalore. The hospital has an outpatient department as well as a board certified surgery center. The hospital is well equipped with all the modern facilities. The hospital is accredited by the MHA.

The Apollo Hospital also has branches in Miodes and Pune. It is one of the busiest hospitals in the city, with regards to outpatient services. It offers various outpatient services such as eye clinics, cosmetic clinics, reflexology, pediatrist centers, and the likes. It has a dedicated emergency department. Other services it offers include fertility, cardiology, chemotherapy, lung disease, and gastroenterology.

The Apollo Hospital is accredited by the MHA, ICM, and AIHA. The hospital is also affiliated to the Apollo Group of Hospitals. These are some of the best multispeciality hospitals in the country. They have the best services and are very much accommodating to their clients.

The Somerset County Hospital is one of the best hospitals in the state of Tennessee. This hospital is one of the busiest hospitals in the state with regards to outpatient services. The hospital offers specialty services such as adult day care, surgical procedures, and rehabilitation services. They also offer outpatient physician services. Their outpatient surgery center has been ranked third. They have also been accredited by the MHA and the AIHA.

Another hospital that is ranked high is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The hospital is accredited by the MHA and the American Board for Children’s Hospital. They offer pediatric and neonatal intensive care and are accredited by the American Board for Children’s Hospital. They are also affiliated with the Baptist Joint Commission.

One of the newest additions to the list is the Hackensack Valley Hospital. It is accredited by the MHA and the American Board for Children’s Hospital. This hospital is new and has added on several specialty services like an ophthalmologist. The hospital is dedicated to the community and to the families that are a part of its mission. They offer scholarships and financial assistance for families who need it.

One hospital that is very different and provides a high quality is the Palm Desert Healthcare facility. This hospital is not a long term care hospital. It caters mainly to the adults and children with special needs. It is one of only a handful of facilities in the state that do this.

For those that are looking for an excellent hospital for their personal needs, they should research the best one in New Jersey. This will provide them with everything that they are looking for. These hospitals offer outstanding services and top-notch amenities for their patients. They also keep their patients happy and comfortable at all times. Patients have nothing but positive things to say about them and the staff is helpful and friendly.

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Get To Know More About Cardiology Hospital In Bangalore


Cardiology hospital in Bangalore caters to the diverse needs of patients who come for cardiac care. The hospital is one of the leading cardiac rehabilitation and treatment facilities in the country. It offers state-of-the-art cardiac facilities and is well equipped with all modern amenities. This hospital has been ranked among the top heart clinics by the American Heart Association. In addition, it is also one of the best cardiac centers in the country, contributing to patient recovery.

Patients can get cardiac rehabilitation and specialized procedures like coronary artery disease (CAD) and invasive cardiology, which have high-risk factors. Cardiac sonography, cardiology laboratory, adult cardiac monitor, electrocardiogram (ECG), and ultrasound are common procedures at the hospital. Before admission, patients should understand the advantages and disadvantages of cardiology hospital in Bangalore and accordingly come to the hospital. Patients are advised to go through the details provided by the doctors pertaining to various procedures and also undergo a physical examination before they are admitted to the hospital.

The hospital staff provides personalised attention to each patient. A well-experienced cardiologist together with the other members of the cardiovascular team treat each patient with care and concern. Doctors are equipped with vast knowledge on different techniques that can help in reducing the stress level of the patient. As a result, stress is reduced within the first hour of the visit. The cardiology hospital in Bangalore ensures that each patient receives personalised attention. The hospital also has a well-developed emergency ward system, providing rapid access to critical care.

Patients can be treated quickly and efficiently at cardiology hospital in Bangalore. Consultation with the cardiologist allows you to know of your overall condition and the kind of treatment that would suit you best. Once you are admitted to the hospital, your cardiologist will brief you on the procedure that is to be performed, the medicines that you need to take, the monitoring methods and the time span for which you can expect the medication to work.

All the available equipment at the hospital is the latest and up-to-date. You will also get to know about various procedures, medicines and equipment that are used during procedures. In most cases, your doctor will take the initiative and explain the entire process to you. This helps you in getting acquainted with the various machines that are used in the hospital. Cardiology hospital in Bangalore also has accredited technologists who conduct diagnostic procedures, and whom you can consult at any time for any queries.

Aromatherapy is also offered at the cardiology hospital. Different essential oils are massaged into your skin. These oils usually help in restoring the natural balance in the human body. Many of the procedures that are offered at the hospital are painless, which leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed after the procedure.

You will also get to learn more about various exercises that you can do in order to reduce the pain in your body. The staff at the hospital will advise you on the right kind of exercise that will help you get back into action as soon as possible. Certain types of physical therapy are also offered at the hospital. The physiotherapists will help you with various injuries and pains that you might have developed in your body. They will evaluate the injury and suggest you the best course of action in order to recover from it quickly.

You will not be left out in case you have an athletic or a sporting bent. There are doctors and trainers who will be with you every step of the way so that you can keep your fitness levels up. Cardiology hospital in Bangalore is one of the best hospitals that you can get to if you are suffering from any kind of cardiopulmonary emergency or any other medical problems.

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Hospital Statistics in Bangalore, India


When it comes to living in Bangalore, one may be surprised to find that there are hospitals in South Bangalore. South Bangalore comprises of many established localities and several emerging new localities. J.P. Nagar, Vasco Da Gama and Jayanagar are all some of the localities in the south and are integral to its local culture. The Bangalore Maligawa Medical College is one of the best known public hospitals in Bangalore and is situated in the heart of the city. The hospital has been offering medical services in Bangalore since 1957 and is one of the busiest medical colleges in India.

A few minutes’ drive from South Bangalore, there is a small village called Musta Durga. This village is renowned for its fruit and vegetable market and fruit processing industry. The children aged between eight to fourteen years of age are admitted in this surveillance area under the Medical School. The nearest municipal hospital is the Government Railway Hospital, which is around fifteen kilometers from the industrial area of South Bangalore. The nearest Children’s Hospital in Bangalore is the Indira Gandhi Health Resort, which is approximately two kilometers from the industrial area of South Bangalore.

The Surveillance area was randomly selected during the cross-section of randomly selected locations. Fifty and forty-three children were enrolled subjects for the study. The ages of the subjects are given in the table in respect of their mean age. The mean PCR results were also given in respect of these children. These data have been compared with the previously published values using a t-test.

Overall, the study population showed that there was no significant difference in the clinical pneumonia cases between the vaccinated and in vaccinated children. No significant increase in the relative risk of clinical pneumonia was noted in the in vaccinated subjects. It was observed that there was a considerable variation in the relative risk factor values for the in vaccinated subjects. There was a very high risk factor (odds ratio [OR] = 3.4 [95% CI = 1.3-9.2]), observed for those children aged between six to nine years. Those who were vaccinated before this period did not have such an increase in relative risk factor.

However, in this surveillance, there was a notable trend in some groups. For example, there was a considerable increase in the case of meningitis for those subjects who were vaccinated before the Meningitis C trial. Similarly, there were cases of meningitis in the in vaccinated subjects. For the women, there was a notable decrease in the risk of meningitis and cases of pneumonia in vaccinated girls were much less. The relative risk for osteopenia was also high in vaccinated boys and the relative risk for sepsis was very high in vaccinated girls. Thus, both these conditions were accounted for in this surveillance.

In addition to clinical pneumonia and sepsis, there were some other types of diseases that had increased cases in this area since the Meningitis C trial. The incidences of influenza among children were found to be more prevalent. Similarly, the incidences of typhoid fever were found to be much higher in vaccinated children. It is believed that if the children had received the entire course of the vaccine, the incidence of these diseases would have been much lower in this area. Similarly, the estimated incidence rates of meningitis and other viral encephalitis were also higher in this area compared to the rest of India.

One might have expected that the surveillance area of Bangalore has something to do with the immunization coverage. However, there was no difference in the overall immunization coverage or incidence rates of any of these diseases between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated children aged 28 days in this surveillance area. This is unlike the case in the other immunization areas. Thus, it appears that perhaps there is no relationship between the occurrence rates of these diseases and the immunization coverage.

While the clinical suspicion and the final diagnosis of these diseases are yet to be made, there were a few cases of meningitis and fever, which were diagnosed in a sub-specialized area of care like the special needs children’s ward in a special needs hospital. It was found that the clinical suspicion of these diseases was not supported by the final diagnosis. Also, there were instances where the clinical suspicion of meningitis and fever was wrong. Also, the clinical suspicion of bacterial meningitis was not supported by the final diagnosis. These factors led to under-reaction to the vaccines and to under-reactive immune systems.

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Bangalore Has Many Best Hospitals


The very first thing that people think about when they are planning to visit a hospital in Bangalore is the physical surroundings. As everyone would be aware of the fact that Bangalore has the most modern infrastructure as compared to any other part of India. This explains the reason that the number of hospitals in Bangalore is increasing at a quick pace. A person can have all his different departments at hospitals in Bangalore documented as well. There is no difference between the case of the patients and the doctors as both want to ensure that the records of all their patients are maintained properly.

Depending on the condition of a person, the doctor would give a correct prescription for medicines. The medicines would be provided to the patient in whichever form they require. A person can just dial help you find the best hospitals in Bangalore for treatment of various problems and diseases.

A person suffering from different diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart conditions, etc. would need to be treated at hospitals in Bangalore depending on the type of disease. A heart patient would need to be treated carefully and a person who suffers from arthritis can just dial help you find the best hospitals in Bangalore for treatment. When planning to go to a hospital in Bangalore, you should know in which all the departments in the hospital are located.

The main reason why people should come to hospitals in Bangalore is that they suffer from diseases and physical ailments. Therefore, it becomes easier than it used to be a few years ago. There are different types of hospitals dedicated to different categories of patients. When you have a problem with your body, it is better to be admitted in a hospital rather than coming to your own home. Therefore, knowing what to expect from a hospital is important.

Knowing what to do if you are in an accident at work, can also be a reason to why you should go to hospitals in Bangalore. The doctors usually go through the patient s medical history and then decide on what to do. The doctors usually check whether a person has any chronic or acute medical conditions such as heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, cancer etc. If you do have such conditions, then you need to inform the hospital. Most hospitals in Bangalore have 24 hour monitoring facility so that people can contact them in case of emergencies.

The other important thing to know about hospitals in Bangalore is that they have all the necessary equipments and accessories required for the treatment of patients. For example, X-ray machines and stethoscopes are very common at most hospitals. In addition, a fully stocked pharmacy is usually available so that there is no need to rush when looking for medicines. These are some of the most useful and helpful things to know about hospitals in Bangalore.

When you are visiting any hospital in Bangalore, you must look out for the following signs. If you see somebody who does not look well, is weak or dizzy, call immediately. In case of emergency, all those people who have been admitted to the hospital should be treated with care. Also, those people who have lost their memory or have been sleeping very long should be taken care of. These are just few of the helpful things to know about hospitals in Bangalore.

However, there are certain things to be kept in mind when you are visiting hospitals in Bangalore. As mentioned above, you should look for the staff’s behavior and qualification. This will allow you to determine whether they are helpful and well-trained or not. Last but not least, there are different types of hospitals dedicated towards specific conditions.

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Psychiatric Hospital In Bangalore


India is globally noted for its highly talented psychiatrists and psychologists. The country has created a number of highly qualified, compassionate psychiatrists and nurses who have been working in premier psychiatric institutions around the globe. But when it comes to India, particularly, the psychiatric healthcare infrastructure is very poor, with only 0.75 psychiatrists per 100,000 people. This figure makes psychiatry in India an elusive dream.

In spite of this, India is home to some of the best psychiatrists and psychologists in the world, who have transformed the lives of patients suffering from serious mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression and even posttraumatic stress disorder. Patients who have been treated successfully from such disorders have emigrated to the US, Canada and Great Britain to receive treatment. In fact, there are many patients who remain in India to undergo treatment for their schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or any other mental disorders that make them feel unwell. The patients who remain in India find it difficult to leave the country for better treatment. They are mostly from poor backgrounds and have low income families, and do not have access to expensive health care in many cases.

So how can such patients be assured of the best psychiatric hospital in Bangalore? There are several psychiatrists practicing in Bangalore and there are several good psychiatric care units in the city. But they cater to a small segment of the population. Only a fraction of the psychiatric cases are handled by psychiatrists working in Bangalore. A lack of adequate infrastructure and a lack of sufficient social resources prevent psychiatrists from adequately treating patients suffering from mental health problems.

According to a survey conducted by the National Psychiatric Association and the Indian Mental Health Foundation, nearly 35% of the 1.5 million people who needed urgent psychiatric help in India were found to be severely affected by scarcity of timely services. Lack of availability of timely services was the most widespread condition among psychiatric patients. In addition, another prominent cause for the high prevalence of this condition was the frequency with which patients had to repeat their admission after their initial outpatient care.

While the number of psychiatrists in India has been increasing rapidly, the need for such services is also increasing at a rapid pace. Almost all the states in India have seen a rise in the number of patients requiring specialized psychiatric care in recent times. In fact, Bangalore is emerging as a hub for psychiatrists specializing in mental health care in India. Bangalore is home to many reputed psychiatric hospitals like Hare Krishna Hospital, St. John’s hospital and Royal Bengal hospital that serve to meet the basic medical and psychiatric needs of patients across the country.

The main reason behind the increasing popularity of psychiatrist services in Bangalore is the availability of better quality health care. The chief reason behind this is that Bangalore has well equipped pediatric and mental health facilities. Bangalore’s proximity to both the national and state level medical schools and institutions makes it an ideal place for psychiatrists to pursue their professional life in psychiatry. Bangalore is home to dedicated mental health nursing services that work towards developing a strong network of health care professionals. These nursing services form an integral part of the integrated care system of many mental health organizations.

Almost all psychiatrists working in the psychiatric units in Bangalore have a specialization in one or more of the fields of psychiatry. Psychiatrists specializing in psychiatric conditions are categorized into two main categories. All the psychiatrists working in the psychiatric departments in Bangalore are categorized under the category of General psychiatrists. This sub-class is headed by a psychiatrist that has gained special training to treat mental disorders. On the other hand all the psychiatrists classified under the sub-class bipolar disorder are specially trained to diagnose and treat manic and depressive illnesses.

The third sub-class of psychiatrists is of those psychiatrists that specialize in substance use disorder. Substance use disorder can affect people of all ages. Those suffering from substance use disorder are mostly found to be teenagers, men and women in their early twenties. To treat these patients, the psychiatrist may have to conduct special programs. The clinical and counseling services of the psychiatrist in the Bangalore psychiatric hospital are world class. These services aim at improving the quality of life of the patients suffering from bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses.

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IVF – The Fertility Treatment For Women

June 16, 2021 Tweet

IVF treatments are now a common choice for couples who are trying to conceive. Many couples have been successful at getting pregnant using in vitro fertilization, but it can be quite a complicated procedure and many couples need a certain amount of assistance and advice. One of the most important aspects of in vitro fertilization is how the couple deals with the stress and anxiety of trying to conceive. The following article will discuss some key tips to deal with this time-sensitive period.

Firstly it is extremely important to remember that every single IVF treatment is different and each one will come with its own set of pros and cons. There are several types of treatment available today from folic acid therapy, intracytoplasmic (IC) centrifugation and intrauterine insemination to tubal reversal and in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Many of these procedures are discussed in depth in fertility clinics and may be explained to you by your chosen fertility specialist. It is advisable to go into your visit fully prepared. Bring any medical records that you may have with you such as test results and scans. It is also highly worth bringing a friend or partner with you as they may be able to give you support and guidance.

Once you have attended in Cura Hospitals your appointment, your fertility specialist will then determine if you are a suitable candidate for in vitro fertilization. This will be based on your age, ethnicity and whether or not you have had any previous partners. After this point you will then be matched with embryos that are likely to contain viable eggs. These embryos will then be tested in various techniques to make sure that they are all healthy. When your eggs are healthy and able to be fertilized, then it is a matter of having them transferred back into your body so that you can hopefully get pregnant.

Other types of infertility include male and female Secondary Infertility. Whilst there is no cure for secondary infertility, IVF may be able to help you overcome this. Secondary infertility occurs when the sperm produced during natural fertility treatment is unable to survive within the uterus of the woman who has been unable to get pregnant. They are often combined with tubal obstruction, which is another common cause of infertility. In IVF treatment, the sperm and egg are combined to ensure they survive and this eventually leads to conception.

Women with secondary infertility may not want to go through with in vitro fertilization. This is because it may be too expensive and not everyone is able to undergo IVF treatment due to financial issues. However, IVF may be an option for those who have a low chance of becoming pregnant naturally. There are different procedures that may be used in order to increase the chances of getting pregnant and some IVF clinics and research centres offer a gender selection service.

Once an embryo has been created through in vitro fertilization, it then travels through the uterus where it is implanted inside the uterus by the egg donor. It is the embryo that will produce the sperm and it is this sperm that will help to fertilize the ovum. The eggs will then travel to the fallopian tubes from the ovary, where they will be fertilized by the male sperm. Many couples undergoing IVF treatment will have a number of embryos, however many of these embryos fail to implant and may lead to a miscarriage.

In IVF there are two main ways in which the eggs or embryos can be transferred: intrauterine insemination and intracytoplasmic transfer. In the intracytoplasmic transfer, the eggs are directly injected into the woman’s uterus and this procedure does not require any surgery. The eggs will then be released one at a time during the course of the IVF process and if all goes well, the pregnancy will continue normally. However, one egg can sometimes fail to implant and if this happens then further treatments may be required to ensure the pregnancy is continued. Intrauterine insemination is usually used when the woman is very far along in her fertility period and this means that her eggs will be released one at a time, generally within the first four to six weeks of the menstrual cycle.

The success rate for women using IVF to have children is around 95%. One problem that some women do have with the IVF process is that their eggs could be fertilized by a small organism called polyps that forms in the fallopian tubes if the embryo is not properly handled. In IVF treatment the eggs are monitored very closely and this reduces the risk of anything unusual happening with the egg before it is released into the uterus. This also means that any abnormalities that might occur with the embryo need to be reported to the treating doctor for them to make the necessary changes.

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The Best Multispeciality Hospital Bangalore

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To serve its growing community of medical practitioners in Bengaluru, the Government of Karnataka has come up with several innovative hospital deals that have really helped medical professionals to make their day-to-day tasks easy. Now there is no dearth of multi-specialty hospitals in Bengaluru and the cost is also not very high. At present, the cost of various medical procedures in Bengaluru are not very high and that too at a very competitive rate. Here are few prominent examples of the best multi speciality hospital in Bangalore that can easily be found by you:

Bangalore Breast Service Centre: The Bengaluru Breast Service Centre, abbreviated as BBS is one of the famous hospitals here in Bangalore that offers different types of breast related services. Besides breast feeding services, it offers other related services like breast stroke, neck support, ear and nose surgery, jaw support, hand surgery, etc. It is one of the leading breast centre in the country. This hospital has a good reputation all over the country for offering world class services at very low cost. It is one of the accredited institutions of Central Scientific Institute of Bangalore.

Cura’ Hospital is located in M.G. Road, Beside General Hospital, Indiranagar. The doctors here are specialized in many fields, such as ophthalmology, cardiology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, neurology, surgery, internal medicine and gastroenterology. The hospital provides special treatment to the children suffering from congenital heart defects.

Cura Hospital: The Cura Hospital is an established and popular hospital in Bangalore. The doctors here are qualified to treat most of the common diseases, but also offer a special care to patients with complicated problems. It offers a number of outpatient services, in addition to inpatient care for the sick.

Cura Hospital: The curas Hospital is a private hospital, with a special mission to care for patients with AIDS. There are various doctors available at this hospital for specialised treatment. There are special rooms available for such patients.

Cura Hospital: This hospital is a reputed hospital directory, having been established in 1970. The services offered here are specialized in psychiatric services, general medical services and rehabilitation services. The hospital has various out patient departments, which provide services like home care, respite care, emergency medical services, psychotherapy, medication refills, laundry, cleaning, laundry service etc. There is also a skilled and competent nursing staff who provides all these services, according to the convenience of the patients. A wide variety of complementary services is also offered by the hospital, according to the convenience of the patients.

Cura Hospital: This hospital is one of the leading hospitals in Bangalore, serving the people from all walks of life. This hospital also offers services like surgery, cardiology, ENT, neurology, cancer, pediatrics, gastroenterology, thoracic surgery, plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, pathology, pediatrics, reflexology, podiatry, neurology, psychiatry and much more. The doctors here are trained and expert in their respective fields and have excellent facilities. The doctors here are trained in emergency medicine, surgery, diagnostics, nutrition, and weight loss management. A wide variety of complementary services are offered by them.

These are some of the best multispeciality hospitals in Bangalore that are well known for their excellent services in each and every field. These hospitals are well equipped with the latest technologies and use these to offer the best services to the patients. The hospitals also provide excellent patient comforts and use these to make the patients feel at home. These hospitals are famous for their excellent services in every possible medical service.

The hospitals here aim at providing personalized service to each and every individual in-charge of the department. They also make sure that every patient is treated in a very courteous and friendly manner, and that they are attended to in the most efficient manner possible. The multispeciality hospital in Bangalore caters to the requirements of all kinds of patients and hence offers quality service irrespective of their age or any other constraints. The doctors here make use of the latest tools and techniques and use them to make sure that the services here are of the best.

A major part of the services that are offered here are dedicated to cardiac care. The hospital has dedicated departments for Cardiac services, which include a cardiac rehabilitation, Cardiac Surgery, Respiratory Services, Efficacy Measurement, and Electronic Medical Records. The cardiac rehabilitation service offered here helps the patients to increase their fitness levels and thereby reduces the risks of heart diseases. The cardiac surgery also ensures that the patient gets the best treatment and is put under the most effective medical care.

The cardiac rehabilitation center at Bangalore is one of the best in the country. The staffs here to ensure that every patient is handled in a friendly manner, and are treated compassionately. The services here are also of top notch, and the hospital is proud to be considered as a premier hospital in India. The best multispeciality hospital in Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru has many other branches, all of which cater to different segments of people and their problems.

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The Best Cardiac Hospital in Bangalore

April 27, 2021 Tweet

You will be surprised to know that cardiac care is the most vital need of individuals and this is why, many people are seeking for the best cardiac hospital in Bangalore. The cardiac care is highly recommended for people at the point of the ages of thirty-five to sixty-five. If you are a victim of cardiomyopathy and suffering from congestive heart failure, you should immediately consult a cardiologist and take the necessary action. Cardiomyopathy is characterized by a progressive weakening of the heart muscles causing cardiomyopathy and high blood pressure. As a result, individuals will find it difficult to maintain normal body functions.

Once you experience cardiomyopathy, it leads to the blockage of one of the three ventricles of the heart and it gradually reduces the heart blood circulation. It also results in the accumulation of calcium deposit within the heart muscle and ultimately causes the muscle relaxation. When the muscle relaxes, the blood flow is completely blocked and there is no proper circulation of oxygenated blood towards the heart. This condition deteriorates the health of an individual as the heart weakens and becomes unable to pump oxygenated blood to the heart. As a result, the patient can suffer from a variety of heart-related diseases.

Cardiac surgery is the best alternative for those who are suffering from cardio-morbidity and are not able to treat their cardiac diseases with medications. Cardiovascular procedures are not only beneficial to patients suffering from cardiomyopathy and other such diseases, but also to individuals who have congenital heart defects. The surgical procedure can be performed in various modes. Some of the commonly performed surgical methods include open heart surgery, balloon angioplasty, mitral valve repair, diaphragmatic plastic surgery and cardiomyosuction.

The cardiac surgeon at the best cardiac hospital in Bangalore will specialise in treating people with cardiomyopathy. People with congenital cardiomyopathy have inadequate muscular function in the body and this causes the accumulation of deposit in the veins of the legs. This accumulation results in the accumulation of fat deposits around the heart, and this fat deposition can increase the risk of heart attack or coronary artery disease (CAD). Therefore, these patients need specialized treatment.

Cardiologists perform various types of procedures such as myocardial infarction, stenosis or blockage of arteries, congenital heart disease, congenital cardiomyopathy, sick sinus syndrome and many more. At the heart institute, there are dedicated departments for Cardiology and vascular Pathology. These departments conduct comprehensive research on various treatments that are beneficial for people with cardiomyopathy.

Cardiologists perform cardiac surgery, i.e. cardiothoracic surgery, cardiopancreatic surgery, coronary artery disease (CAD), heart diseases caused due to ischemic stroke or congenital heart disease, heart diseases caused due to cardio-respiratory disorders of the lymphatic system. The cardiac surgeons at the heart institute are also involved in the treatment of patients who have suffered from cardiorexia, a life-threatening condition in which the patient lacks essential nutrients. Cardiac surgery, like any other surgical procedure, may include the use of general anesthesia or local anesthesia.

The Cardiovascular department at the Bangalore Heart Institute trains and develops the Cardiac Surgeons and Pericardial Surgeons who are experts in the treatment of patients with congenital heart defects, myocardial infarction, acute myocardial infarction, blockage of arteries, acute cardiac arrest, heart diseases and disorders of the lymphatic system, disorders of the respiratory system and many more. Cardiac surgeons and cardiopulmonary surgeons can specialize in the treatment of pericardial or cervical spinal cord injuries or traumas resulting from cardiac arrest, acute cardiac syndromes, congenital heart defects and other cardiac conditions. General surgeries and procedures like bypassing, stent placement, cardiac catheterizations and many such procedures are performed by these specialized doctors. The Cardiac Surgeon at the Bangalore Heart Institute ensures that the patient completely recovers from the surgery. The hospital also provides complete postoperative care and other necessary assistance to the patients.

There are many outpatient services available at the hospital. The doctors at Cardiac Care Bangalore specialize in the treatment of heart and circulatory diseases. They follow a personalized approach, focusing on the cause of the cardiac arrest, the clinical manifestations and the course of action for patients with acute heart problems. The Cardiac Care Bangalore also offers rehabilitation and psychotherapy services to cardiac arrest survivors.

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Multispecialty Hospital in Bangalore- Providing the Specialized Care

April 13, 2021 Tweet

Marvel Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore is amongst the most renowned multi-specialty hospitals. It is renowned for its world class infrastructure and all latest amenities. The hospital is dedicated to providing world-class patient care and comprehensive treatment. The aim of the hospital is to provide the very best in medical treatment to patients from various walks of life, with the help of modern technologies. It is a very well equipped hospital with all the latest technologies.

The hospital has been established with a mission that it will cater to all who come to it. All are treated with utmost care and attention. The doctors and other staffs give special attention to the various cases. In-house doctors give very good treatment. The hospital boasts to provide world-class diagnostic care, surgery, cardiology, ENT, neurology, oncology, pediatrics and rheumatology departments, along with other special departments like plastic surgery, bariatric, dermatology, and infectious diseases.

Multispeciality Hospital at Bangalore caters to the needs of different age groups. The hospital also caters to the needs of pregnant women. Special services offered are cardiology, oncology, ENT, neurology, pediatrics, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, gastroenteritis, cardiovasculoskeletal, dermatology, gastroenteritis, hematology, internal medicine, pediatrics, and tribology. It also offers specialty outpatient care for outpatient treatment.

The hospital also has a very good reputation in providing quality health care. It’s well-known for emergency care facilities, dialysis, ventilators, cardiology, cancer, liver and renal disease, diagnostics, fertility, and weight loss programs. The hospitals are fully-equipped to provide specialized medical treatment, including surgery, imaging procedures, and laboratory tests.

Bangalore’s multispeciality hospital is considered one of the best in the country. It provides excellent patient care. In addition, the hospital provides comprehensive outpatient care facilities, ensuring the comfort of the patients even after they are discharged home. A Multispeciality Hospital at Bangalore caters to the various emergencies including; general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, cardiology, psychiatry, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and gastroenteritis.

It also has a pediatric department that offers specialized programs for children, depending upon their ages. These hospitals are fully-equipped with the latest technologies. They have well-trained staffs who are well-versed with emergency procedures. Doctors use X-ray, C-ray and computed tomography (CT) scans to help in diagnosis and treatment of different diseases.

Apart from providing medical services, the hospital also provides counseling services to the patients. This hospital caters to all categories of people. There are physicians to cater to the needs of the patients who have different medical problems. The physicians here are well trained and experienced. Their main aim is to ensure the immediate treatment and recovery of the patients. The hospital is equipped with the latest technology and fully-stocked with necessary medicines and equipment.

The hospital staff is always ready to give advice and service to their customers. The doctors here ensure that they make the patients feel comfortable and solve their queries. The hospital prides itself on providing quality services to each and every patient. The hospital services are offered in many other Bangalore hospitals like – Apollo Hospitals, Apollo Hospital, Indira Gandhi Hospital, GMC Hospital, Apollo Technological University, Polytechnic, Pvt. Ltd., Fortis Healthcare, Worli Residential, Vibram, R.N. Medical College, Puri Health, St. John’s Healthcare, SMS Hospital and the list is long.

The hospital offers the usual emergency and medical services, diagnostic tests and procedures, blood transfusions, therapeutic services and surgical services. They also offer rehabilitation and physiotherapy services. For the patients who are paralyzed or injured, the hospital also provides crutches and walkers to move around. Other specialized treatments offered here are cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), cardiology, gastroenterology, internal medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, neurology, pathology, pulmonology, radiation oncology, plastic surgery, gastroenterology, tracheiatrics and the behavioral health.

Multispecialty Hospital in Bangalore caters to all sections of the society and people from the various walks of life. They make sure that they provide an all round health care to all categories of patients. The hospital staff is cordial and friendly and the patients here receive equal attention irrespective of their religion, caste and creed. The hospital has well equipped facilities and fully stocked medicines. A separate wing for the treatment of children and newborns is also present here.

The hospital is well connected with other hospitals in the city as well as with other states. The doctors and other staff members speak the local language and you can interact with them easily. The hospital staffs provide the regular post-operative care and the patients are attended to very promptly. The emergency rooms are well equipped with fully stocked medicines and the physicians make regular visits to them. There are separate wards for the hearing impaired, the heart patients and the diabetic patients. The pediatric ward even has a pediatric intensive care unit.

The hospital staff offers the special services which are not available at a normal hospital. The Multispeciality Hospital in Bangalore caters to all types of emergencies and medical emergencies. There is a dedicated wing for the treatment of the handicapped. The hospital prides itself on the emergency services it provides and it is one of the best hospital in India.

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Phuket To Reopen On July 1 For Vaccinated Tourists

April 5, 2021 Tweet

According to recent reports, Phuket, a popular resort area in southern Thailand on the India Ocean, will reopen to tourists on July 1 who have been vaccinated for COVID-19. This will be three months earlier than the planned reopening of Thailand to vaccinated tourists in the October time frame.

Phuket has several international hospitals and provides easy inbound tourist infrastructure through its main airport serving the region of southern Thailand. The resort island residents are being vaccinated in anticipation of the reopening since the local economy and Thailand’s GDP is boosted by tourism.

With the demand for elective surgeries very high due to the overwhelming influx by COVID-19 patients at many hospitals, Phuket offers a nice opportunity for those needing treatment and for those considering becoming a medical tourist. For those who are seeking cosmetic treatments Thailand offers many procedures at its hospitals such as the ones in Phuket to look and feel better. If patients would like a general Health Screening, then the hospitals in Phuket make it easy to schedule this preventative health program.

Phuket is also an excellent location for the recovery period because it is a center for resorts and hotels to fit any budget. Search for hospitals in Phuket on

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Telemedicine To Improve Medial Tourism Efficiency

April 23, 2020 Tweet

With many hospitals around the world ramping up telemedicine in accordance with social distancing, the capability will enhance medical tourism and make it more efficient. Speaking to a potential doctor overseas via video conferencing to discuss health concerns and possible treatment options will improve the research phase for patients before they commit to travel.

The research phase is one of the most critical parts of the medical tourism experience and it’s one that many patients overlook because it is time consuming, may require preliminary travel before the main travel for treatment, and it’s not as efficient to meet with several doctors at different hospitals around the world before choosing the best one.

With telemedicine, a medical tourist could interact with many doctors and hospitals before choosing the one that offers the best chance for a successful treatment. In addition, video conferencing software allows the patient’s doctor locally to join the conversation effortlessly. Video conference will also allow the patient to connect with the international patient office, potential doctors, nurses, and payments staff all in one sitting.

With this extra level of communication before a patient travels for treatment, the medical tourism experience will become more manageable, efficient, and convenient. As the world begins to open up to travel again in the second half of 2020, telemedicine should be a key factor in the decision process for international patients when reviewing a hospital or dental clinic for treatment.



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QA About The Corona Virus From The Mayo Clinic

March 2, 2020 Tweet

Latest COVID 19 Information From Top U.S. Hospital

Read more here:





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PSG Hospitals In Coimbatore India Welcomes Medical Tourists

February 19, 2020 Tweet


Medical Tourism India

PSG Hospitals is a top hospital located in the south of India in the state of Tamil Nadu in the city of Coimbatore. It is a large hospital which has a focused medical tourism department. With the growth of medical tourism to India, PSG Hospitals provides top quality treatment with a wide range of medical departments. It has a specific expertise in cochlear implants.

Coimbatore is the second largest city in Tamil Nadu with a focus on technology and software. It has a pleasant climate and takes pride in the surrounding natural environment, located on the banks of the Noyyal River and near the Western Ghats mountains.

Per the PSG Hospitals website:

We welcome you to our initiative International Medical and Health Tourism at PSG Hospitals. The hospital has been a first choice destination for affordable healthcare to patients from over 100+ nationalities. Over the last decade, PSG Hospitals has been providing excellent medical services to domestic and well as International Patients.

Medical Tourists are fast tracked to their appointments and Investigations. The Medical Tourism team at PSG Hospitals ensures patient care, satisfaction and understands the needs of individuals from different countries and ethnic backgrounds.


Learn more about PSG Hospitals from their media page with three helpful videos:



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Exercises For Carpal Tunnel Relief


Stretches For Preventative Health

The Cleveland Clinic is a top U.S. hospital located in the state of Ohio that provides medical tourism services for inbound international patients. Learn more at this link to their website:

If you have a condition in your hands known as Carpal Tunnel, learn about relief stretches from their informative video:

Search top U.S. hospitals on ClinicTrip.



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3 Emerging Medical Tourism Destinations

January 27, 2020 Tweet

Countries With High Quality, Accessible, Affordable Medical Treatment Gaining Recognition

There are many opportunities to find quality medical or dental care in emerging medical tourism destinations, especially if they are nearer to your home country. These three hubs are gaining in recognition and are easy to access from Western Europe or North America.


Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe

Hospitals in Colombia offer a balanced mix of quality, low cost, and easy access. When a list was produced of the top hospitals in Latin America, 23 of the top 58 were in Colombia. Especially with the improved quality of life in Medellin, a hub for top hospitals, Colombia has become and attractive destination for medical travel.

Four of the hospitals have achieved the Joint Commission International (JCI) gold seal accreditation. Two are located Bogotá (Fundación Cardioinfantil – Instituto de Cardiología and Hospital Universitario Fundación Santa Fe de Bogotá), one is located in Medellín (Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe), and one is located outside of Bucaramanga (Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia – Instituto del Corazón). Colombia is also near North American with Medellín being just a 4 hour flight from Miami.

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe Dentists

Image from

Eastern Europe has been a destination for dental tourism in the past, especially in Hungary, but it is now gaining more recognition with high quality dental services, excellent doctors, and lower costs. The countries of Hungary, Croatia, Estonia, and Poland offer a wide range of clinics including dentistry, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, and orthopedics. Costs are lower than in Western Europe and with many locations emerging as top tourist destinations, it is convenient to combine dental or medical treatment while on vacation.


Barcelona Private Hospitals

Image by

Spain has one of the best medical care systems in the world and has 26 medical institutions accredited by JCI. It includes a top private hospital in Barcelona, Centro Medico Teknon, which won the 2019 International Hospital of the Year award from a top medical tourism industry organization. Medical specialties include heart care, dermatology, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatment, and health screenings. Because of the Mediterranean culture and climate in Spain, it is a relaxing location for treatment and recovery.

Search top hospitals in Colombia, Spain, and Eastern Europe on ClinicTrip.



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KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital In Kuala Lumpur Offers Heart Screening Promotion

January 22, 2020 Tweet

Check Your Heart Health At This Private Hospital In Malaysia

KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, is a private hospital in the KPJ network of hospitals throughout the country, many of which are JCI accredited. It is offering a heart health check-up for 2020 at the low price of RM69 which is less than US$20.

The “Heart 2020 Package” includes:

  • Fasting Blood Sugar Check
  • Cholesterol Readings (LDL, HDL, Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides)
  • ECG (Electrocardiogram)
  • Physical Examination
  • Blood Pressure Screening
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) Determination

Visit the KPJ Tawakkal Specialist Hospital to book an appointment:

The hospital is centrally located in Kuala Lumpur in the Titiwangsa / Pekeliling area. They also have an excellent webpage for International Patients here:

In addition to heart screenings the hospital provides a Center of Excellence in Orthopedics. Learn more at this link:



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Malaysia Aims For Fertility Hub Of Asia

January 15, 2020 Tweet

Country Offers Top Fertility Centers And Convenience For Travelers

Malaysia has been a growing hub for medical tourism in SE Asia due to its high quality medical services, competitive prices, and convenience for visiting patients and family members. Its strengths are health screening programs, heart care, orthopedics, and now fertility treatment.

With the highly recognized fertility clinic, TMC Fertility, and with many other excellent fertility clinics, Malaysia provides top quality services for patients seeking fertility treatment and assisted reproduction.

2020 is also the ‘year of health travel in Malaysia’ which is a government promotion program, and it gives the county the chance to highlight its fertility clinics. Since a growing number of couples are waiting until later in life to have a family, seeking out quality destinations and top clinics for IVF treatment will be more common. Malaysia provides both – an enjoyable travel destination with a range of fertility treatment options –  and is an excellent choice for those seeking IVF procedures.



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Alzheimer’s Care Resorts Expanding In Thailand

January 14, 2020 Tweet

Elderly Care Resorts

Image by sarcifilippo from Pixabay

Benefits Of Caring For Families Members With Dementia In Thailand

More families in Europe are sending their loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to Thailand for full time care. The benefits include lower costs for full time assistance, one to one patient to nurse ratios, and more daily interaction and out-of-room mobility.

The rise of aging populations in Europe and the U.S. is straining existing resources for care and also putting a huge burden on families who are already short on time and financial resources to provide constant care for elderly family members with dementia. As a result, many are seeking care outside of their home country, especially in Thailand, at care centers and resorts for patients with dementia.

With medical tourism already a growing trend, this segment of the industry is also showing expansion. Since Thailand is already a leader as a medical tourism destination, this service offering is consistent with the capabilities of the country. It is also a nice opportunity to give elderly patients better care rather than being institutionalized in their home country.

This article from the The Guardian highlights the latest examples of the trend. While not all families are willing to send their loved ones overseas, for those who are more comfortable with the arrangements, it presents a way to potentially increase the quality of life for these patients.



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How To Plan Ahead For Medical Travel

December 16, 2019 Tweet

bangkok medical tourism

BKK Arrival Hall C

Tips For Getting Medical Treatment Abroad

Planning Stage

1. Ask your doctor if you are fit to travel overseas with your medical condition.

2. Once you decide to continue your treatment abroad, keep your local doctor informed so that you can continue your follow up treatment without a hitch.

3. Research the hospital or dentist you plan to visit. When selecting the international hospital that’s best for your needs, you should consider the hospital’s accreditation, awards and recognitions, facility and equipment, and the range and quality of the hospitals’ services. Ideally, visit the hospital first to get a feel for it’s capabilities. Undergo a Health Screening Program to get an overall health check and experience the services of the hospital in a low risk environment.

4. Check the credentials and experience of the doctor who will treat you. Make sure to get second opinions. Many international hospital hubs have several great hospitals to choose from. Don’t be afraid to check with a second hospital at the destination before choosing a treatment.

5. Find out about the procedure and compare your expectations with what’s achievable by the surgery. Also enquire about follow-up care needed, time required for recovery, physical therapy, etc.

6. Please note that in most cases the final decisions on your treatment will be made only after the doctor meets you and examines you in person. It is possible that your doctor, upon examining you, may decide you are not fit for surgery, or recommends treatment different from what you planned.


1. Certain documents must always be with you. Ensure that you carry multiple copies and keep the originals in a safe place when abroad.

a. Records like X-Rays, MRI’s, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Remember to carry all these medical reports and any medicines in your carry-on luggage.

b. Passport and visa: You will need a passport for yourself and your travel companion (if any). Depending upon the country you are traveling from, you may or may not need a visa. Some countries now offer a medical visa. Make sure to check what is available from their consulate or embassy.

c. Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks: Bring some local currency, travelers checks and one or two major credit cards and debit cards. Some hospitals will not accept checks. Make sure to inform your credit card company that you’ll be traveling to the country where you plan to receive care.

d. Carry your driver’s license or any valid proof of identity and make sure it will remain valid while you’re traveling.


Be sure to check the visa requirements for medical travelers of the country to which you plan to visit. It may vary, country by country, and also determine the number of days you can spend in country and if you can make a return trip.

India – India’s medical eVisa allows medical tourists to stay for one year with three entries permitted.

Thailand – Thailand’s medical travel “MT” visa allows medical tourists to stay for 60 days which is 30 days longer than the general tourist entry permit. For travelers over the age of 50, Thailand now allows a stay of ten years in two increments of five years which is helpful for long term medical living in the country. No expat work is permitted on this visa. Learn more from the Thai Embassy:

Thailand Update – Thailand is now planning to extend its “MT” Visa to visitors from the U.S. and Japan and allow a 90 day stay for medical treatment.

Malaysia – An eVISA (Medical) for healthcare travelers from China, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Serbia and Montenegro and is only valid for a single journey to Malaysia for purposes of medical trips for the maximum of 30 days. Upon consultation with the hospital in Malaysia, patients that are required stay exceeding 30 days have to obtain a long term Medical Pass for their medical treatment. Learn more from the Immigration Department of Malaysia:

Covering Costs

While the costs for treatment at a international hospital may be considerably less than that of your local hospital and within management by credit card or cash payment, there are some companies which offer international medical insurance which may cover most of the costs. Please see our ‘Tools’ section for more details on options.

Hospital Registration

You are required to produce your passport at the registration counter to get registered at the hospital. The hospital will maintain a copy of your passport (photo page and visa page) in your hospital record. You can schedule appointments on hospitals websites and many now schedule appointments with the WhatsApp app.



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Malaysia Year Of Healthcare Travel 2020 Invites Medical Tourists To Visit

December 9, 2019 Tweet

Nationwide Promotion of Healthcare In Malaysia For Inbound Medical Tourism

Malaysia Healthcare 2020

Central Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia Year of Health Travel 2020 or MyHT2020 is a year-long campaign in Malaysia to attract medical and dental tourists to its extensive range of private hospitals, medical clinics, and dental clinics. Malaysia has been steadily growing its medical tourism industry which now represents 7.6% of overall tourism to the country.

The goal is to create larger demand for healthcare across the country leading to an expansion of the industry and the continued transformation of Malaysia into a high income nation. In addition it will drive the rest of the tourism market which has a wide variety of cultural, shopping, and eco attractions.

Malaysia has the main elements for healthcare travelers including world-class quality, easy accessibility and competitive affordability. In fact, the hospitals are efficient and offer almost not wait times to see specialists and receive treatment.

5 Popular Private Hospitals In Malaysia

The country won the prestigious award for best country for medical tourism delivered by the top industry journal, and one of its top hospitals, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur won best hospital of the year in 2018 from the same journal. Malaysia has a helpful focus on preventative medicine and MyHT2020 aims to make Malaysia healthcare a proactive decision for people concerned about the health and wellness in the future. All hospitals offer excellent health screening programs for a full evaluation of potential health risks.

Learn more about Malaysia healthcare in the promotion video below. Search top hospitals and dental clinics in Malaysia on ClinicTrip.



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Centro Medico Teknon In Barcelona Recognized As Top Hospital For Medical Tourism

December 4, 2019 Tweet

Spain Emerges As Major Health Travel Destination With Hospital’s Top Award

Centro Medico Teknon Informational Video:

Centro Medico Teknon, a top international hospital located in Barcelona, received the top medical tourism award from an industry journal this year. The medical tourism ‘international hospital of the year’ award recognizes outstanding hospitals for providing quality medical treatment and accommodation for medical travelers.

Centro Medico Teknon is also accredited by the Joint Commission International, the main international accrediting organization for hospitals globally. It has centers of excellence in heart care (cardiology), cancer treatment, fertility treatment and IVF, plastic surgery, and health check ups or health screenings.

It also covers all medical specialties and offers personalized programs for international patients to meet the needs of the patient and the family or relatives. It has 400 specialists and 2000 professionals providing care and administration at the hospital. In fact, four of its specialists have been recognized as the best in Spain per a Forbes article. Learn more on Centro Medico Teknon’s website:

The hospital is located in a upscale neighborhood in Barcelona in the Sant Gervasi and Bonanova area of the city. The main airport, El Prat del Llobregat International Airport, is only 16km away with many public and private transport options to get into the city while at the hospital.

Centro Medico Teknon Website

Along with this hospital, Spain is emerging as a top international destination for medical care and medical tourism. It has 30 hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International and is an excellent location to combine vacation and medical treatment. It is also easily accessible from any area in Europe making it a leading destination for private healthcare.

Search hospitals in Spain on ClinicTrip.



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Hospital In Focus: Star Medica Merida

December 3, 2019 Tweet

Top Hospital In Mexico’s Yucatan Region A Good Option For Medical Tourists

Star Medica is one of the large hospital groups in Mexico. Star Medica Merida is its hospital in the city of Merida which is in the Yucatan Peninsula and also near to the city of Cancun. It just celebrated its 14 anniversary in operation and it is a popular choice for medical tourists. It offers a Check Up Program and also offers specialists in heart care (cardiology), urology, and orthopedics (joint replacement).

Merida is along the Mayan Route and has many historical places to see as well as being a location that is good for medical tourists to visit. It is not far from the Gulf of Mexico which makes it a nice area for the recovery period after a procedure. It is also easy to combine a health check up with vacation when visiting that area, especially when patients are too busy for a check up at home.

Star Medica Merida is located in the central area of the city and next to a shopping complex, Plaza Altabrisa. Popular restaurants nearby are La Susana Internacional and Voltacafe. The hospital website is in Spanish but patients can chat live with an administrator. Learn more about the hospital at the link below:



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Top Dental Clinics In Eastern Europe

December 2, 2019 Tweet

Dental Tourism To Hungary, Estonia, and Croatia


Hungary has long been a leader in dental tourism in Eastern Europe and continues to grow. Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest has won many major medical tourism awards and services patients from Western Europe and the US. It also has a desk at the airport. Evergreen Dental is also a highly rated dental clinic in Budapest. Both clinics have videos below.

Kreativ Dental Clinic – Budapest

Evergreen Dental Clinic – Budapest


Estonia is a short distance from Scandinavian countries and has become a destination for dental tourism. With low costs for treatment and excellent care, the main city Tallinn is now a dental tourism hub. Sakala Hambaravi Dental Clinic is one of many clinics welcoming international patients.


Croatia has become an emerging hub for dental tourism in Eastern Europe  Zagreb is the largest city and center of the medical tourism industry in Croatia. Excellent dental clinics are also available in the popular tourists areas of the Dalmatian Coast including the towns of Split and Trogir.  Check out Dental Center Repic in Trogir.

Learn ClinicTrip for top dental clinics in Eastern Europe.



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Top Dental Clinic In Mexico Expands From Los Algodones To Cancun

November 25, 2019 Tweet

Sani Dental Group Has New Location in Playa Del Carmen

Sani Dental Group has become one of the leading dentists in Mexico and a popular choice for dental tourists from the U.S. and Canada. It started out as a two-chair dental clinic and now has three clinics and over 30 dentists. Its two primary clinics are located in Los Algodones which is just across the U.S.-Mexico border from Yuma, Arizona. The third clinic which just opened is in Cancun in the Playa Del Carmen area.

Patients can save up to 70% on dental work including dental implants compared to prices in the U.S. and receive top quality care. Sani Dental Group treats over 10,000 patients per year. It has dentists who have trained at top schools in the U.S. and have experience from five to 30 years.

Sani Dental Group will assist with setting up the trip including lodging. They have a shuttle from the border to the dental office and accept all forms of payment and provide a five year full warranty. For FAQs visit their website here:



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3 Things To Do In Kerala After Ayurvedic Treatment

November 13, 2019 Tweet

How To Combine Alternative Medicine With Tourism In India’s Beautiful  Southwestern State

Ayurvedic Resort

Arabian Sea From Kochin Kerala

Traveling to India, and especially Kerala, has become popular for Ayurvedic treatments. Considered an alternative medicine, it has been the traditional medicine in India for thousands of years. Kerala has been the center of Ayurvedic practices and even has Ayurvedic hospitals and of course many spas. Some top hospitals have also added Ayurvedic centers to complement the modern medical procedures.

However, a trip to Kerala to an Ayurvedic spa is just one of the few things to do in that area of the country. In fact there are many tourist activities to enjoy in combination with an Ayurvedic trip. Here are three that are unique to the area.


Kerala Tea

Tea Estates In Munnar Kerala

Munnar is a hill town up in the Western Ghat Mountains that’s about a four hour drive from Kochin, the main city of arriving in Kerala. It’s an area with great beauty from forest areas, tea plantations, and mountain hikes. It’s cooler in Munnar than in the lowlands along the coast which gives it a relaxed therapeutic feel.


India Hospitals

Elephant Families In Thekkady

Thekkady is a small town at the edge of the Periyar lake and forest reserve. It is a wonderful national park where many wild animals can be seen including monkeys, elephants, deers, and water buffalo. It also may have tigers roaming through the park. Enjoy staying at a nice resort near the park entrance and take a safari through the jungle or a boat ride on the lake.

Alphuzza And The Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters Ayurvedic Spa

Houseboat In Kerala Backwaters

South of Kochin is the town of Alphuzza which is the main port to the Backwaters, a networks of canals and lakes that that run parallel to the coastline and the Arabian Sea. The lakes are filled from rivers flowing from the mountains and the canals connecting the lakes and towns comprise 560km of waterways. Tourists can rent “houseboats” which are large rice barges and cruise the waterways with overnight trips available. The beauty of the area is nice to sea from the houseboats and is a unique travel experience and provides a close looks at the center of life in Kerala.

Search Ayurvedic spas in Kerala and around India on ClinicTrip.



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5 Hospitals Where You Can Recover From Treatment In Paradise

November 11, 2019 Tweet

Top International Hospitals In Beautiful And Affordable Locations

Top Hospitals For Tourism

If you are in need of medical treatment and want a top international hospitals where you can also recover from the procedure in a relaxed and affordable location, there are excellent options to choose from. Medical tourism to these five hospitals put you in the range of excellent choices for recovery in a tourist style environment which may help speed up your recuperation and make it more comfortable for you.

Hospital Galenia – Cancun

Hospital Galenia is a Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospital located in Cancun, Mexico. It offers a wide range of specialties including orthopedics, cancer care, heart care, IVF, and more. If you are recovering from an operation at this hospital, there are a wide variety of resorts and beaches to enjoy to make the recovery period as pleasant as possible.

Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Hospitals is a top internationally accredited hospital by JCI and recognized by many medical tourism organizations. It is located in the center of Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia, and offers all medical tourism specialties. It has a top Health Screening Program and a new building (Bldg B) for treatment for a variety of specialties. There are many resort style hotels in KL where one can recover and a short drive away are beach resorts for a peaceful recovery in a tropical setting with great food as well.

Sikarin Hospital – Bangkok

Sikarin Hospital is located in the Bang Na district of Bangkok near the airport area. It is a JCI accredited hospital that provides treatment in heart care, orthopedics, health screenings, IVF, plastic and cosmetic surgery and more. Bangkok, like KL, has many resort style hotels to stay for recuperation and a short drive to the coast for a beach style vacation. Also a plus is the amazing Thai food.

Centro Medico Teknon – Barcelona

Centro Medico Teknon (CMT) is a top hospital in Barcelona, Spain, which has top centers of excellence in IVF, Heart Institute, Cancer Care, Health Screenings, and Plastic Surgery. It is also JCI accredited. Just a short flight from anywhere in Europe, getting treatment at CMT allows the patient to relax and recover in Barcelona or anywhere alongs Spain’s beautiful coastline and even on the popular islands of Mallorca and Minorca. Enjoying the Mediterranean lifestyle while while recovering from treatment is always a good way to heal.

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai is located in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. It is a popular retirement city and has a cooler climate than Bangkok making it a nice place to recover from treatment. Bangkok Hospital is run by BDMS, the top Thai hospital group. In Chiang Mai the patient can recover in hillside resorts or enjoy a resort within the city.

There are many options to choose from for medical travel. Always research the hospital, choose accredited medical centers, and work with your physician at home to understand what your treatment will require. ClinicTrip recommends doing a health screening first at the hospital to get an idea of the quality of care.



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Top Hospitals And Dental Clinics In Phuket

November 7, 2019 Tweet

Tourists Season In Phuket A Good Time For Medical Or Dental Check Up

Phuket Thailand Resorts

Phuket is a large island in southern Thailand that is a very popular beach destination for tourists throughout the world. Phuket City is the main town and the beach resort area on the other side of the island is called Patong Beach which faces the Indian Ocean. It has a high density of resorts and hotels and it has also become a good destination for medical and dental tourism.

The high tourist season for Phuket is during the less rainy months from December to March where rainfall is about half of wet season levels. If you are planning to visit Patong Beach during this tourist season, it is possible to combine a health screening program or dental checkup during your holiday. Here are the main international private hospitals and dental clinics to consider.

Private Hospitals In Phuket

Bangkok Hospital Phuket

Bangkok Hospital Siriroj (formerly Phuket International Hospital) – JCI Accreditied

– Health Screening Programs:

Dental Clinics in Phuket

Phuket Dental Signature (the same company manages Bangkok International Dental Center, a Joint Commission International accredited dental clinic in Bangkok). See video below:

Patong Smile Dental Clinic

Sea Smile Dental Clinic 1

Use ClinicTrip to find hospitals and dental clinics in Phuket and throughout Thailand. You can also write a review if you have visited one of the hospitals or clinics listed. Enjoy your vacation!



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Top Centers For Medical Tourism In India

October 31, 2019 Tweet

High Quality Doctors, Affordable Prices For Many Health Care Needs

India Medical Tourism

Image by D Mz from Pixabay

India often attracts tourists for its history, culture, landscape, and food. But it has also become a quickly growing hub for medical tourism, both regional and from across the globe. It offers top quality doctors, very affordable prices for treatment, and expertise in many common health care needs such as heart care and surgery, orthopedics and joint replacement, cochlear implants, multi-organ transplants, dental care, eye care and more.

However, India is a large and vast country. How do you know where go for the right hospital for your condition or for a basic health screening program. Here are the main healthcare hubs in India and a listing of some of the accredited hospitals in those cities.


India Medical Tourism

Image by Stefan Schmidt-Bilkenroth from Pixabay

Delhi is the largest city in India and home of the country’s government city, New Delhi. In the city of Delhi and its suburbs such as Gurugram are a range of top hospitals and dental clinics. There are also private hospitals that are large enough to be called medical cities.

Top Delhi Hospitals

Indraprastha Apollo Hospital New Delhi

Fortis Memorial Research Institute

Medanta MediCity

Dr Kathurias Dental Clinic


Chennai is located in the souther Indian State of Tamil Nadu. It is the sixth largest city in the country and a popular regional medical tourism destination. Apollo Hospitals is located in Chennai along with dental clinics and local hospitals.

Top Chennai Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Greams Road


Coimbatore is also located in Tamil Nadu on the western border of the state. It is the second largest city in the state and a tech center and also a growing medical tourism hub. The 2000 bedded PSG Hospitals is located in Coimbatore with specialties in heart care, orthopedics, organ transplant, dental care, IVF, cosmetic surgery and more.

Top Coimbatore Hospitals

PSG Hospitals


Bengaluru, also known and Bangalore, is the capital of the Indian State of Karnataka and is considered to be the Silicon Valley of India. It is a fast growing city and one of the most populous in the country. At an elevation of 3000 feet, it has a pleasant climate. It is also the location of many top hospitals and clinics.

Top Bengaluru Hospitals

Narayana Multispecialty Hospital Whitefield

AyurVAID Bangalore Domlur

Apollo Hospitals Bangalore Bannerghatta

Seedi Eye Care

Fortis Hospital Bangalore


India Hospitals

Periyar Nature Park, Kerala, India – Image by

Kochi is the largest city in the southeastern Indian state of Kerala. Kerala is knows for abundant agriculture at different elevations, beaches, national parks and wildlife, the backwaters canals, and being along the Western Ghats Mountains. It is also home to top Ayurvedic treatments with many clinics and hospitals specializing in this ancient alternative medicine.

Top Kochi Hospitals

Aster MedCity Hospital

Punarnava Ayurveda Hospital


Hyderabad is a center for top dental clinics in India. It is the capital of the Indian State of Karnataka and the fourth most populous city in India. It is home to the pearl trade and is sometimes referred to as the “City of Pearls”.

Top Hyderabad Dental Clinics

Dr Gowd’s Dental Hospitals

FMS International Dental Center


Mumbai India Medical Tourism

Image via

Mumbai is the second most populous city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also the location of many top hospitals.

Top Mumbai Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai

Hinduja Hospital

Asian Heart Institute

Seven Hills Hospital

Wockhardt Hospital – South Mumbai

Use ClinicTrip to find top hospitals and dental clinics in India.



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Sani Dental Group Opens Dental Office In Cancun

October 23, 2019 Tweet

Popular Dentist In Los Algodones Expands To Playa Del Carmen

Sani Dental Group ( based in Los Algodones, Mexico, which is a hub for dental tourism just across the US-Mexico border from Yuma, Arizona, has expanded to the Playa Del Carmen area of Cancun, Mexico. Sani Dental Group is a top provider and has two locations already in Los Algodones on Calle Alamo and Calle Tercera (3rd Street) . Both locations can be reached by walking.

Sani Dental Group Cancun

Mayan Temple In Near Cancun, Mexico

With the growth of dental tourism driven by US patients who have no or very limited dental coverage, Sani Dental Group has become a leader among the growing number of qualified dentists in Mexico. With the expansion to Cancun, tourist to the popular vacation spot can now add a trip to the dentist easily among doing the other tourist activities.

Sani Dental Group has written a nice blog post about seven popular things to do in Cancun while getting dental work done at their office at affordable prices.

Learn more about Sani Dental Group on ClnicTrip.



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Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai Offers Variety Of Health Packages

October 21, 2019 Tweet

Heart Screening, Knee Replacement, and More

Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai, a Bangkok Hospital branch located in Chiang Mai, is offering a range of health packages and promotions which expire on December 31, 2019. These packages include a health screening (medical check-up), heart screenings, knee replacement, dental works, sleep apnea treatment, and more.

Bangkok Hospital is run by Bangkok Dusit Medical Services (BDMS) which is the largest healthcare group in Thailand. The Chiang Mai location is just east of the city center in the Nong Pa Khrang subdistrict. The hospital offers services for International Patients. All packages can be viewed here:

Here are some of the key packages:

Medical Check-Up or Health Screening

The Executive Check-Up is around US $500 and includes an abdominal ultrasound making it a good value.

Dental Implant Surgery

Total Knee Replacement



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Dental Clinics In Los Algodones Mexico

October 4, 2019 Tweet

Affordable Dental Implants, Fillings, Caps And Crowns In Mexico

Los Algodones, Mexico, has become a top dental destination for dental tourists from the U.S. and Canada. It is a small town located just across the US-Mexico border from Yuma, Arizona. It lists 300 dentists ready to serve patients seeking dental checkups, teeth cleanings, caps and crowns, dental implants, and fillings. Its affordable prices and quality care make it a true value for those who don’t have dental insurance or who need extensive work.

Travelers can fly to Tucson, Phoenix, Palm Springs, San Diego, or Las Vegas and drive to Yuma and then park near the border and walk across for an appointment. Search dental clinics in Los Algodones and Mexico on ClinicTrip here.

Dental Clinics In Los Algodones, Cancun, Tijuana, Nogales



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Kamol Cosmetic Hospital in Bangkok Offers 360 View Of Facilities

August 2, 2019 Tweet

Take A Tour Of Kamol Cosmetic Hospital

Kamol Cosmetic Hospital is located in Bangkok, Thailand, and is a popular cosmetic surgery hospital which was opened 10 years ago by Dr. Kamol Pansritum. It is located Wangthonglang District which is northeast of the city center. Per its website:

The hospital’s goal is to become the leading world-class center for cosmetic and gender reassignment surgery. Our mission is to provide the most effective and efficient surgeries and service.  We never stop learning, improving and creating new techniques for gender reassignment and cosmetic surgery to meet the needs of our clients. Our highly qualified medical team includes top notch nursing, and operating personnel, as well as staff for pre and post operative care to ensure mutual satisfaction between our clients and surgeons.

View the facilities of Kamol Cosmetic Hospital on its website here:



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Consejos Por Su Viaje a La Clínica o Hospital Internacional

July 4, 2019 Tweet

Cómo hacer que su viaje de salud sea exitoso


Pregúntele a su médico si está en condiciones de viajar al extranjero con su condición médica.

Una vez que decida continuar su tratamiento en el extranjero, mantenga informado a su médico local para que pueda continuar su tratamiento de seguimiento sin problemas.

Investigue el hospital o dentista que planea visitar. Tenga en cuenta la acreditación, los premios y reconocimientos, las instalaciones y el equipo, y el alcance y la calidad de los servicios de los hospitales.

Verifique las credenciales y la experiencia del médico que lo tratará. Asegúrate de obtener segundas opiniones.

Conozca el procedimiento y compare sus expectativas con lo que se puede lograr con la cirugía. También pregunte sobre la atención de seguimiento necesaria, el tiempo requerido para la recuperación, la terapia física, etc.

Tenga en cuenta que en la mayoría de los casos, las decisiones finales sobre su tratamiento se tomarán solo después de que el médico lo encuentre y lo examine en persona. Es posible que su médico, al examinarlo, pueda decidir que no es apto para la cirugía o que le recomiende un tratamiento diferente al planificado.


Ciertos documentos siempre deben estar con usted. Asegúrese de llevar varias copias y guarde los originales en un lugar seguro cuando esté en el extranjero.

Registros como radiografías, resonancias magnéticas, historiales de salud, fotografías, registros de vacunación, recetas y cualquier otro registro de salud relevante para la cirugía. Recuerde llevar todos estos informes médicos y cualquier medicamento en su equipaje de mano.

Pasaporte y visa: necesitará un pasaporte para usted y su acompañante de viaje (si corresponde). Dependiendo del país desde el que viaje, puede o no necesitar una visa. Algunos países ahora ofrecen una visa médica. Asegúrese de verificar lo que está disponible en su consulado o embajada.

Tarjetas de crédito, tarjetas de débito y cheques de viajero: traiga alguna moneda local, cheques de viaje y una o dos de las principales tarjetas de crédito y débito. Algunos hospitales no aceptan cheques. Asegúrese de informar a la compañía de su tarjeta de crédito que viajará al país donde planea recibir atención.

Lleve consigo su licencia de conducir o cualquier prueba de identidad válida y asegúrese de que seguirá siendo válida mientras viaja.


Asegúrese de verificar los requisitos de visa para los viajeros médicos del país al que planea visitar. Puede variar, país por país, y también determinar la cantidad de días que puede pasar en el país y si puede hacer un viaje de regreso.

Costes de Cobertura

Si bien los costos del tratamiento en un hospital internacional pueden ser considerablemente menores que los de su hospital local y dentro de la administración con tarjeta de crédito o pago en efectivo, hay algunas compañías que ofrecen seguro médico internacional que pueden cubrir la mayoría de los costos.

Registro en El Hospital

Se requiere que presente su pasaporte en el mostrador de registro para registrarse en el hospital. El hospital mantendrá una copia de su pasaporte (página de fotos y página de visa) en su registro del hospital. Puede programar citas en sitios web de hospitales y muchos ahora programar citas con el Aplicación WhatsApp.

Busca hospitales y clinicas aqui.



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10 Recomendaciones Para No Subir De Peso

June 25, 2019 Tweet

No dejar de lado las frutas y verduras y es importante mantenerse hidratado.

Nosotros entregan algunos consejos que su permitirán seguir un plan de alimentación saludable.

  • Mantener una rutina de alimentación sana y consumir las tres comidas diarias, acompañadas de una o dos colaciones.
  • Beber agua para mantenerse hidratado. Es importante consumir líquidos en verano.
  • Se puede sumar el consumo de sopas bajas en sodio y guisos, que son alimentos cálidos y que nos ayudan a producen una sensación de saciedad.
  • A la hora del almuerzo, incluir ensaladas, de preferencia verdes. Evitar el consumo excesivo de choclo, arvejas y habas, que son consideradas como carbohidratos.
  • Si la elección de nuestro plato de fondo contiene elementos altos en carbohidratos, preferir de postre algo más liviano, como fruta o jalea.
  • Evitar consumir pan durante el almuerzo, ya que esto aumenta el número de calorías en forma de carbohidratos que se consume.
  • En momentos de ansiedad, es preferible consumir de colación frutos secos, chips de manzana, barritas de cereal (de preferencia aquellas con menos de 90 calorías), jaleas, fruta, yogurts descremados o chocolates amargos.
  • Mezclar el jugo con agua, para evitar un consumo excesivo de azúcar.
  • No dejar de hacer deporte. Se recomienda realizar ejercicio 3 veces a la semana por 30 minutos como mínimo.
  • Comer muchas frutas y verduras, granos enteros y lentejas.

¡A tu salud!



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3 Benefits of Dental Tourism In Costa Rica

June 24, 2019 Tweet

Costa Rica Offers Easy Access To Affordable Dental Care

Costa Rica is a tropical country located Central America, just a three to four hour flight from main airports in the U.S. such as Houston, Miami, or Los Angeles. It has become a popular destination for dental tourism due to high quality dental clinics offering services at affordable prices and at large discounts compared to dental care in the U.S. It’s also a fun tropical country to visit. Here are three benefits of dental tourism to Costa Rica and its largest city of  San Jose.

High Quality And Affordable Dental Care

Costa Rica’s main medical tourism specialty is dentistry. It has a concentration of top dental clinics providing the entire range of dental and orthodontic treatments including All-on-4, dental implants, fillings, caps and crowns, and dental check ups.

The dental clinics in Costa Rica serve the expat community along with dental tourists from many countries. In fact, 90% of the dental procedures carried out in Costa Rica are done on foreign patients from the U.S., Canada, and the UK. The dental clinics are appealing because of easy access, top quality doctors,  and modern looking clinics with the latest technology. The treatments are also up to 50% to 70% less expensive than in the U.S. making it a good option for those without dental insurance.

Popular Holiday Destination For Recovery

After most dental procedures, a recovery period is important depending on the complexity of the treatment. Costa Rica makes it easy since it’s a popular holiday destination with many options for relaxation and basic tourism. Because of the tropical location with abundant rainforests, beautiful beaches, picturesque volcanos, and fun resorts, there is much to see and do during recovery so that it passes quickly.

Developed Tourist Infrastructure

Costa Rica is a top tourist destination in Central America and has a developed tourist infrastructure for inbound arrivals. This makes it easy to arrive, receive treatment, and stay for recovery without complications. It also makes it easy to get around and explore dental care options while you are visiting the country.

As with any recommendations, make sure to research the dental clinics and even visit before receiving treatment. A simple check up will help you become familiar with a dental clinic before receiving additional treatment.

Search ClinicTrip for dental clinics in Costa Rica here.

Dental Clinics In Costa Rica



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La Salud Masculina Es Muy Importante

June 21, 2019 Tweet

Considerar un Chequeo Medico

Un Chequeo Médico es un especialidad de turismo medico para la prevencion y detección oportuna de enfermedades. Es muy fácil y muchas hospitales internacionanales ofrecen promociones y paquetes salud masculina.

Durante un chequeo medico el medico va a evaluar su salud con muchas pruebas incluyendo salud de corazón, salud de sangre, y la salud del riñón y el hígado. También hay muchas mas pruebas preventivas para las salud masculina.

La cita es un par de horas. Después de las pruebas, el médico va a consultar con el paciente para resaltar cualquier problema. Si hay un problema, el médico recomendará un especialista. La Salud masculina es muy Importante y un chequeo medico es la forma más fácil de mantenerse saludable.

Buscar ClinicTrip para encontrar hospitales internacionales con un Chequeo Medico en las Americas:



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STDs – What they are and how to avoid them. 

June 8, 2019 Tweet

A lot of people especially the younger ones become infected with STDs simply because they do not know how to prevent and avoid contracting them. Did you know that some STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea known as the twin infections because they tend to occur together  can remain in the body for weeks, months and even years without showing symptoms? You can pass it along to your partner without ever realizing you have the infection yourself.

STDs don’t care whether you are rich, poor, educated, uneducated, male, or female. It will spread its cruel wings on as many people as possible. One reason STDs appear to be triumphant in battle of teenagers and young adults with increasing victims everyday is absolute ignorance.

There are those who ended up getting an STD the first time they ever had sex. People need to realize that you are clueless of your partner’s sexual history, it just takes one time to catch it. It can be difficult to tell if someone has an STI. STIs can be spread even if there are no signs or symptoms. It’s no fun. It will always haunt you. You have to aware any future partner about it before things get serious, and have to live with the bad choices I made in the past. Don’t think you will never get it…play it safe,

How to prevent it?

There is no such thing as protected sex. The only way to be protected  is not to have sex at all. But there are tools and ways to limit the risks – wear a condom, but the most efficient of which is common sense. And even using condoms still doesn’t guarantee you from being safe from std’s. This is not to discourage the use of condoms, but instead to emphasize to everyone the importance of knowledge of your own and your partners’ health status. Sexual education is everything.  Get tested periodically. Do that, and you’re going to be fine.

What are most common STDs?

Gonorrhea and Chlamydia are both bacterial infections. They often exist as a co-infection, so are often treated together. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea are not physically transmitted like casual contact. You can prevent them with a condom and are treated with oral antibiotics and/or a shot

Gonorrhea is characterized by thick discharge from the genital organ, one to 14 days after exposure. It may also infect the rectum, throat, eyes, blood, skin and joints. Mostly asymptomatic but usually show up with discharge, frequent or painful urination, or irregular vaginal bleeding.

Chlamydia is one of those “silent” infections. Majority of women and 50 percent of men have no visible symptoms at all.
STDs ans STIs tend to be more severe and more frequent for women than for men because the vagina is moist and has a thin lining, it’s easier for a woman to get an STI than it is for a man to get one. Also for women there are often no visible symptoms— such as chlamydia and gonorrhea — compared with men. That means that a woman could have an STI unknowingly.
If left untreated, long -term complications may arise.
Untreated STIs can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease, which can result in ectopic pregnancy and infertility, making it difficult, even impossible for a woman to have a baby. A woman who is pregnant can pass an STI to her baby. Genital herpes, syphilis, and HIV can be passed to babies during pregnancy and delivery.

People with STDs are more likely to get HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. STDs that cause sores such as genital herpes, syphilis, and can make it easier for HIV to enter the body.

If you are given medications, be sure to take all of them as directed, even if your symptoms disappear. Sometimes people are hesitant to seek medical help and get checked for these symptoms. But, if something goes unchecked, the more danger and risk you pose on your health. Have open conversations with your sexual partners about this stuff.  Stay smart and stay safe.
I do recommend the best clinic I know that provides turnkey treatments and tests and also advises. Reserve and book an appointment today through the link below

Ann Scott


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3 Benefits Of A Health Screening Program

June 5, 2019 Tweet

Top International Hospitals Offer Affordable Health Screening Packages

Health screening programs are a popular medical tourism specialty offered at top international hospitals. They are a comprehensive evaluation of your health and used to determine any type of health risks that may be treated early by the specialists at the hospital.

The top international hospitals have an entire department dedicated to the health screenings with administrators, nurses, and doctors to conduct a review of the results and make recommendations. The tests include vitals, full blood tests, heart stress tests, urine analysis, chest XRAY, bone density tests, and an abdominal ultrasound to view the organs. Extra tests can include a colonoscopy and endoscopy to view the throat down to the small intestine.

These are three benefits of a doing a heath screening at an international hospital as a medical tourist.

health screening program

Waiting Area Of Health Screening Department

Receive A Full Assessment Of Your Health

The Health Screening program is not just a check-up. It’s a full study of your health and can catch a wide variety of potential risks from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to kidney disease and even cancer. It only takes a couple of hours with a follow up visit to the doctor for the review. It can be done while on vacation and save time so you don’t have to do a check up at home.

Get To Know The Hospital

The second benefit is that you get to know the hospital. The health screening will provide a good idea of how the hospital operates, the quality of the nurses and staff, and provide a connection to a doctor who will know the condition of your health. It’s so important to know the hospital before choosing additional procedures. A health screening program is an excellent first step for preliminary research as a medical tourist.

Save Money And Time

A health screening is an affordable way to review your health. Most cost under USD $500 and major credit cards are accepted. To receive a similar range of tests, it would costs much more at hospitals in the U.S. or Europe. In fact the health screenings are very popular among expat communities. Lastly, they go by very quickly and can been done in a morning, leaving enough time for tourism in the afternoon.



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3 Reasons To Visit Croatia For Medical Tourism

May 28, 2019 Tweet

Croatia Offers Excellent Healthcare Options In Beautiful Surroundings

Croatia Dental Clinics

Trogir, Croatia. Credit: Kookay at

With wait times for medical treatment in Western European countries increasing, especially in the UK, Eastern European countries offer excellent options for several medical specialties with affordable and quality care that doesn’t require a long waiting period.

Croatia is one country providing excellent medical services while also being a beautiful location to visit and a nice place to stay during the recovery period. The capital of Zagreb which is the largest city in the country is located along the Sava river and is rich in history. Several top clinics are located in Zagreb. The cities along the scenic Dalamtia coast such as Split and Trogir are top tourist destinations and beautiful coastal towns and ports.


Croatia has developed an expertise in dentistry that is affordable and top quality. You can find dental clinics in Zagreb, Split, and Trogir. It’s easy to take care of basic dental work while on vacation and being in Croatia makes it easy. Dental Center Repic in Trogir is focused on international patients arriving for vacation. It is located in the vicinity of the Old Town.


Staying youthful in appearance is a specialty in Croatia which offers clinics focused on skin care (dermatology) and cosmetic surgery. One of the top clinics in Eastern Europe for cosmetic surgery is Poliklinika Bagatin which has been recognized by medical tourism industry organizations.

Eye Care

Eye care is the third medical specialty that is easy to access in Croatia. The top eye care clinic, Svjetlost Eye Clinic, offers world class eye care in Zagreb and is a clinic highlighted by medical tourism organizations.

Discover top medical and dental clinics in Croatia on ClinicTrip:



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3 Alasan Untuk Mengunjungi Malaysia Untuk Perawatan Kesehatan

May 23, 2019 Tweet

Information For Indonesian Patients Visiting Malaysia For Healthcare

Spesialisasi Wisata Medis Dan Pusat Kesehatan Di Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, ibukota Malaysia, adalah pusat perawatan kesehatan utama di negara ini. Kemampuan bahasa dalam bahasa Melayu atau Indonesia dan Inggris sangat tinggi di rumah sakit swasta. Kuala Lumpur adalah kota yang sibuk dan berkembang dengan bangunan modern, bandara pemenang penghargaan dan transportasi yang baik.

Kuala Lumpur adalah kota multibudaya yang ramah bagi pengunjung. Ini telah menjadi pusat wisatawan medis yang menemukan nilai bagus di rumah sakit internasional berkualitas tinggi dengan perawatan dengan harga terjangkau.

Pusat kesehatan lain di Malaysia adalah Penang, Melaka (Pusat Medis Mahkota), dan Kuching yang merupakan ibu kota Sarawak, negara bagian Malaysia di pulau Kalimantan.

Pemeriksaan Kesehatan

Pemeriksaan kesehatan atau pemeriksaan kesehatan adalah penawaran umum di rumah sakit swasta di Malaysia. Itu berlangsung selama beberapa jam. Dokter memeriksa tubuh Anda untuk semua risiko kesehatan. Kemudian mereka memberikan konsultasi. Harganya sekitar UDS $ 400 tergantung pada rumah sakit dan tes.

Perawatan Jantung

Malaysia telah menjadi pusat keunggulan untuk perawatan jantung. Rumah sakit jantung teratas adalah Institut Jantung Nasional (IJN) di Kuala Lumpur. Ini adalah yang terbaik di wilayah ini dan telah merawat jutaan pasien. Perawatan jantung juga tersedia di rumah sakit swasta top.

Perawatan Kesuburan

Jika Anda ingin perawatan IVF untuk memiliki bayi, maka rumah sakit Malaysia sangat baik. Ada pusat perawatan kesuburan terbaik di Kuala Lumpur. TMC Fertility telah memenangkan penghargaan dari organisasi industri pariwisata medis. Mereka menawarkan banyak perawatan dengan harga terjangkau. Menjadwalkan konsultasi itu mudah dilakukan.

Penelitian rumah sakit swasta di Malaysia pada ClinicTrip:



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Dental Clinics In Los Algodones Mexico

May 21, 2019 Tweet

Dental Treatment In Los Algodones Mexico Traveling From Yuma, Arizona

Los Algodones Dental Clinics

More than one million people will travel outside the U.S. for medical or dental care this year and the majority will visit Mexico for dental work. The reasons usually include not having dental insurance or health insurance deductibles that are too high. Dental care in Mexico can save up to 70% compared to out of pocket costs in the U.S. with high quality treatment.

One of the most visited towns for dental care in Mexico is Los Algodones which is just across the border from Yuma, Arizona. It has been written about extensively as a symbol of the growth of medical tourism since there are over 300 dental clinics in the small town which receive thousands of patients a day. It has been nicknamed “Molar City”.

Here is a list of dental clinics on ClinicTrip in Los Algodones: Dental Clinics In Los Algodones, Mexico Near Yuma, Arizona

List of dental clinics in also in Cancun, Nogales, and Tijuana: Dental Clinics In Los Algodones And Mexico

ClinicTrip Guide To Los Algodones

Getting There

Los Algodones is just across the border from Yuma, Arizona. Yuma is a 2.5 hour drive from Phoenix, Palm Springs, and San Diego. Algodones Road which leads to the border from Interstate 8 is actually in California. There is a parking lot on the Native American reservation just before the border. Visitors can then walk across the border and to the dental clinics on foot. Make sure to bring a passport.

Finding Clinics

The most established dental clinic is Sani Dental Group. However, there are many other options as well. Search on ClinicTrip for a list of clinics and contact them for a consultation. Many list prices on their website. If you are unsure about complex treatment, start with a teeth cleaning and check up to get to know the dentist. Also research the medical training of the dentists and accreditations of the clinic.

This blog post from Sani Dental Group details price differences between the U.S. and its clinic in Los Algodones: Dental Work Prices In Mexico

Specialties And Recovery

If you plan to have extensive dental work done, you can stay at a hotel in Yuma, Arizona, during the recovery period, especially if you need to make a follow up visit. Common treatments include All-on-Four, caps and crowns, teeth cleaning and whitening, fillings, and tooth extraction. You can always consult with your local dentist as well before choosing treatment in Mexico.

Search dental clinics in Mexico on ClinicTrip:



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3 Reasons To Visit Malaysia For Healthcare

May 20, 2019 Tweet

Medical Tourism Specialties At Malaysia’s Top Private Hospitals

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, a small country in Southeast Asia situated between Singapore to the south and Thailand to the north. Formally a British colony, proficiency in English is very high in the healthcare community and a key strength of the doctors and administration officials at the major private hospitals. KL, as it is known locally, is an influential city in the region with modern buildings, an award winning airport and effective transportation throughout the metro area.

KL is a multicultural city with a pleasant mixture or Malay, Chinese, and Indian communities along with a large expat community. Because the country is so hospitable and friendly to visitors, it has become a hub for medical travelers who find good value in the extensive and high quality international hospitals located in the city and throughout the metro area with treatment at affordable prices.

Here are three medical tourism specialties you’ll find in Malaysia’s top hospitals an in it healthcare hubs of Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Melaka, and now Kuching on the island of Borneo.

Health Screenings

Malaysian hospitals offer expertise in preventative health which starts with a medical checkup called a health screening and sometimes listed as an Executive Health Screening. It’s much more than a physical that you’d receive in a typical hospital in the U.S. or Canada. An entire department is dedicate to the health screening process which includes vitals, blood work, heart stress test, chest XRAY, bone density tests, abdominal ultrasound, and a physical examination by a doctor. Additional tests can be added such as a colonoscopy and a endoscopy.

It includes lunch and a review of the results by the doctor. Usually it’s done in a separate area of the hospital which is staffed by dedicated nurses and doctors. Should you need to see a specialist if any health risks are identified, the doctors will schedule that for you. The costs is usually around USD $400 and credit cards are accepted. A health screening is also an excellent way to get to know the hospital before choosing other treatments.

Heart Care

Malaysia has become a center of excellence for treatment of heart conditions. Its top heart hospital, National Heart Institute (Institut Jantung Negara – IJN) is the top heart hospital in the region and has treated millions of patients. Heart care is also readily available at the top private hospitals. Heart health screenings are an easy first step, especially if you are on vacation in the country.

Fertility Treatment

If you are trying to conceive and need assisted reproduction treatment such as IVF, then Malaysia’s hospitals are an excellent option. With top fertility treatment centers such as TMC Fertility which has won awards from medical tourism industry organization, there are a wide range of treatments that can be done at affordable prices when compared to options elsewhere in the world. Many of the top private hospitals also offer fertility treatment and scheduling a consultation is easy to do.

Research hospitals in Malaysia on ClinicTrip:



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Top Hospitals For Plastic Surgery In Bangkok

May 7, 2019 Tweet

Aesthetic Treatments Centers For Medical Tourists In Thailand

Thailand provides the medical tourism specialty of plastic surgery for many international patients every year. It has become a hub for aesthetic treatments such as face lifts, botox and fillers, nose contouring (rhinoplasty), eye lid surgery, and breast augmentation or reduction. There are many other treatments available as well. Below are three top plastic surgery hospitals to research before visiting Thailand for cosmetic surgery. Always remember that plastic surgery is real surgery and extensive research should be done before any treatment including recovery requirements.

Sikarin Hospital

Sikarin Hospital is located just 15 minutes from Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in the BangNa district of Bangkok. The hospital is Joint Commission International accredited and has been in operation for more than 23 years. It has 350 beds and serves more than 150,000 patients each year.

It has a top Aesthetic Center that focuses on hygiene and safety and a team of professional surgical doctors for consultation and to take care of the patient during each step of the treatment.

Visit Sikarin Hospitals info page

Bunrungrad International Hospital

Bumrundgrad International Hospital is the largest private hospital providing services to international patients with over 500,000 per year. It is Joint Commission International accredited  and is located in central Bangkok in the Wattana area just off Sukhumvit Road at Soi 4.

Its Plastic Surgery Center offers world class care and provide all of the common treatments including reconstructive surgery, hair transplantation, and all skin and dermatology treatments.

Visit Bumrungrad International Hospitals info page

Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Hospital is a specialty hospitals dedicate to plastic and cosmetic surgery. It is Joint Commission International accredited and is located in the BangO district of Bangkok which is north of the city center.

Yanhee Hospital was established in 1984 as a small clinic and has grown successfully into a major hospital which performs treatments for medical tourists from all of the world. It also treats over 2,000 outpatients daily.

Yanhee Hospital offers all plastic surgery procedures and treatments along with skin care and dental care.

Visit Yankee Hospital’s info page



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Sikarin Hospital Offers Convenience To Medical Tourists To Thailand

April 25, 2019 Tweet

Top Bangkok Private Hospital Is Located 15 Minutes From Airport

Hospital in Focus: Sikarin Hopsital is a Joint Commission International accredited hospital in Bangkok and it is located just 15 minutes from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) offering convenience for medical tourists to Thailand.

The hospital is situated in the BangNa district of Bangkok which is near the airport but also has several shopping malls, many hotels, and a variety of restaurants. It is also near expressways and BTS light rail stations for travel to central Bangkok.

Sikarin Hospital has 350 beds and offers the full range of specialties including a top Aesthetic Center, Sikarin Heart Hospital, a Dental Clinic, Orthopedic Center, and a Fertility Clinic for patients seeking IVF treatment.

It has top radiology and imaging equipment and is also Joint Commission International accredited for its diabetes milletus program, primary stroke program, and acute myocardial infarction program.

It offers a Health Screening program for those who want a health check up which is easy to do while on vacation in Bangkok. It’s a good way to get to know the hospital and doctors. Visit the Sikarin Hospital info page on ClinicTrip here:

Sikarin Hospital



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IVF Clinics In Malaysia With Fertility Treatment Under USD $5K

April 15, 2019 Tweet

Malaysia Offers Excellent And Affordable Fertility Clinics

With more couples traveling for IVF treatment, there are many promotions available at top international clinics and hospitals for fertility treatment. Malaysia has established itself as an IVF destination which many fertility clinics that have received awards and have excellent rates of success. In addition, the promotion prices for an IVF cycle are under USD $5,000 compared to IVF treatment in the U.S. which can run as high as USD $15,000 per IVF cycle.

Sunway Medical Center Fertility Clinic

Sunway Medical Center is a top private hospital in Malaysia in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur called Bandar Sunway. It is has been recognized by international medical tourism organizations as a top destination for care. It also has a fertility center which is offering IVF treatment with ICSI for under USD $5,000 including medications. Learn more here: Sunway Medical Center Fertility Clinic

KPJ Damansara Specialist Hospital

KPJ Hospitals are a large group of private hospitals in Malaysia many of which are JCI accredited. One of its busiest hospitals in KPJ Damansara which is located in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur. It currently has an offer for IVF treatment with ICSI for under USD $5,000. Read more about the offer here:

TMC Fertility Center

TMC Fertility Center is the top IVF clinic in Malaysia with international recognization and many awards by medical tourism organizations. It does not list prices for its IVF treatment but can be reached for consultation here:

Learn more about international fertility clinics from our information portal here:



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Recover From Medical Treatment In Paradise

March 29, 2019 Tweet

3 Top Countries For Medical Tourism Where Recovery After Treatment Can Be Done At Amazing And Affordable Resorts

For any medical treatment done as a health tourist or medical tourist, it’s very important to understand the recovery requirements after a procedure is finished. This may include frequent follow ups with the doctor for monitoring the outcome, avoiding travel for several weeks for recuperation, or additional procedures to address complications if needed.

All the recovery requirements depend on the type of procedure and the complexity. It is important to remember that any type of surgery that is done, even cosmetic or bariatric surgery, will require a recovery period.

Since many top international hospitals are located in beautiful travel locations with nice resorts and spas, it’s a benefit to medical tourists to take advantage of the location in addition to the lower costs to facilitate the most pleasant and speedy recovery as possible after treatment. When the scenery and atmosphere are nice, it’s easier and more enjoyable to take care of yourself and heal.

Here are three top countries for medical tourism that also offer wonderful affordable resorts in tropical environments for a pleasant recovery.


Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia between Singapore and Thailand. It’s a tropical country with a long coast line with small islands a short distance from the shore. It’s inexpensive to travel in Malaysia and there are a wide range of resorts and beach hotels for all budgets. Malaysia’s medical services are ranked the top in the world for health tourists so combining treatment in Malaysia with recovery at a nice resort is an excellent combination.

Malaysia Resort

Beach resort in Malaysia


Thailand, located just north of Malaysia, has become the top country for both tourism and medical travel globally. Because Thailand is a tropical country and has a variety of beach resorts as well as hill resorts in the north of the country, it’s an ideal place to combine medical tourism and recovery. The medical tourism options in Thailand are numerous. The busiest hospital for medical tourism is Bumrungrad International Hospital, located in central Bangkok, making it easy to access nearby beach resorts for a speedy recovery.

Thailand resorts

Tropical island beach in Thailand

Costa Rica

For medical tourism from North America, Costa Rica offers an excellent location to combine medical or dental travel and recovery. It’s also a tropical country with a variety of beach resorts to accommodate all needs. Since most medical travel to Costa Rica is for dental tourism, relaxing at a beach resort after having dental work makes the recovery as pleasant as it can be.

Dental Clinics In Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano and Town in Costa Rica

Search hospitals and dental clinics for affordable and quality medical tourism in Malaysia, Thailand, and Costa Rica on ClinicTrip: http://clinictrip/reviews.



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Why to Go for Laser Hair Removal?

March 25, 2019 Tweet

If you’re staying home due to those few errant hairs on your body, it’s not an honest plan. Hair isn’t one thing that ought to stop you from carrying your swim wear and touch the pool or the beach. There are several choices you’ll fancy to keep your legs, underarms and swimming costume line, bathing suit prepared. If you would like to be free from of these worries forever, you must attempt optical laser hair removal.

For years currently we’ve been victimisation completely different hair removal strategies like shaving, waxing and depilatory creams. We’ve been living with the discomfort caused by the unhealthy hairs, bumps and nicks that are ineluctable facet effects of of these strategies. though we tend to are cognizant of the introduction of optical device for obtaining eliminate hair, we tend to haven’t given it a strive thanks to our apprehensions.

Here is a shot to bust sure myths that have unbroken many ladies off from attempting out optical device Hair Removal. We tend to hope this may facilitate your start off of your apprehensions and conjure your mind to urge eliminate your unwanted hair forever.

Not happy with shaving, waxing and tweezing unwanted body & facial hair? Dubai Cosmetic Surgery is indulged in providing you with the best laser hair removal abu dhabi at an affordable cost. Consult for free now and get rid of unwanted hairs permanently.

Saif Khan Ali

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4 Top Locations For Dental Tourism

March 16, 2019 Tweet

Travel For Affordable Dental Care At These Hubs

Dental travel is currently the most popular form of medical tourism. Many people are without dental insurance. If they do carry dental insurance, the work that is required is not covered or the costs even with insurance exceeds their finances. As a result, dental tourists are willing to travel to take care of their teeth and many times this is done while on vacation.

Top treatments include teeth cleaning, fillings, All-on-4 or All-on-6 implants, and caps or crowns. Teeth whitening is also a popular cosmetic treatment. For those requiring extensive dental work and multiple treatments, seeking an international dental clinic can reduce expenses considerably.

Several locations around the world have emerged as top dental tourism destinations due to the quality of the care, the affordability (in some cases 70% less than the U.S. costs), and their location as being easily accessible to the home country or being in a popular tourist destination. They also have an abundance of high quality dental professionals as the volume of patients and successful procedures creates expertise over time. Here are four top dental care hubs to consider.


For U.S. travelers, Mexico offers an easy way to get dental treatment. With many popular dentists just across the US-Mexico border and with the savings being quite significant, Mexico has become popular for dental tourists. The main cities include Los Algodones near Yuma, Arizona, which is dubbed the Molar Capital of the World with nearly 300 dentists. Tijuana has several top dentists serving patients from California. Nogales, just 45 minutes south of Tucson also has dentists with are frequented regularly. Cancun, a popular vacation spot on the Yucatan Peninsula, is also a hub in Mexico for top dental care.

Dentists in Mexico

Costa Rica

For many retired residents in Florida, Costa Rica has become a popular destination for dental tourism. A short flight from Miami to San Jose, dental care is easily accessible at many dentists throughout the city many for services the growing number of medical tourists to the country. Costa Rica also has a large U.S. expat community living there so top dental care has been developed to support that community as well.

Dentists in Costa Rica


Over the last several years, Malaysia has become a tourism hot spot with increased visits to top cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Melaka. With it has come a growing number of internationally recognized dentists providing treatment at excellent prices. Malaysia also has a large expat community and many of the dentists high quality has been developed around servicing families working in the country for extended stays. Dental tourists can benefit from this resource.

Dentists in Malaysia


With Thailand earning the spot as the most visited country and being a medical tourism hub in its own right, dental tourism has grown considerably with this trend. Also very affordable with top dentists in Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai, Thailand is the perfect place to combine a holiday with dental work and relax on the beaches or in the resorts while recovering from a procedure.

Dentists in Thailand

Search for dental clinics around the world on ClinicTrip.



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Top Hospital In Malaysia Provides Imaging With 50% Less Radiation

February 12, 2019 Tweet

Subang Jaya Medical Center Offers Latests CT Scanner Technology

Subang Jaya Medical Center, a top hospital in Kuala Lumpur, now provides CT Scanning with the latest technology that make it safer for patients to undergo the imaging process. The Somatom Drive CT Scanner is able to make a scan in 50% less time and also filters out a significant portion of the radiation. This means that the patient is exposes much less to radiation during the scanning event and the risk to health issues to greatly reduced.

The scanner also provides images in 4D and the images have a resolution that makes them much more clear than previous scanning technologies. This allows the technicians and doctors to see the internal organs with much more precision and accuracy.

High quality scanning such as this give doctors the ability to see a patients internal organs without surgery and helps them identify lesions that could pose health risks or lead to chronic illnesses.

Subang Jaya Medical Center is part of the Ramsay Sime Darby Group which also manages Ara Damansara Hospital and ParkCity Hospital in the Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Learn more about the scanner from this video:



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Phyathai 2 International Hospital Offers Health Screening Package In Bangkok

January 30, 2019 Tweet

Health Screening Package Is Perfect For Medical Tourists And Under USD$500

Phyathai 2 International Hospital is located in Bangkok and is a JCI accredited hospital. It is a part of the Bangkok Dusit Medical Services group, the largest group in Thailand. It now offers an excellent health screening package for under USD $500 and it includes an Abdominal Ultrasound. The program is called Ultimate Program (No. 3) and it is provided by the International Check Up Program.

Health screenings are excellent ways to assess any health risks and can be easily done while on vacation. Taking about 2 -3 hours, they evaluate a range of conditions and are more extensive than a physical or checkup which you might get at a local hospital.

Phyathai 2 International Hospital is centrally located in Bangkok and services 2,000 outpatient cases daily. It has 220 beds and has a full department to assist international patients.

Learn more on their website at: 



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3 Top Health Screening Programs In Kuala Lumpur For Medical Tourists Under US$500

January 23, 2019 Tweet

Easy Preventative Health In These Private International Hospitals In Malaysia

On vacation or business in Malaysia and want to take care of your yearly health check up without the hassles you may experience at home? Try a Health Screening Program in Kuala Lumpur.

Health screenings are established and popular programs at top private international hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, for assessing risks to one’s health and providing a thorough examination of one’s health condition. Similar to a yearly physical or a check-up but with many more tests and evaluations, the health screening program has enormous benefits for those wishing to catch health issues early on and get personalized recommendations for maintaining a healthy life.

Many international hospitals have a dedicated department space with doctors and nurses managing and assisting throughout the entire range of tests which takes about two to three hours to complete followed by a review with the doctor later in the day or on another scheduled day once the results are available. The health screening department will connect you with specialists if it is needed based on the results.

Top private international hospitals in Kuala Lumpur are excellent medical centers for a health screening while on vacation or business because they routinely win accolades from medical tourism organizations, English is widely spoken, and they are very popular among the expat community, health tourists, and local business professionals. The health screening programs are affordable as well for most budgets and can be paid for with most credit cards (confirm payment options during appointment scheduling). It is also easier to schedule an appointment than you might think. Here are three top programs all under US$500.

Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur – Executive Screening Program

Gleneagles Hospitals Kuala Lumpur is located in the Ampang area of the city along Ampang Road (Jalan Ampang). It opened a new wing to the hospital with a dedicated space for health screening programs. It’s Executive Screening Program offers a range of programs. The Premium Plus Screening provides the most comprehensive tests including an Abdominal Ultrasound. The cost is under US$500. Learn More:

Sunway Medical Center – Comprehensive Health Screening Package

Sunway Medical Center is located in the southwest suburb of Kuala Lumpur called Petaling Jaya in the area known as Bandar Sunway. It is managed by the Sunway Group which is involved in hotels, malls, theme parks, and its expanding Sunway Medical Center. A top rated hospital among medical tourism organizations, it offers a Comprehensive Health Screening Program for both men and women both under US$500. Learn more:

Prince Court Medical Center – Well Man and Well Women Health Screening Package

Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC) is located centrally in Kuala Lumpur near the Bukit Bintang area and off of the main road of Jalan Tun Razak. It is a top international private hospital with a very modern building. Its dedicated Health Screening department is on the main floor and is comfortable and spacious. The doctors and nurses are friendly and helpful. PCMC offers a Well Man and Well Women health screening package with all key tests for under US$500. Learn more:

The best part about a health screening program in Kuala Lumpur is that the hospitals will keep your records on file so you can do comparisons and see health trends the next time you visit. The health screening program also helps you become familiar with the hospital and its services should you be interested in other treatments in the future.



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Top 3 Cities For Dental Tourism In Thailand

January 7, 2019 Tweet

Thailand has become a major tourist destination globally offering a mix of exciting cities, pleasant beach resorts, and tropical hill terrain in the north of the country. In addition to the wonderful food, ancient temples, and warm culture, it also offers a concentration of excellent and affordable dental clinics that make it easy to add a teeth cleaning or more to a holiday there. Taking care of basic dental work is easiest in these three cities which are also top tourist destinations in Thailand.


Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand and is the main entry point for many visitors to the country. Offering excellent inbound infrastructure, it hosts more than 20 million tourists per year. Bangkok is the heart of Thailand’s booming medical tourism industry with top hospitals and clinics available in the city center and surrounding areas. Dental clinics are numerous as well as dental departments in the major private hospitals.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the north of Thailand which is surrounded by hills and near the border of Laos and Myanmar. It has a large artistic and creative community along with numerous temples, an elephant sanctuary, and cultural festivals to suit any traveler. It’s even home to a large expat retirement community which uses the services of its dental clinics regularly. Chiang Mai is about a 75 minute flight from Bangkok and is easy to travel around.


Phuket is a large beach resort area in southern Thailand. The famous Patong beach is located in Phuket along with many resorts, spas, and outdoor activities. A popular location for tourists who enjoy beach life, it’s also an excellent city for dental tourism around the beach area and in Phuket City a few miles away.

All three cities have the highest concentration of dental clinics due to the increasing tourist arrivals and top dentists opening clinics. Here’s a lists of dental clinics in these cities – click below:

Dental Clinics In Thailand On ClinicTrip

Finding an international dental clinic is easy on ClinicTrip. It’s just a simple search to start exploring the best options for your needs here:



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Transformative Travel Trend Benefits Health Tourists

December 10, 2018 Tweet

Bangkok Laut Malaysia

Transformative travel has been listed as a travel trend (Source) and it’s a benefit for health tourists. For those seeking a vacation that makes them better, healthier, and stronger, there are now many options that are easier to find and enjoy. Basic activities are focused on wellness and include detox, yoga, weight loss, sleeping better, meditation, and stress management or stress reduction.

More advanced transformative travel includes preventative medicine by getting a health screening at an international hospital, body improvement through exercise or cosmetic procedures, dental health, eye care, and heart health. It may also include alternative treatments such as Ayurvedic medicine, energy healing, and Chinese traditional health exercises such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Many of the locations around the world that cater to medical tourists are also centers of wellness and transformative travel. Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Dubai have both excellent spas, health resorts, and top international hospitals. Traveling to these locations makes it easy to seek holistic treatments for most ailments and return home a stronger and more balanced person.



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Lasik surgery cost in Bangalore

December 6, 2018 Tweet

The best thing about LASIK is that it is non-invasive, besides, it doesn’t cause any pain as such. Recovery is quick and requires minimal assistance. There are no bandages or stitched needed, which reduces recovery time to about a week tops. However, there might be slight discomforts immediately post surgery. These can range from mild discomfort, temporary haziness to irregular astigmatism.

Many factors determine how much a LASIK procedure will cost you. The most important ones are:

1. Technology: A clinic offering state-of-the-art technology, with renowned equipment may charge a little more than clinics that perhaps use technology of a lower standard.

2. Types of Procedure: Certain minimally invasive, non-standard procedures like the bladeless ReLEx SMILE can end up costing more than regular procedures. But you’re paying for what you’re getting.

3. Location: Depending on the city and the locality, the prices of the clinic might fluctuate. Big cities often have a little more expensive set-up as compared to smaller cities. This is due to the sheer higher cost of setting-up in Big cities.

4. Aftercare: Many clinics and centres nowadays offer aftercare as an added package. Which means you don’t compulsorily have to opt for it. (this implies it won’t be included in the overall cost, so you’ll have to be vigilant for that).

5. Hospital Size: Economies of Scale plays out here. The bigger the firm, the lower the prices they’re able to offer because their overall costs are lower. Clinics with a nationwide set up of doctors and assertive staff are often less expensive.

6. Patient Care: Often an optometrist or optician will carry out the initial assessments, which can help reduce the cost when compared to an assessment by the surgeon. Be a little cautious with this because it doesn’t allow you to build a professional relationship with the surgeon prior to your surgery. Which is often underestimated but an integral part of your comfort with the procedure.

If you are in Bangalore, however, I’d recommend Seedi Eye Care Centre, which is located in Jayanagar. This is mainly because of their experienced medical staff and world-class equipment. When I had my LASIK done with them it only cost me around Rs. 20,000. Which let me tell you is way below what other clinics of similar repute are asking for. I literally made a list of all the best eye clinics in Bangalore and did my homework before landing on Seedi. Having had a personal LASIK procedure conducted by them on me, I can vouch for their wonderful care and brilliant doctors. You need to remember that your eye sight is too important to take unnecessary risks.

Lasik Surgery cost at Seedi Eye care centre Bangalore: 20,000

Contact info: +91 9886060384 080-40948890

Address: 42, Nandidurga Main Road, Jayamahal, Bangalore-560046

Consultation Charge: 300

Seedi Eye Care Centre

Jayamahal, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560046

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Island Hospital In Penang-Malaysia Offers Health Screening Package

December 4, 2018 Tweet

Malaysian Hospital Developing Medical City In Popular Tourist Location

Island Medical City (IMC) is a planned development in the city of George Town on the picturesque and popular island of Penang in northwest Malaysia. The 600 bed medical city will be the first of its kind in Malaysia and be an extension of the current 300 bed Island Hospital in the Jalan Burma area of the city, one of the original destinations for medical tourism in Southeast Asia.

The new medical city will have the largest and top tertiary care hospital in Penang, medical suites for clinics, and a hotel dedicated to medical tourists. Because Penang is a top tourist destination in Southeast Asia and a cruise ship port of call, as well as a growing city from Malaysia’s economic development, the expansion from hospital to medical city will match the population and tourist growth on the island. Read more about the project here:

Island Hospital currently offers a health screening package as part of their mission to “Act Don’t ReAct” which encourages medical tourists to be proactive about their health and catch any medical risks early with the comprehensive health check up. The package starts at RM670 and includes the full range of preventative health tests. Learn about the package here:


Consultation, medical history, physical examination, explanation & counseling by the consultant physician and:
▪ Medical Report
▪ Complimentary Island Hospital bag
▪ Complimentary diet book
▪ One meal coupon

Visit Island Hospital’s home page:



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Advent in Zagreb And Medical Tourism In Croatia

November 29, 2018 Tweet

Advent in Zagreb is a European style Christmas market in the main square and throughout the city. It’s been voted the best Christmas market in Europe by travelers for the last three years and this year it aims to be even bigger. If you are visiting Zagreb for the holidays and going to Advent which starts on December 1, then it’s a nice opportunity to take advantage of the excellent clinics available for medical travelers.

With events at Trg Ban Josip Jelačić, the main square, and at Zrinjevac where you can shop at small wooden cabins and drink mulled wine to the large ice skating rink and European Square, there are many fun Christmas themed events and locations to completely enjoy the festive season. Learn more about Advent in Zagreb here from CroatiaWeek.

While participating in Zagreb’s Advent, medical travelers may also experience the growing number of good options for health care in the city. Zagreb’s medical tourism industry is expanding with leading clinics for dental care, eye care, and orthopedics. Top clinics in Zagreb include Poliklinika Bagatin ( for plastic surgery, dermatology, and dentistry; Poliklinika Kvaternik ( which specializes in cosmetic surgery, dermatology, heart health and cardiology, and ENT treatments. For eye care, Eye Hospitals Svjetlost ( is a noted clinic.

The best way to initiate health care at an international clinic or hospital is to start with a health screening to get to know the medical center and doctors before starting treatment. While visiting Advent in Zagreb, it’s a nice opportunity to learn about the health care options that may be considered for future care.



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Dermatologija, Ortopedija, Estetska kirurgija, Otorinolaringologija, Interna medicina, Radiologija

November 13, 2018 Tweet

Poliklinika se nalazi u samom centru Zagreba, okuplja tim vrhunskih medicinskih stručnjaka te omogućuje brzo i kvalitetno rješavanje zdravstvenih problema. Apsolutna posvećenost potrebama pacijenata te prije svega stručnost i dugogodišnje iskustvo naših liječnika, ključ su poslovanja Poliklinike Kvaternik. Misija klinike je najsuvremenijim metodama dijagnostike i liječenja pružiti najbolju uslugu pacijentima.

Adresa: Šubićeva ul. 27, Zagreb 10000,tel. 01 613 1900;

Radno vrijeme: Ponedjeljak-Petak, 12:00-20:00;

Plaćanje:Sve glavne kreditne kartice te gotovina;



ClinicTrip Translation Via Google Translate

Polyclinic is located in the very center of Zagreb, brings together a team of top medical professionals and enables fast and high-quality solution of health problems. Absolute commitment to the needs of patients, and above all the expertise and long experience of our doctors, are the key to the business of the Polyclinic Kvaternik. The mission of the clinic is to provide the best service to patients with the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment.


Poliklinika Kvaternik

Šubićeva ul. 27, Zagreb 10000

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Fertility Promotion At Sunway Medical Center in Malaysia

November 8, 2018 Tweet

If you are planning a procreation vacation, Malaysia is a good destination to consider. Sunway Medical Center, a top international hospital for medical tourists located in Kuala Lumpur is offering a fertility promotion through the end of 2018. For couples that want assistance with their journey to parenthood, this IVF package is worth researching.

Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) / In-Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) Package

The package includes:

  • 2-way airport pickup
  • Fertility specialist’s consultation charges and ultrasound scan assessments
  • Semen analysis and AMH blood test
  • Supplements and blood investigations for both husband and wife
  • Stimulation medicine and hormonal injections, oral medications and vaginal pessaries
  • ART laboratory fee, operation theatre and anesthetist’s fees
  • Egg colleciton under anesthesia and embryo transfer procedure fees

The package also includes free embryo storage for 2018. The promotion expires at the end of 2018, so consider it for your year’s end holidays. The price for international patients is RM19,500 which converts to less than USD$5,000.

Learn more about the promotion on the Sunway Medical Center website here:



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3 Hospitals For Top Heart Care In Kuala Lumpur

November 7, 2018 Tweet

These top hospitals in Malaysia’s largest city, Kuala Lumpur, offer excellent heart care and treatments for medical tourists. These three hospitals have been recognized as top medical centers for international patients. Whether you are looking to combine a heart health screening while on vacation or plan to have a complex heart treatment for cardiac or vascular diseases, it is worth researching the options at these hospitals.

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur was recognized as the top international hospital of the year in 2018 by industry organizations. Located in the Ampang area of Kuala Lumpur it offers easy access from the city center, top facilities, and a cardiology department equipped with the latest technology. Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur has an international patients department that provides a range of services for medical tourists. Below are the heart conditions that can be treated by Gleneagles. Learn more about the department here:


National Heart Institute (Institut Jantung Negara)

The National Heart Institute (IJN) in Malaysia is one of the top cardiology hospitals in Southeast Asia. It has treated 3.7 million patients since it opened and is a Joint Commission International accredited hospital. Located neat the city center of Kuala Lumpur it provides both invasive and non-invasive heart treatments including angioplasty and stenting. It offers various heart health screening programs which are easy to include in a vacation to the country. The institute has an international patient center here:

Sunway Medical Center

The cardiology department at Sunway Medical Center is a Center of Excellence for this hospital located in Petaling Jaya, a southwest suburb of Kuala Lumpur. Winning the top international hospital of the year in 2017 by industry organizations, it has a strong customer centric approach to health care and works to make the patients visit a stay as efficient as possible. Sunway Medical Center offers treatments for patients with cardiac and vascular diseases and includes treatments for these heart conditions:

  • Angina (chest pain)
  • Arrhythmia (abnormal heart rhythm), e.g. Atrial Fibrillation (AF)
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Congenital Heart Disease (Paediatric) – Atrial Septal Defect (ASD), Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), Patent Foramen Ovale, Tetralogy of Fallot
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Coronary Artery Disease/ Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
    ○ Acute Coronary Syndrome
    ○ Stable Coronary Artery Disease
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
  • Valvular Heart Disease
  • Structural Heart Disease – Cardiomyopathies, Atrial Septal Defect (ASD),
    Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD), Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO)

Learn more about the cardiology department at Sunway Medical Center here:

Visit their International Patient Center here:



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Bangladeshi Restaurant In Kuala Lumpur

September 12, 2018 Tweet

Simple Restaurant, Traditional Bangladesh Flavors

For medical travelers from Bangladesh visiting Kuala Lumpur for health care, there are many excellent restaurants throughout the city serving a variety of food. But if you need to have the flavors of home, the ClinicTrip team found a restaurant that’s worth a try.

Roshona Bilash Restaurant serves Bangladeshi / Bengal food in the city center at an affordable price. Located in Bukit Bintang, it is a simple restaurant with a variety of good dishes with veg and non veg options. Traditional Bengali foods include:

  • Bhorta
  • Bhuna
  • Torkari
  • Chhenchki
  • Chorchori
  • Dhud Cha Tea


We hope you enjoy it!



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Prince Court Medical Center Offers Health Screening And Leisure Package

September 11, 2018 Tweet

4 Day 3 Night Health Package At Top International Hospital in Malaysia

If you are planning a short stay in Malaysia to take in the sights, you can now add an affordable Health Screening Program to your activities. Prince Court Medical Center (PCMC), a top international hospital in Kuala Lumpur, is offering a 4 day Health and Leisure package that includes a comprehensive health screening along with accommodation and transportation in the center of the city.

According to their website, the cost is US$638 for male patients and US$667 for female patients (exchange rate ~ RM4 to US$1) and it includes:

Day 1

  • Meet at the airport (KLIA) and transport to the hotel
  • The hotel accommodation is excellent at two 4 star hotels – The Impiana or The Concorde
  • Check in to hotel and free day for sightseeing

Day 2

  • Transfer to PCMC
  • Health Screening
  • Lunch at PCMC
  • Review Results With Doctor
  • Transfer back to hotel

Day 3

  • Free Day For City Tours – local travel agency contact info provided by PCMC
  • Appointments with PCMC specialists if needed

Day 4

  • Check out and transport to airport (KLIA)

The Health Screening test includes vitals, heart tests, radiology exams including the Abdominal Ultrasound, and lab tests / blood work.

You can review the tests and package at this link:

Overall, it’s an excellent promotion and an easy way to get a Health Screening while you are on vacation in Malaysia.



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Health Screening And Travel Package At Sunway Medical Center In Malaysia

September 7, 2018 Tweet

Shop, Play, and Health Checkup At Top International Hospital

Sunway Medical Center near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city, is offering a Health Screening and Travel Package that is good through March 31, 2019. Sunway MC is a top hospital in Malaysia and a top international hospital for medical tourists. Located in a suburb on Kuala Lumpur called Petaling Jaya it’s easy to get to. It’s specific location is called Bandar Sunway because it is not only a leading hospital but also a popular resort and shopping complex.

The package includes 3 days and 2 nights (3D2N) at its resort along with the Health Screening at the medical center. The price for a single deluxe room at the Sunway Pyramid Hotel plus the standard screening is only US$380. A premier screening is US$477.

The deal also offers complementary one way pickup at the airport, transfer to the medical center on the day of the health screening, one entrance to the Sunway Lagoon water amusement park, and a Simcard start pack. The package includes 2 nights stay, morning breakfast, the health screening, and a 50 minute massage at the Mandarin Spa.

You can read more about the offer on their website here:

Overall, it’s a great way to have your health checked and enjoy a vacation along with it at a top medical and vacation spot all in the same place.



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Current Exchange Rates Benefit Medical Travelers

July 20, 2018 Tweet

Preventative Health Treatments More Affordable In Thailand And Malaysia Now

With the exchange rates improving for medical travelers to Malaysia and Thailand, preventive health and other treatments are becoming even more affordable. It’s an excellent time to visit the top international hospitals in these countries for health screening packages and cosmetic, orthopedic, and dental treatments. Already a helpful bargain for medical travelers arriving from North America or Europe, these treatments are now even easier on the budget with the exchange rate changes and should make staying healthy simple and cost effective.

U.S. Dollar vs. Malaysian Ringgit – July 2018

Source: Google

U.S. Dollar vs. Thai Baht – July 2018

Source: Google



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Dubai Inspires With Top International Hospitals

July 19, 2018 Tweet

UAE hospitals private

Dubai, UAE. Credit: Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

Medical Tourism Is Another Big Reason To Visit Dubai

Recently, Dubai was rated as one of the top preferred cities for expats to live. It’s a top commercial center in the Middle East and among the Gulf (GCC) countries. It is an international city with a large portion of the population being expats which makes connecting with new people easier.

Dubai is the largest city in the UAE. With incredible architecture, luxury shopping malls, top hotels, and a wide range of activities to offer, it has become a major draw for the international community and for tourists alike. It also has year round sunshine.

Dubai has also become a hub for international hospitals. With more than 190 accredited by the Joint Commission International it offers an incredible range of services for medical travelers. Even top hospitals in other countries have established medical centers in Dubai adding to the high quality of health care options.

So if you’re visiting Dubai for vacation, business, or meeting friends, consider a health screening or more advanced treatment at the hospitals and dental clinics available. A quick search on ClinicTrip will list a variety of medical centers from which to choose.

Hospitals Dubai




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Get To Know Phyathai 2 International Hospital in Bangkok

July 2, 2018 Tweet

Top Private Hospital In Bangkok

Centrally located in Bangkok with international accreditations, Phyathai 2 International Hospital is a top spot for medical tourism within the Southeast Asia region. It offers Health Screening Programs as well Centers of Excellence in Cardiology, Neurology, and OBGYN.

Phyathai 2 Hospital is located near the Victory Monument section of Bangkok and can be reached from the PhyaThai BTS station.

This is the link to the International Patient Webpage:

Get to know the hospital from their promotional video.



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Mahkota Medical Center In Melaka Offers A Health Screening Program

July 1, 2018 Tweet

Private Hospital In Malaysia Makes Preventative Health On Vacation Easy

Melaka is one of the most visited cities in Malaysia by tourists due to its cultural heritage, great food, and scenic location along the Straits of Melaka. It also has a top hospital for medical tourism, Mahkota Medical Center (MMC), which is located centrally in the city. Melaka is about a 1 1/2 hours drive south from Kuala Lumpur on the main North-South highway. Per their website, they service 85,000 medical tourists annually.

MMC offers an excellent and affordable Health Screening Program which is easy to combine with a holiday in the area. Check out their YouTube video which shows the types of tests their health screening package offers.

Mahkota MC Health Screening Center Website:




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Experience Flavorful Thai Food During Your Medical Trip To Thailand

June 28, 2018 Tweet

Amazing Food To Try In Thailand

Thailand is a top destination for medical tourism with a wide range of international hospitals, including the popular Bumrungrad Hospital in central Bangkok. For many people the purpose of the medical trip is to get a health screening and then continue on with a vacation. This type of parallel tourism has become very popular. So for those who will have more mobility on their medical tourism visit to Thailand, here are great foods to try during the stay. We’ve selected options that you may not easily find in your local Thai restaurant, either!

Ground Nut Appetizer

Cheese Over Noodles

Noodles In Curry Soup

Dessert Sweets In Sugar Broth

Eggplant Dip With Crackers

Mango Curry

Fresh Mango With Sticky Rice Dessert

Pink Tofu Soup



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Beaches, Buffets, and Health Screenings

June 20, 2018 Tweet

As you head out to amazing destinations this summer to relax, you’ll probably be enjoying beaches in sunny destinations, foraging through immense buffets at the resorts, and taking in all of the tourist sites. But did you ever consider getting a health screening at the same time?

In fact, wellness tourism is becoming a larger portion of overall tourism. Travelers to popular vacation destinations now want to check their cholesterol levels along with soaking up the sun. What’s great is that it’s not hard to do. Many wonderful vacation spots also have top international hospitals which are accredited and offered comprehensive health screening programs.

A typical health screening only takes a couple of hours in the morning with a review with a doctor after the results are available, and you are done for another year. Getting a health screening while on vacation is so easy to do and provides so much helpful information about your well being that it may become the main reason for traveling to the destination in the future.

Getting a health screening is also an excellent first step to becoming a medical tourist without much risk involved. A health screening is a preventative activity and it also let you learn about the hospital, the doctors, and gives you a first impression of the quality of the services should you require medical procedures in the future.

So as you head out on vacation this year, check out the nearest international hospital and return feeling better than ever.



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Always Look Out For Your Heart

June 18, 2018 Tweet

5 Conditions That Increase The Risk Of Heart Disease

Illnesses related to your heart are a leading cause of disease among both men and women. Many heart conditions that occur are related to lifestyle factors which can be managed to reduce the risk of long term sickness. It’s important to always look out for your heart in this way because there’s only so much it can take before it causes pain or worse. Here are several risk factors to always monitor.

  1. High blood pressure. This is also called hypertension and it’s prevalent in as many as 1/3 of adults. It’s a major risk factor as it can increase the risk of heart attack. The blood pressure measurement is easy to get at any medical facility. The ideal target is 120/80 and the healthcare professional will tell you if you are in a healthy range.
  2. High cholesterol. High cholesterol can lead to plaque build up in the heart arteries and veins. When this happens there can be blockages of blood resulting in a heart attack.The target cholesterol reading should be less than 5.2 mmol/L and the LDL or bad cholesterol reading should be less than 2.6 mmol/DL.
  3. Diabetes. Diabetes can cause wide-ranging harmful effects to the body including the heart and the brain and can lead to blood vessel damage. If this occurs to the blood vessels of the heart it increases the risk of a serious heart condition.
  4. Smoking and Excessive Alcohol. Both smoking and alcohol consumption can lead to higher blood pressure levels leading to heart disease. They also put strain on the rest of the organs of the body causing imbalances which can impact the heart as well. Since both habits seem harmless at the time, it important to understand the possible impact to the body.
  5. Stress. While we may not always be able to avoid stress, we need to know when stress becomes unhealthy. Constant stress is a major and quiet risk factor. Stress itself can cause internal harm but it can also lead to unhealthy lifestyle and diet behaviors which can harm the heart as well. When you are not managing stress in your life, you are putting your heart at risk.

The path to a healthy heart starts with measuring your vitals, getting a blood test, and observing your lifestyle habits. Once you know how you are doing with respect to the five risk factors described you can make the best decisions for the long term health of your heart. While worrying about your heart health may not seem crucial at any given time during the day, heart disease can sneak up on you if you don’t look out for your heart all of the time. A health screening at an international hospital will provide all of the information you need to make the best decisions for your heart.



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Emerging Medical Tourism Destination: Vietnam

May 31, 2018 Tweet

The country of Vietnam is experiencing rapid growth. A booming economy with more than 6% annual economic expansion, increased tourist visits, and rapid development of infrastructure projects. It’s good news as it catches up to other Asian Tiger nations in the region. Now, Vietnam is starting to develop itself as a Medical Tourism hub as well.

The Ho Chi Minh City (HCM) Department of Tourism released a bilingual handbook which is a guide to the medical tourism options in the city. Ten thousand copies have been printed with the names and contact info for 14 health facilities including HCM City International Hospital, HCM City Heart Institute, University Medical Center, and the Traditional Medicine Institute among others.


Vietnam Tourism Department Medical Tourism Guide

Per its statistics, there were 80,000 tourists who came to Vietnam for health checks and treatment and spent $2 Billion. In HCM City alone there were 40,000 health tourists. The tourism department plans to promote the offerings in nearby markets such as Cambodia and Laos which have traditionally been markets for Thailand.

HCM City – District 1

Vietnam has a number of quality public and private hospitals with capable doctors and low cost treatment and can be a good option for visitors traveling to the country for vacation and who want to tie in a Health Screening at the same time. For most visitors, Vietnam requires a Visa so check with their consulate in your country before planning your trip to this emerging medical tourism destination.



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Is A Procreation Vacation In Your Future

May 27, 2018 Tweet

3 Top Fertility Centers in Popular Vacation Spots

Many couples today are having children later in life which may make it more difficult to become pregnant. Those who have very busy lives may also find it hard due to stress and lifestyle factors. A new trend is emerging to solve this problem. It’s to go on a ‘procreation vacation’ to a relaxing vacation spot to try to get pregnant or to use the services of a fertility clinic.

Fertility experts contend that for those that are having trouble getting pregnant, it may be easier to go on vacation to a relaxing location as the body my respond better to the soothing environment. This may have more of an impact on those who wish to bear children later in life.

For those that have tried to conceive and are still having trouble, there are fertility clinics in some vacation areas that may be able to start the process. Here are three that have gained a strong reputation.

Barbados – Barbados Fertility Center

Barbados is an island in the Caribbean that has beautiful beaches and clear waters. It’s also becoming a popular vacation spot.  It may be your perfect spot for a procreation vacation. Barbados Fertility Center is an internationally accredited fertility clinic that opened in 2002 that has had thousands of success stories. They combine modern fertility medicine with holistic treatments. The stress free environment of the island helps, too.


Spain – IVF Spain

Spain is still one of the most popular vacation spots in Europe. The sunny weather, easy going culture, and great food make is a popular destination. In the southeastern coast of Spain, called the Costa Brava, is the city of Alicante, a popular beach destination. It’s also home to IVF Spain, a leading fertility clinic. This clinic offers personalized treatment with empathy and respect. They treat the fertility effort as a journey and offer top doctors.


Malaysia – TMC Fertility

Malaysia is a hot spot for vacationers now with its multicultural environment, great food, and tropical paradise locale. Beautiful islands, lagoons, and beaches are easily accessible and fun to enjoy with fresh coconut water anytime. It’s also home to an award winning fertility center – TMC Fertility. Located in the Tropicana Medical Center in Petaling Jaya, a suburb of the booming city of Kuala Lumpur, it’s highly rated and offers a wide range of fertility treatments. Its success rate is 66% and it offers superior patient support.




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Only Seek Top International Doctors For Bariatric Surgery

May 24, 2018 Tweet

Bariatric surgery has become more popular for its weight loss success. But it’s not a simple procedure. It requires modification of an internal organ – the stomach – for the treatment to be successful. For this reason, you should only seek top doctors at accredited and established international medical centers for this surgery.

Bariatric surgery is also called weight loss surgery because the surgery makes the stomach smaller so the patient will eat less food. Hormonal changes also occur that affect the appetite so you are less hungry during the day. For many people it’s helped them manage their weight better which is important. Research suggests that people who have a BMI (body mass index) greater than 30 are considered obese and obesity results in chronic illness over time and shorter life spans. For those that can’t get their BMI to healthy levels, this procedure may aid longevity.

Bariatric surgery should be considered for those with a BMI of 40 or higher. At this level, people are considered morbidly obese which puts them at much greater risk for long term health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, and fatty liver disease. It should also be considered for those who have not had success with other weight loss techniques, especially diet and exercise.

Here are three common types of bariatric surgery:

  • Sleeve Gastrectomy: It’s the most common procedure and transforms the stomach to a banana shape so that patients eat smaller portions of food.
  • Gastric Bypass or Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: This method turns the stomach into a small pouch and attaches it to the lower intestine so patients eat smaller portions and less fat is absorbed during digestion.
  • Adjustable Gastric Band: Restricts the stomach using a silicon band which can be adjusted. It’s also called a weight loss band. It is performed laparoscopically and is considered the safest procedure.

If you have a BMI above 40 and are considering bariatric surgery, review the risks as well. Like any procedure there are risks to modifying the stomach which can cause complications. However, at established hospitals that have Centers of Excellence dedicated to Bariatric Surgery, the risks can be very low. Make sure to review the success rates at the hospitals you’re considering first.

Patients are required to stay at the hospital one night and the recovery period is usually two weeks but it can vary. There may be some discomfort and soreness after the procedure when it’s done properly by trained doctors.

There are many factors that cause obesity and it’s not just limited to diet. Because morbid obesity can cause serious health complications, if you have difficulty reducing your BMI below 30, then research the options for weight loss surgery and always seek treatment at a top medical institution.



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Dengue Fever Always A Risk In The Tropics


If you are traveling to tropical countries over the summer, then it’s always good to be cautious regarding dengue fever. Dengue is transmitted by mosquitos and causes headaches, fever, vomiting, joint pain, and a skin rash. When it becomes severe it can lower blood pressure to the point where the body can’t operate. Most people recover from it within two to seven days, but it may require a hospital stay.

For this reason, if you’ve been bitten, you may become a medical tourist whether you want to or not. Most international hospitals in tropical countries are well equipped to handle dengue infections as more than 60 million people are infected each year. It usually requires an overnight stay as blood platelets are monitored along with blood pressure and the patient is kept hydrated.

There are four strains of dengue and some people get it multiple times. However, the successive infections can lead to hemorrhaging. Therefore, the best way to avoid dengue is to stay clear of areas with high concentrations of mosquitos. Standing water tends to be a breeding ground for dengue carrying mosquitoes, so always be aware of your environment. Water runoff in drains along streets in tropical cities can be risky. Make sure to cover up as much as possible and apply mosquito repellent constantly.

Areas particularly challenged by dengue are Southeast Asia including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. Also parts of Africa, northeastern Australia, and northern countries in South America such as Colombia and Venezuela have high concentrations of dengue outbreaks. So don’t let dengue ruin your vacation and always travel safe!



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Ayurvedic Treatment Gaining Popularity As Alternative Medicine

May 21, 2018 Tweet

While there are many amazing international hospitals available to treat every medical condition, some patients may choose to try alternative medicine before seeking treatment from a doctor. One type of alternative medicine is Ayurvedic Treatment. Its origins are in India, especially the southern states of the country, most notably in Kerala. Ayurvedic spas and resorts are gaining in popularity as wellness destinations, but Ayurvedic hospitals also exist to treat chronic complications.

Ayurveda is the healing practice in India that was developed before modern medicine. Its purpose is to restore balance in the body and it does this with herbal oils that are applied to the body along with diet, exercise, yoga, and lifestyle improvements. While the scientific research on Ayurvedic medicine is limited, it has been used to treat stress, diet related problems and chronic illness conditions. It’s also been used by patients recuperating from the effects of surgery or cancer treatment. It can be applied for body care and rejuvenation like a spa treatment as well.

India has both Ayurvedic resorts for casual spa-like treatments for those who want to try it out and get the feel of an Ayurvedic session and see if it has wellness benefits to them. Kerala is also home to Ayurvedic hospitals where the treatments are intended for actual healing of chronic conditions or recovery from a hospital procedure.

Whichever Ayurvedic treatment you choose to enjoy, it’s good to know the 5,000 years of learning and knowledge have gone into the practice and the benefits just may help you feel better and put you in a good state of mind.



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What Is An Upper GI Endoscopy?


If you are passionate about preventative health, you may want to consider an Upper GI Endoscopy. This procedure allows technicians and doctors to view the lining of the upper digestive tract. This includes the mouth, throat, esophagus, stomach, and upper intestine.

It’s useful to detects gastrointestinal (GI) disease such as cancer, ulcers, complications from acid reflux or GERD, Barrett’s esophagus, inflammation, and strictures in the esophagus. Many of these conditions can be diet related. However, even with a high quality diet, it does no harm to check out your upper GI tract with this simple procedure to detect an potential complications.

If you do have conditions such as problems swallowing, constant heartburn, bleeding, then it’s worth having the examination. It’s also hard to technicians to detect issues with the stomach without being able to physically view its interior. The Upper GI Endoscopy is the easiest way to do that.

Many international hospitals offer an Upper GI Endoscopy as an extension to a Health Screening Program. It’s a procedure that can be added on to the other tests while your are at the hospital. The test may require minor sedation. During the procedure a thin flexible tube with a camera is guided into your mouth and down your throat and finally into the stomach to observe the lining of each section.

During the procedure the doctor may also take biopsies and remove polyps. So it’s important to find out exactly what the doctor intends to do with the procedure before it starts. However, accruing to the U.S. National Institutes of Health, it’s a low risk procedures that can have a variety of preventative health benefits.



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Preventative Health Made Easy While On Vacation

May 18, 2018 Tweet

The summer travel season is approaching and it may be bigger than ever. More people are traveling around the world to exotic locations to enjoy unique experiences from the local cultures and cuisines to postcard style resorts and excursions. Many of these exotic locations also happen to have some of the best international hospitals in the world. It’s a great opportunity for vacationers to spend a couple hours to go through a preventative health screening program without much effort and return home with a complete review of their health.

Now, it may not sound like the most wonderful thing to do on a vacation – going to a hospital and spending time getting pricked by needles and taking urine samples. However, since most people are so busy back at home, it’s actually a very good to do a health screening programs. It only takes a couple hours in the morning with a review with the doctor a bit later in the day and you have a full analysis of your health condition.

If you a haven’t had a health screening at an international hospital and are skeptical about it’s value and if it’s any better than a physical or check up at home, you may be surprised. The health screening programs at international hospitals are very comprehensive and include all blood work, vitals, and heart stress tests, but also chest x-rays, abdominal ultrasounds, cancer marker tests, and bone density analysis. Plus you can add on additional tests such as a colonoscopy, mammogram, or upper GI endoscopy.

The cost is not expensive compared to similar tests in the U.S. and western Europe and it’s a great way to combine fun and health at the same time. Check out hospitals for health screening packages in these popular vacation spots:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Medellin, Colombia
  • Dubai, UAE
  • San Jose, Costa Rica
  • Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Search hospitals on to find Health Screening Programs in these locations.



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Malaysian Food To Experience During Medical Travel To Kuala Lumpur

May 17, 2018 Tweet

If you’ve planned a medical trip to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to one of it’s top hospitals, you’ll probably get a chance to indulge in the local food. There are a variety of fun foods to try if it’s your first time to the country. Malaysia is known for it’s incredible food choices and flavors so it will be a great experience.

Malaysian food is a mixture of the cuisines of the various cultural groups that live there including the Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Western  influences. For breakfast, try the Indian and Tamil dish called Roti Canai. It’s a fried bread that’s flakey and served with dahl and chicken curry along with a sambal chili sauce. You can have it cooked with an egg, banana, onions, garlic, and other ingredients.

Roti Canai With Curry Sauces

Similar to Roti Canai, you can order Paper Dosai which is thin like a crepe, but crispy and rolled up. You break off pieces and dunk it into coconut chutney, tomato chutney, or dahl. A great breakfast!

Paper Dosai With Chutneys

When you’re ready for lunch, don’t miss a famous Malaysian dish – Curry Mee. Mee means noodles and they are cooked in a bowl of curry with tofu and a variety of vegetables. This is a filling meal.

Malaysian Curry Mee

You’ll also find plenty of vegetarian options in Malaysia. Some Buddhist temples even serve vegetarian buffets for lunch.

Vegetarian Lunch In Malaysia

For dinner, try a light Malay village (Kampong) style dish with rice and veggies cooked in coconut milk. Nuts are usually served as well. This is also served with fried chicken or fish if desired.

Malay Village (Kampong) Style Food

Lastly, you can always rely on fried noodles done in a Cantonese style. Just order Mee Goreng for a tasty treat. If you order Maggie Goreng, you’ll get ramen style noodles. Be careful of the hot chili peppers.

Mee Goreng in Malaysia

Enjoy your food adventures during your medical travels to Malaysia!



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What Information Does An Abdominal Ultrasound Provide?

March 26, 2018 Tweet

If you schedule a typical checkup with your doctor, it usually includes an inspection of your vitals and may or may not include blood analysis. However, if you visit an international hospital for a Health Screening Program, it usually includes vitals, blood work, and an Abdominal Ultrasound among other tests to inspect the organs of your abdomen and pelvis. It’s a very useful test to determine if there are any irregularities with these organs so that the appropriate health remedies can be applied.

If you don’t get this level of analysis during your annual physical or check up, consider an Health Screening Program at an international hospital. It’s an excellent preventative health service. It’s also a great first step if you plan on being a medical tourist because it gives you an easy way to learn about the hospital and the doctors before you have a more complicated treatment.

Here is a list of the what is observed during an abdominal ultrasound.


  • Is the liver outline smooth?
  • Is there a liver parenchymal lesion?
  • Are the intrahepatic ducts dilated?
  • Is the CBD and Portal Vein normal in caliber?
  • Is there a reversal of the normal hepatopetal flow?
  • Do you have fatty liver disease?


  • Do you have gallstones?
  • Is the gallbladder wall thickness within normal limits?
  • Is pericholecystic collection observed?


  • Is the pancreas normal?


  • Is the spleen enlarged?


  • Are both kidneys normal in size and echogenicity?
  • Is there renal calculus or hydronephrosis observed?
  • Do you have any kidney cysts?


  • Is the urinary bladder smooth in outline?
  • Is any urinary bladder calculus or debris observed?


  • Is the prostate enlarged?

Abdominal Aorta:

  • Is the abdominal aorta normal in caliber?
  • Is there any plaque build up?

Free Fluid:

  • Is any free fluid observed?



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The Future of Medical Tourism: International Medical Living

March 19, 2018 Tweet

As medical tourism continues to grow and becomes a larger portion of the overall travel industry, the signs of the future are already appearing. While medical tourism is defined as a patient traveling outside their home country for health care, the future of this trend may lead to travelers finally buying a condo next to the hospital so that they can live permanently next to the medical center.

Called medical living, the trend appears to already be taking shape. In the SE Asian country of Malaysia, which hosts several top rated international hospitals for medical tourists, condos are being built right next to the hospitals and they’re filling up quickly with international buyers. The buyers are not necessarily sick or needing urgent medical care, but they realize the benefits of having a top hospital easily accessible as a part of the living experience.

New condos viewed from Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur

The low costs of treatment and ease of access to specialists and health screening programs makes it very convenient for those wanting a living situation with ultra simple access to top health care. With an aging and mobile population seeking better health care, the condos near to hospitals is an attraction retirement options.

As an example, the popular and top rated hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, Gleneagles Hospitals has several condo towers being build next to it. Condo owners can simply walk next door to the hospital at any time and enjoy the services without any effort. With this trend and new style of living, hospitals will play a larger and more valuable role in peoples’ lives especially as they focus more on preventative health measures and quick care when a problem arises.

Condo towers in Kuala Lumpur next to a top hospital promising a new way of living.




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Malaysia Establishes Health Travel Lounges At Its International Airports

March 17, 2018 Tweet

When some medical travelers arrive in the destination country, they may not have researched which hospital or clinic they plan to visit. They are aware of the services available, but lack the tools to actually find and compare the options. The lack of diligence can lead to issues with the quality of medical providers these medical tourists finally choose.

To overcome this situation, Malaysia’s health tourism organization called Malaysia Health Tourism Council (MHTC) has established two medical tourism concierges and lounges at the country’s two airports closest serving it’s popular medical travel destinations – Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA (KUL) and Penang International Airport (PEN).

According to their website, they aim to be the first point of contact for many traveller’s health journey in Malaysia. They concierges offer personalized welcome and escort upon arrival, a one-stop info center for medical care options, information to walk-in medical tourists, and facilitation of transport and accommodation to medical travelers in Malaysia. In addition, the lounges provide a comfortable place for medical travelers to rest and wait for their scheduled pick-ups.

The lounges are located in KLIA in the Arrival Hall at Gate 5 and Gate 8. You can also call the MHTC call center from 9am to 6pm local time, Monday through Friday for assistance.



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Links To Five Health Screening Programs In Kuala Lumpur

February 13, 2018 Tweet

Health screenings are an excellent way to catch health problems early on and seek the appropriate medical treatment quickly. Top international hospitals offer health screening programs and many have dedicated health screening centers. From the center, your designated doctor can recommend specialists and be a source of information for you about your health and the hospital. Here are five private hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, which are recognized international hospitals, along with links to the health screening packages. Contact the hospitals directly for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Health Screening Packages

Prince Court Medical Center

Prince Court Medical Center Health Screening Packages

Sunway Medical Center

Sunway Medical Center Health Screening Packages

Subang Jaya Medical Center

Subang Jaya Medical Center Health Screening Packages

KPJ Ampang Specialist Hospital

KPJ Ampang Specialist Hospital Health Screening Packages




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Affordable Preventative Health Screening and Dental Checkup In Malaysia

December 8, 2017 Tweet

I just visited Malaysia again for my annual health check up and it was efficient and affordable as expected. I combined it with a vacation that I took there as I’m familiar with the country and like visiting Kuala Lumpur. My health screening at a private hospital in the Ampang area of Kuala Lumpur was $331. It included a range of preventative tests that I would not have received in the U.S. (even with insurance) including an abdominal ultrasound which allows the doctor to visually examine the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, lower portion of the aorta (for plaque build up), and the prostate.

In the same hospital, I also visited a dermatologist to get a skin health screening since I live in a very sunny climate. The cost for a very thorough exam and consolation with the specialist was $75. The administrators at the health screening center set it up for me very quickly.

My last appointment was with a dentist in the central part of the city that I’ve visited before and for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning. The cost was $40 and it went very quickly with no wait time in the office. The dental clinic was in a small mall.

The total for all of the appointments was $446 and it was a very easy and convenient to combine everything with my vacation. I’m also happy to have established relationships with the doctors and dentists who were friendly and very helpful. Based on my experience, I consider Malaysia a very good option for medical care for those who live there and for medical travel for those who plan to visit the country.

Sam Z


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Fatty Liver Disease Prevention

November 18, 2017 Tweet

When you go through a health screening program at an international hospital, an abdominal ultrasound is usually one of the tests included. The ultrasound takes images your abdominal organs to determine their visual health. One condition they are able to detect is fatty liver disease. Fatty liver disease is a liver illness that occurs when too much fat is stored in the liver cells.

The impact of fatty liver disease can be inflammation of the liver which can lead to scarring of the liver tissue, cirrhosis, and eventually liver failure when too much scarring occurs.  In the United States, fatty liver disease is the most common form of liver illness which affects as many as 100 million people according to the Mayo Clinic.

Fatty liver disease if more common in people aged 40 to 50 years and can be caused by obesity, high blood sugar, Type 2 diabetes, and excessive alcohol use. Initially there may be no outward symptoms, but if the disease progresses, then symptoms may include fatigue, an enlarged liver, and pain in the upper right abdomen.

Risk factors include high cholesterol, high levels of tryglycerides in the blood, and obesity. To prevent fatty liver disease it is recommended to eat healthy with a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, nut, and legumes. It is also helpful to maintain a healthy weight and get regular exercise.

As mentioned, an abdominal ultrasound can help detect if fatty liver disease is present and if the liver is experiencing any inflammation as a result. Most international hospitals offer the abdominal ultrasound test as part of a health screening program and a yearly screening can help detect the disease at its early stages.



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Clinica Las Condes Encourages Nutritious Eating

November 6, 2017 Tweet

The nutrition team at Clinica Las Condes in Santiago, Chile, has developed healthy and flavorful recipes that allow patients to live better. Clinica Las Condes is a Joint Commission International accredited hospital in Santiago and is a part of the Johns Hopkins health network. Located in the upscale neighborhood of Las Condes, it offers a wide range of medical specialties and treatment options.

Its International Patient Center provides more information at this link. Learn more about the nutrition team from this video: “The Best Recipe”




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Medical Tourism Help Desks Planned for Airports in India

August 9, 2017 Tweet

As India becomes a major hub for medical travelers, it’s considering ways to make it more convenient for health tourists to find top hospitals. One project involves establishing help desks at major airports to facilitate the needs of patients arriving who may not have already selected a hospital.

India’s Ministry of Tourism plans the facilitation desks at six airports starting with Mumbai in October and expanding to New Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. These are the cities where the top hospitals exist. The centers will have trained personnel to guide patients if they have already come up with a short list of medical providers. If the patients haven’t done any research, the staff will provide them with a list of accredited hospitals in the area.

The influx of medical tourists to India is driven by low costs for world class care. In some cases treatment costs can be 10% of the cost in the U.S. However, when many patients arrive, they haven’t researched hospital choices at all and the help desks will give them a informed start so that can efficiently find the best care and not be potentially misled by paid operators within the airport or city.



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Medical Tourism in Chile: Getting to Know the Providencia District of Santiago

August 6, 2017 Tweet

Providencia is a commune or district in Santiago, the largest city in Chile. It is a hub of commerce and upscale urban residential streets. It’s a nice area to visit and stay while in Santiago for medical tourism as it’s near to top hospitals in the city.

Two Joint Commission International accredited hospitals nearby to Providencia are Clinica Las Condes ( and Clinica Alemana de Santiago ( Clinica Las Condes in located in the Los Condes district of Santiago which is a northeast suburb and a short subway ride from Providencia. Clinica Alemana de Santiago is also located nearby in Vitacura, a northeast suburb as well and reached easily by taxi or subway.

Providencia with the Andes Mountains in the distance.

The advantage of staying in Providencia is having access to a wide range of hotels and vibrant city life with shops and restaurants that give Santiago much of its character. Sights to see are the Bellavista neighborhood with its colorful bohemian mix of restaurants and shops. Avenue de Providencia itself has many shops and cafes. With the high density of shops it’s easy to get daily things done prior to your treatment and afterwards during recovery.

Main plaza in downtown Santiago, a short subway ride from Providencia

Providencia is just east of the city center and borders San Cristobal Hill on the northern side. It’s an area well known by taxi drivers and there’s easy transportation to the main airport – Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport (SCL). Santiago is an overnight flight from the U.S. usually through Houston or Atlanta. Flights depart in the evening and arrive in the mid morning in Santiago. Returning home, flights depart in the evening from Santiago. A tourist immigration fee of $160 was previously charged upon arriving in Chile but it has been discontinued. Tourists can stay for up to 90 days with a valid passport.

A nice park with public art in Providenca



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Health Screening Test – Bone Densitometry Measures Bone Mass

July 17, 2017 Tweet

An executive health screening at an international hospital has many benefits related to preventative health. The screening tests for a variety of health indicators including radiology tests to inspect internal organs and bones. One of the important tests performed is to measure bone thickness of the patient to determine if there is bone loss.

The test is called a Bone Densitometry (DEXA) and it is commonly used to diagnose osteoporosis and to determine the risk of developing fractures. It works like an X-Ray and images the lower spine and hip.

Measurements are made on the images and compared to the bone mass of a young adult (T-Score) and the bone mass of other people in the patient’s age group (Z-Score). If the bone mass is less than the average, it will be highlighted and your risk of developing fractures will be assessed. The doctor will be able to give recommendations for increasing bone mass which may be related to diet and exercise.

Bone health is very important to monitor and this test is helpful to do that. Most people reach peak bone mass at age 30 and then experience slight loss of bone mass as they age. Many factors contribute to bone mass including diet,  physical exercise, age, and hormonal levels. Maintaing a healthy bone mass will reduce the risk of fractures and changes in posture throughout the aging process and allow for optimal mobility.

Results from a Bone Densitometry test show thinning of lower spine bone mass.



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Hospital in Focus: Burjeel Hospital Abu Dhabi

July 15, 2017 Tweet

Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recently won an award from Frost & Sullivan as the 2017 UAE Emerging Medical Tourism Provider of the year. Burjeel Hospital was established in 2012 and receives medical tourists from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries as well as from many other nations.

Burjeel Hopsital provides treatment for all major medical specialties and has world class equipment, but also places a huge emphasis on the process and ‘art’ of healing which includes top care form the staff, a comfortable environment, and personalized attention. Their guest first philosophy is key element of the care.

Burjeel Hospital is accredited by the Joint Commission International and was the first private tertiary hospital opened under the auspices of the standards defined by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD).

The hospital has 209 beds and 10 operating rooms. It provides services to international patients so that they have an efficient and comfortable experience and arranges pick up at the airport. Abu Dhabi has a world class infrastructure so the inbound medical travelers will find it convenient to travel to Abu Dhabi and Burjeel Hospital for care.



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Health Screening – The Best Bet For Your Health

July 14, 2017 Tweet

Having completed an executive health screening at a hospital in Malaysia while working in Kuala Lumpur for a brief time last year, I was impressed with the quality of the program and had these thoughts to share about it.

As men and women today face more challenges of career and family commitments, they must take charge of their health and well-being. A Health Screening is important to do annually just as dental check up is a regular commitment as well. There are many hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand that offer health screenings for men and women where health is affordable and the quality is high.

It’s easy to make an appointment at a hospital for a wellness physical that includes several options and costs. A simple health screening includes a vitals, basic blood and urine tests, ECG, and a chest xray. Additional tests which are usually included are lung function and abdominal ultrasound.

The health screening will also include consultation and physical examination and a review of a with a physician to analyze your results. There are several other tests that can be included that apply to women or men specifically. The costs vary according to the packages and options chosen.

On the day of the test, fasting the night before is necessary to give accurate readings. Be sure to bring shorts and gym shoes for heart stress tests where you walk on a treadmill. After the health screening test are complete a free coupon for a lunch is usually given to the patient to use in the hospital’s cafe. You won’t go home hungry.

The tests are analysed and then read to the patient at a later time of the date or on another date chosen by the patient. The results of the test are kept for two to three years and if you return to the same hospital, the physician will compare results and look for trends. If you show continual improvement, then you know you are on the right track!

Renal (Kidney) Profile from My Health Screening Results

Sam Z


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5 Top Private Hospitals in Bangkok

July 10, 2017 Tweet

Popular International Hospitals In Thailand For Medical Tourism

Bangkok has emerged as a top international city with a rising economy and major tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Now the second largest economy in the region, it also was the most visited city in the world per a Mastercard report in 2016 with over 21 million visitors.

While many people visit Bangkok for holiday or business, a growing segment of visitors are arriving for medical care. The top hospital in the world for medical tourism, Bumrungrad International Hospital, is centrally located in Bangkok and has been the anchor for a growing number of top hospitals serving medical travelers.

Here are five top hospitals in Bangkok. The first four are located in central Bangkok.

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad was established in 1980 by an American team with 200 beds and now is one of the largest hospitals in Southeast Asia and has 580 beds. It sees 1.2 million patients per year of which 520,000 are international patients from 190 countries. It cares for 5,000 outpatients a day and has 150 interpreters on staff to handle patients from all over the world. Bumrungrad is accredited by the Joint Commission International. The hospital is located off Sukhumvit Road at Soi 3 and has an excellent health screening program.


Bumrungrad International Hospital

Sikarin Hospital

Sikarin Hospital Entrance

International Patients, Please Contact:

Sikarin Hospital has over 23 years of experience and is Joint Commission International accredited and has program specific accreditations for its Primary Stroke Program, Diabetes Mellitus Program, and Acute Myocardial Infarction Program. It also has an excellent Aesthetic Center with experienced specialists and competitive prices.

It is the most convenient private hospital to visit in Bangkok because it is located near Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in the BangNa district. It is only 15 minutes from the airport and the surrounding area has many shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants to make the patient’s stay comfortable without being directly in the city center.

Sikarin Hospital has 350 beds, advanced medical equipment including the latest MRI technology and a catheterization laboratory, along with top medical doctors. Its centers of excellence include health screening programs (check-up), aesthetic treatments, Sikarin Heart Center, dental clinic, orthopedics, and an international medical center.

Sikarin Hospital Waiting Area

Sikarin Hospital in Bangkok provides all services for international patients to ensure safety and comfort during the visit including:

  • Airport Pick Up and Hotel and Hospital Arrival within the Bangkok Visa Extension
  • Cultural Support
  • Multilingual Translation Services
  • Medical Inquiry Services
  • International Insurance

Sikarin Hospital Info On ClinicTrip:

Sikarin Hospital

Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok Hospital was established in 1972 and was one of the first private hospitals in Thailand. It is accredited by the Joint Commission International and has branches all across the country including Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. It is centrally located in Bangkok and its centers of excellence are in cardiology and cancer care. It covers all medical specialties and has a top orthopedic center and spine center.


Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital

The Samitivej Hospital group is one of the leading private hospital groups in Southeast Asia. It has six hospitals and the Samitivej Sukhumvit Hospital is its main branch located in central Bangkok. It is accredited by the Joint Commission International and has 275 beds and 400 specialists. The hospital provide services to international patients including the large expat community in Bangkok. It has a top liver and digestive center and an orthopedic center. It is located several blocks off Sukhumvit Road at Soi 49.


BNH Hospital

BNH Hospital (originally ‘British Nursing Home’ Hospital) was the first private hospital in Bangkok established in 1897. Its modern facilities were built in 1996 and it serves the local and expat community. BNH Hospital provides all medical specialties and has a top Women’s Health Center and medical Check Up center. The hospital is located just south of Lumpini Park.



Specialty Hospital: Yanhee Hospital

Yanhee Hospital is a top hospital in Bangkok for cosmetic surgery. It was founded in 1984 and services patients from all over the world. It has 400 beds and is accredited by the Joint Commission International. Its top procedures are face lift, tummy tuck, eye lid restoration, breast augmentation, and nose shaping. It is located north of the the Bangkok city center in Bang-O.




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Abdominal Ultrasound Key Test in Health Screening Programs

July 9, 2017 Tweet

Most health screening programs at international hospitals, especially ones in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore, include an abdominal ultrasound. This is a key test of the health screening program and an important element in preventative health.

The abdominal ultrasound collects images of the organs of the abdomen or upper belly. It is a harmless test since it uses sound waves to create images. The radiologist applies a gel to the abdomen and rubs a handheld device across the gelled areas to create the images.

The organs and body structures that are checked include the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. The test also checks the abdominal aorta which is the main blood vessel that supplies blood to the lower part of the body and legs.

The test can identify aberrations which may signal the onset of disease or other health problems including tumors. It may find gallstones, inflammation, or polyps in the gall bladder. It checks the healthy of the liver by looking at its size and shape. It may find an enlarged spleen or find problems with the pancreas. It may also identify an aneurysm of abdominal aorta.

All of these conditions can result in pain around the belly, so this should be discussed before the test with the radiologist so that he or she can focus on that area if pain is felt. During the test the patient simply lies on their back and may be able to watch the monitor as well.

Because many illnesses can be discovered easily by imaging the organs with the ultrasound, this test has so much value when done on a regular basis. Many physicals in the U.S. may not include this test so it is a benefit when visiting an international city with top hospitals which provide this test to have it done.



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How to Care for Your Liver

June 29, 2017 Tweet

The following healthy article was submitted by a ClinicTrip user:

Our liver is one of the most complex organs in the body. It performs more than 500 functions and is also the largest organ in the abdomen. The liver is a housekeeper, cleaning the body constantly. Some of the most important functions include:

  • Digesting proteins and fats
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Helps to control blood clotting

In order to digest fats, the liver releases bile that breaks down the fats which aids digestion. The more proteins and fats digested, the more the liver has to work. The liver also has to work when alcohol is consumed, drugs are taken including several prescription and OTC medicines, and when excessive fats are eaten which can come from fast food, processed food, and fried foods.

How do we pay the liver for its service? Eat a proper diet – not too much fat and or junk food and less or no alcohol or drugs. Eat healthy food without chemicals or additives.  Read the labels on processed food. If the label list is very long, then look for something that does not have all those chemicals and is made with natural ingredients.

Although the exact cause of liver cancer is unknown, it is thought to be related to excessive damage to the liver. Obesity may increase the risk of liver cancer due to its links with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Cirrhosis which is a liver disease caused by scarring of the liver or loss of liver cells can be caused by the Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C viral infections. Too much alcohol can also cause liver damage.

It is important to have your liver checked regularly which can be done during an annual health screening at an international hospital. Exams and tests for the liver may include a physical examination, blood tests, CT scans, an MRI, an ultrasound, and a biopsy. A yearly comprehensive physical is important because it is preventative and may help catch liver problems early enough so that lifestyle changes can be made to return it to health.



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Ploenchit Area of Bangkok Offers Easy Access to Bumrungrad International Hospital

June 27, 2017 Tweet

Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia and sees about 520,000 international patients per year from 190 different countries according to their website. It was the first hospital in Asia to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). With 580 inpatient beds and 1,200 physicians and dentists, it’s a busy place.

Bumrungrad is located at 33 Soi Sukhumvit 3 which is off of the popular Sukhumvit Road in the Wattana area of Bangkok. The nearest elevated rail stop on the BTS line is Ploenchit station and the area has nice accommodations for those wanting to stay near to the hospital. It is possible to walk from the Ploenchit station to Bumrungrad, but it’s a good hike and in hot weather that may not be for everyone. A taxi will get you to the hospital from the station much more quickly.

Many hotels are located around the Ploenchit station especially on Thanon Witthayu Road. The area is fairly upscale with several embassies nearby and with the Central Embassy Mall which is accessed from the BTS platform. The mall has an elegant Thai food court modeled after a Thai village on the basement floor along with a popular grocery store.

Central Bangkok Map

Basic map of Central Bangkok with Ploenchit Station on the right side in the middle.

Because of the traffic in Bangkok, it is recommended to stay near the hospital as travel times around the city can be much longer than the distance appears because of the congestion. Ploenchit also offers many nice restaurants and other malls with food courts that are just one or two stops away on the BTS. You can reach Ploenchit on the light rail from the international airport – Suvarnabhuhi Airport (BKK). Remember to change lines at the Phaya Thai station where the City Line from the airport connects with the BTS line to Ploenchit.

Central Bangkok from viewed from Ploenchit in the early evening.

Entrance to City Line light rail in the Suvarnabhumi Airport for transportation to Ploenchit.

Restaurant on Soi 1 near Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Map of Central Bangkok with Bumrungrad on the right in pink and Ploenchit in the lower center area.



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Do Pistachios Help The Heart?

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The following article was submitted by a ClinicTrip user.


One to two handfuls of pistachio nuts a day may keep heart disease at bay. Researchers have found that they may help to lower cholesterol and keep arteries healthy. Three ounces of pistachios a day can significantly lower the risk of heart disease. The nuts are rich in nutrients that reduce hardening of the arteries, a main cause of heart attacks and strokes.

Volunteers in a U.S. study supplemented a low fat diet with pistachios. Some ate 1.5 ounces of pistachios, while others had double that amount, either as a snack or putting the nuts in cereal, muffins, and pesto sauce.  A third group  did not eat any pistachios.

The length of the study was one month and the cholesterol levels were analyzed. The results showed that cholesterol levels were significantly lower among the pistachio eaters. Those who ate the most nuts experienced the  biggest decrease in cholesterol.

Eating three ounces of pistachios a day cut cholestrol levels by 8.4 percent with bad cholesterol (LDL) dropping by 11.6 percent.

The results showed that pistachios, when eaten with a healthy heart diet, may decrease a person’s cardiovascular disease risk profile.

Pistachios are rich with an antioxidant called lutein, usually found in green leafy vegetables and brightly coloured fruit. Lutein helps prevent cholesterol from clogging arteries. It is best to eat unsalted pistachios as too much daily salt intake can raise blood pressure.

The study was carried out by researchers at Pennsylvania State University.



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Hospital in Focus: Sunway Medical Center – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Sunway Medical Center is located in Petaling Jaya, a large and affluent southwest suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was recently awarded the best international hospital for 2016 by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ), a medical tourism industry publication. The hospital was established in 1999 by the Sunway Group, one of Malaysia’s largest business conglomerates which is involved in education, healthcare, hospitality, property, and construction.

The Sunway Group is very innovative and driven to think about the future and that can be seen in the quality and efficiency of the hospital. For example, each department has its own pharmacy so that prescription medication can be dispensed quickly to shorten waiting times. The hospital has 535 beds, 130 consolation suites, and 12 operating theaters. They are also expanding the existing location with a new Cancer & Radiosurgery Center and another 10 level tower with single inpatient rooms and consultation suites. They also plan to open new locations in Kuala Lumpur and possibly other locations around Malaysia.

One advantage Sunway Medical Center offers to patients, especially medical tourists, is that the hospital is connected to the other Sunway Group properties which include a nice resort and spa, water theme park and mall so that there are things to do for family who accompany the medical tourist and a place to stay for the recovery period. The complex is also attracting permanent residents in nearby condos from a variety of countries who have found the area affordable and want to live next the hospital and Sunway entertainment areas.

Centers of excellence include fertility, cancer care, cardiovascular care, and orthopedics among many others. The hospital has all related clinics including eye, dental, and skin care. A standard single room costs RM268 or US$62 per night ( which is very reasonable for the region. They have a friendly dedicated international patient center who can converse in a variety of languages and will assist with every step of the visit to and stay at the hospital.

Getting to the medical center is from Kuala Lumpur International Airport – KLIA (KUL) by taxi is easy and takes about 60 minutes. Once at the hospital, the professionalism of the staff will make it clear why this hospital is a top center for medical tourism.

Learn more at:



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Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids – A Personal Experience While in Malaysia

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The following experience regarding a hearing loss evaluation and hearing aid recommendations was submitted by a ClinicTrip user residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Do you have problems hearing conversations when you are in a crowded room? Have you had damage to your hearing or it just something you avoid and don’t want to visit a doctor to have your hearing tested?

When I had my health screening at Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I decided to have the hearing test included. I knew I had some hearing loss and wanted to see if it had changed. The results came back and it showed that I have more hearing loss in one ear and less hearing loss in the other. It was confirmed.

I was also told that the ringing in my ear came from the brain, not from the ear. I always thought it was because of an explosion near my ear. Well, it turned out that the explosion affected the brain and not the ear.

I was sent to the auditory clinic when I was at the hospital and the technician placed hearing aids near my ear. They attached to the ear and were hidden comfortably behind the ear.  She adjusted the aids until I could hear every sound and every conversation around me. I couldn’t hear the ringing in the ear any more which was a big relief.

The hearing aids were from Norway and were easy to wear and very light. The technician said that they were the best ones on the market. They had other brands of hearing aids as well. The next question was the price. I knew that hearing aids in the U.S. were very expensive. Friends back home told me what they cost. The Norwegian aids in Kuala Lumpur were half the price of the ones in the U.S.! They were very affordable and some people may have the costs covered with their medical insurance.

So, it you have hearing issues while living in Malaysia go to Gleneagles Hospital in Kuala Lumpur in the Ampang area and get your hearing tested. If you need hearing aids, they are happy to help you decide which aids work best for you and I found the experience very helpful and efficient.



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Recover in Paradise at These Top International Hospitals

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There are several aspects of medical tourism that are important to consider – the quality of the hospital and doctors, the costs, and logistics of traveling to the medical center. One aspect that is often overlooked is the quality of the recovery period. Many procedures may require a week to several weeks of recovery before the patient is able to return home. During this period the patient heals and the doctor monitors the results of the treatment. More complicated procedures may even require a second treatment.

Several top international hospitals around world are located in areas that are very beautiful and the cost of living is moderate to low so that the stay is peaceful, affordable, and enjoyable. Here are five hospitals that let patients recover in paradise.

Penang Adventist Hospital – Penang Island, Malaysia
Sunset from Penang Island - Malaysia

Sunset from Penang Island – Malaysia

Penang Adventist Hospital is a JCI accredited hospital located on the stunning island of Penang off the northwest coast of Malaysia. Penang was one of the first hubs for medical tourism known for excellent health care, affordable travel, and amazing scenery. Located in the center of Georgetown, the main city on the island, the hospital is nearby to the popular beach destination of Batu Ferringhi with peaceful resorts and a variety of lodging. Quiet affordable hotels throughout the city are available. Because of this, patients are never far from the hospital and have access to enjoyable attractions highlighting the tropical forests on the island, great beaches, and beautiful sunsets.

Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital – Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is know as the cit of eternal spring due to its beautiful climate. This Colombian city is going through a renaissance in culture and livability and is rated as the top city to live in South America along with Santiago, Chile. Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital is JCI accredited and listed among the top 10 hospitals in South America. The excellent transportation, beautiful parks, and small towns surrounding the city make it an ideal place to recover and relax.

Tweet Translation: “A hospital with soul, we join the week of sustainability.”
Hospital Galenia – Cancun, Mexico
Most people know Cancun as a popular resort town along the beach on the Yucatan peninsula. It also has high quality health care. Hospital Galenia is a JCI accredited hospital that is within easy reach from the resort zone along the beach. Just a short flight from the U.S., getting treatment at Hospital Galenia lets patients combine vacation with health in a relaxed tropical environment with the entire area for their enjoyment and the hospitality of the medical staff to speed up recovery.

Hospital Clinica Biblica – San Jose, Costa Rica


Tweet Translation: We are the first private Costa Rican medical center to obtain the national brand license – Essential Costa Rica.”

Costa Rica is on many travelers list of places to visit. In just a 3 1/2 flight from Houston, visitors have this small tropical country to explore with beaches, jungle, volcanos, and coffee farms. Located in the capital of San Jose, Hospital Clinica Biblica is JCI accredited and offers high quality care in a beautiful setting. With more than 40,000 Americans traveling to CR for health care each year, the country is very accepting of those visiting for medical care and offers the convenience of a popular tourist destination to get around during the recover time.


Waterfall near San Jose, Costa Rica

Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin – Hua Hin, Thailand
Thai Food

Delicious Thai food options in Hua Hin

Bangkok Hospital – Hua Hin is JCI accredited and belongs to the long established Bangkok Hospital network. Hua Hin is a small beach town that’s a popular place for residents of nearby Bangkok to enjoy the coast, get out of the city, and avoid the larger beach town of Pattaya. The town is a very relaxed setting for medical care.

The nice beach atmosphere in Hua Hin is perfect for recovering and costs are lower than Bangkok as well. With many hotels available and great food at every turn, you just may want to stay longer than needed. There are non-stop coach buses from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi  Airport to Hua Hin for 270 Baht (~$US 8).

Learn more about each hospital on
*ClinicTrip is not affiliated with the hospitals in this article or with any tourist operation in the cities mentioned.



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Getting to Know the Ampang Area of Kuala Lumpur

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     If you’re visiting Kuala Lumpur (KL), the largest city in Malaysia, for medical travel, you may be spending time in the Ampang area of the city. Ampang is northwest of the city center and is reached by Ampang Road (Jalan Ampang) which starts in the downtown area of KL and passes by the Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC park.
     Several top hospitals are located in the Ampang area or within close distance to the Ampang area so it’s good to become familiar with this district. Along with top hospitals, Ampang is known for its large international and expat community since several major embassies are located along Ampang Road or on the side roads including the British Embassy, the U.S. Embassy, the Russian Embassy, and many others.
     Ampang is home to many new condos where expats live because of the large international school located there called ISKL (International School of Kuala Lumpur). There are also several smaller malls and grocery stores which are popular including the Great Eastern Mall (G-Mall), the KLCC mall, and the Hock Choon supermarket. There is a nice grocery store at the bottom of the Great Eastern Mall as well that is popular with expats.
     You can find many nice restaurants – Western and local – in the area along with all of the services. For a local feel, the nearby area of Desa Pandan provides night time food stalls and local restaurants attracting many patrons. If you want to try the local Roti Chanai (fried bread with dhal curry), it’s a good place as well.
Ampang in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
     The main hospitals in the area are Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur, KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, and Prince Court Medical Center. Outside of Ampang, but nearby is the National Heart Institute (Jantung Negara Malaysia).
     If you want to eat with health in mind, a large Buddhist Monastery is located along Ampang Road, not far from the KLCC shopping mall, which provides a low cost lunch every day (less than $3-US) that is vegetarian and delicious.
     Ampang is about 90 minutes from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and can get busy with traffic especially during rush hour. So try to arrive during the midday if possible and plan travel to hospitals accordingly. There is a light rail that reaches the Ampang area but the locations are not convenient so it’s better to take a cab if you don’t have a car.
     You’ll find the Ampang area a nice place to get the feel for KL, meet expats, and reach top hospitals in one of the worlds best international medical destinations.



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Medical Travel Safest at Established International Hospitals and Clinics

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It’s fairly common to read about patients traveling overseas for medical care that have a bad experience or even a fatal experience. These are very tragic situations. Many times, however, the patients sought medical care or treatment from hospitals, clinics, or doctors that were not established or legitimate providers in their fields. It is commonly seen for patients seeking plastic or cosmetic surgery. The risk of having a terrible outcome goes down when medical travelers seek treatment from established practitioners.

The value of medical travel is at its best when the quality of care is high, the wait times are short, and the costs are at a discount compared to what patients have available in their home country. If patients try to undercut any of these benefits and costs even further by going to non-established medical providers, they put themselves at great risk which doesn’t make the equation pay off any more.

It is always recommended to research the medical provider first even when it’s a referral from a friend. The top ones are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) organization and are usually the large hospitals. If you are seeking medical treatment, even for cosmetic surgery or dentistry, that is not from a JCI accredited hospitals or clinic, make sure they have a well known reputation for success and are a legitimate operation in anyway that you can including researching their credentials in their home country. Even visiting the facility first and interviewing the doctors, well before any treatment, is recommended as well. By not leaving anything to chance, you increase the likelihood of success and a positive outcome.



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Knee Replacement Surgery Testimonial – Hospital Galenia in Cancun

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Mexico is rated as one of the top countries in terms of value for medical tourists. It has a variety of medical hubs throughout the country and one of the them is the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatan Peninsula. The main city in the state, Cancun, is well known for being a popular tourist destination, but also has a Joint Commission International (JCI) qualified hospital called Hospital Galenia. This hospital is well situated for inbound medical tourists, has a variety of centers of excellence, and also provides health screenings which is an ideal for people visiting the area.

This video testimonial from Hospital Galenia is from a patient who received knee transplant surgery.




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Three Countries with Top Health Care and Affordable Living

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As high quality health care outside of the U.S. become more known, more patients are opting to travel for health screenings and basic procedures. The advantages include no wait times, affordability, and in many instances, superior care.

Several countries which offer world class health care and medical facilities also have a low cost of living and enjoyable climate. For this reason, they are not only great places for medical travel, but also for full time living as an expat or as a retiree. In fact, many housing developments in these countries are near hospitals for those who wish easy access to a medical provider.

These three countries are international health care hubs and enjoyable places to live, especially for those who are planning on needing frequent medical attention.

Colombia – World class care in a beautiful city

Colombia has always been at the forefront of medical care in South America and now hosts several of the top hospitals on the continent. Many are located in the city of Medellin which is known as the ‘City of Eternal Spring’.

Many of the first major organ transplants in South America were performed in Medellin and they continue to set the pace of advancement with a world renowned medical community. Because of this living well is a priority in Colombia and the quality of life in Medellin is rated very highly. Just a 7 1/2 hour flight from Chicago, Colombia is a good choice to research for one’s health and living needs.

Costa Rica – Large retirement communities rely on it’s health care

According to the U.S. state department, as many as 50,000 Americans live in Costa Rica and another 40,000 visit for medical care each year. These numbers would indicate that the health care and living standards are very high. Just a 3 1/2 flight from Houston, it’s possible to do an overnight trip to San Jose, Costa Rica, but many choose to stay longer.

Costs are low and the quality of care is very high. Even though Costa Rica is a tropical country, the higher elevation of San Jose gives it good year round weather. A doctor’s visit may only cost $50 which means you can enjoy your life and stay healthy at a low cost.

Malaysia – Top health care in English

Even though Malaysia (between Singapore and Thailand) is a 24 hour journey from the U.S., its quality health care and lower costs are helping the country see a boom in medical tourism. Because it was a former British colony, English is widely spoken especially by the health care community and doctors.

Many private hospitals, such as Gleneagles KL are recognized worldwide by medical tourism journals and provide ultra modern medical care with high standards of inpatient convenience. Inbound transportation is easy though Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The main hub for hospitals are Kuala Lumpur and Penang Island in the north. Medical tourism is a focus for the country so expect great service. The living standards are high with great food and low prices and excellent affordable holiday spots for recovery after a procedures.

You can search for top hospitals in each of these countries. If you don’t require immediate care, try a health screening at one of the hospitals to become familiar with the services and the local culture. You just may decide to stay!



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Vacation a Good Time to Address Men’s Health

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Statistics show that men don’t get regular medical check ups or spend as much time as they should focusing on health which exposes them to chronic illnesses which could have been prevented with early detection or monitoring. Common illnesses which could have been avoided include heart disease and diabetes.

There are various reasons for men not monitoring their health including lack of time, not having a primary care doctor, confusion whether or not insurance will pay for it, not feeling sick, and not having the patience to visit a doctor. Because of this several public service campaigns exist to encourage adult men to visit the doctor more frequently for physicals or other health evaluations.

Not having enough time is a very common reason that is difficult to overcome, especially when some doctors require scheduling months in advance. A great way to deal with this issue is to encourage men to get a check up during vacation. A health screening at an international hospital is a standard and comprehensive preventative health evaluation that only takes a couple hours, but is easy to schedule at top hospitals and clinics in major tourist destinations.

Top travel destinations such as the Cayman Islands, Cancun, Costa Rica, Panama City in North America and Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Cebu City in Southeast Asia all have top hospitals with established health screening programs, sometimes called executive health screens.

The screenings can be booked online through the hospital website or by email and usually can be done the next day, although its always good to book ahead of time. Costs for such programs can range fro $300 to $500 dollars and be paid by credit card. Compared to the cost of a physical in the U.S. with blood work and similar tests, it’s a fraction of the price.

Even more valuable, the health screening program usually covers more tests than a normal physical. Beyond blood work, vitals, physical tests, and urine analysis, most health screenings include a chest x-ray, heart stress test, and abdominal ultra sound.

The abdominal ultrasound is particularly helpful since it images the abdominal organs to detect problems in the pancreas and digestive tract. Add-ons to most health screenings include colonoscopies and advanced cancer marker tests.

After the results have been collected, a formal meeting with a physician is set up to review the data and make recommendations. The doctor can detect problem areas that may be related to infections, heart issues, and cancer markers, as well as overall nutrition deficiencies, diabetic concerns, liver and kidney function problems, and weight issues.

The tests are simple, carried out very quickly, and take no longer than a couple of hours on the morning of a vacation day with enough time left over to relax on the beach afterwards. The time spent can help many men get a good picture of their health, which they may not otherwise get, and help them make good lifestyle decisions in the future!



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Inexpensive Dental Care Is Just Across the US-Mexico Border

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The cities of Los Algodones, Tijuana, and Nogales are well known as quick excursions into Mexico for fun food and souvenir shopping for Americans living near the border in California and Arizona. Now, many cross the border for high quality dental care at low prices.

With prices as much as 70% lower than U.S. dental care costs, many are choosing to walk across the border for implants, crowns and bridges, All-on-4, veneers, and root canals. The savings are not only attracting those who live near the border, but also those from across the U.S. since the flight and hotel costs along with the dental work is still an enormous discount.

Here are a few dental care options in each town to consider.

Los Algodones

Los Algodones is near Yuma, Arizona, and just a walk across the border puts you in the highest concentration of dental offices in the world. The town is safe and flooded each day with dental tourists seeking the quality care that the area offers.

Sani Dental Group

Sani Dental Group was founded in 1985 by D.D.S. Enrique Jimenez and is promoted as the most prestigious dental clinic in the area. It attracts patients from across the US and provides all major dental work with a price list on their website.

Other dentists include Dental Solutions Los Algodones, Castle Dental, and Alamo Dental Clinic.


Tijuana is now a city of nearly 1.7 million people and is one of the largest border crossings in the world. Just 45 minutes from San Diego, it has high quality dental care options. As a hub for dental tourists from southern California, it’s an affordable option.

Sam Dental

Sam Dental offers high quality care, per their website, and emphasizes honesty. Their services include dental implants, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry. They also will pick patients up at San Diego International Airport and drive them across the border. The clinic is a member of the American Dental Association.

Other dentists include Dr. MEXICO Tijuana Dental Center and Smile Tijuana.


Nogales, Mexico, is just across the board from Nogales, Arizona, and about 45 minutes from Tuscon, Arizona. While it doesn’t have as many dentists as Los Algodones or Tijuana, it does attract many dental tourists from Arizona and is easy to access.

Dental Laser Nogales

Dental Laser Nogales, per their website, has been operating in Nogales for 15 years and offers an experienced team, excellent equipment, has their own laboratory, and all services are performed on site. They are bilingual and offer free diagnostics.

With the wide range of dental care options in these three cities across the US-Mexico border and with the large discounts compared to costs in the US, the dentists are worth considering.

Note: ClinicTrip does not endorse the dentists mentioned in this article and recommends that patients research all options and discuss with a physician before selecting any dentist in the U.S., Mexico, or abroad.



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Three Hospitals You Should Know in the UAE

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UAE hospitals private

Dubai, UAE. Credit: Image by Ahmad Ardity from Pixabay

Top Hospitals In Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a major hub for medical tourism and health travel. With over 140 medical organizations accredited by the Joint Commission International, it has hospitals and clinics to suit every medical need.

The UAE is located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula and has a vibrant population of 9.2 million people. It is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and busiest airport, Dubai International Airport. The largest cities are Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the capital, and Sharjah.

Dubai is a six hour flight from London and a 12 hour flight from NYC. It has an excellent infrastructure which makes getting to hospitals effortless and the hospitality to make hospitals stays as comfortable as possible. It is also an excellent tourist destination so that recovery times can be enjoyable.

Because of the wide range of medical options in the UAE, medical travelers should take time to research what is available. These three hospitals are excellent candidates to start.

Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel Hospital is Abu Dhabi’s largest private tertiary hospital. It is equipped with the advanced facilities and equipment for diagnosis, and also has renown specialists and medical personnel. It has 282 inpatient beds, 10 operating rooms, and a wide range of patient suites. Centers of excellence include cardiology, opthalmology, oncology, and fertility (IVF). Located off Al Nadja Street, Burjeel Hospital focuses on healing beyond just medical treatment. By creating a beautiful atmosphere and offering caring staff, the positive energy assists with bringing patients back to wellness.

American Hospital Dubai

American Hospital Dubai was the first private hospital in the Middle East to be accredited by the Joint Commission International. Established to replicate American medical standards, the doctors are North American Board Certified or have equivalent training programs as found in the U.S., UK, or Canada. The hospital also joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network which gives it access to the latest research and practices of the Mayo Clinic and allows it to collaborate on medical efforts. American Hospital Dubai has an extensive international patient department and estimates that 20% of patients come from outside of the UAE. Centers of excellence include a heart and vascular center, orthopedics and total joint reconstruction center, and a wide range of health screening packages. Located on 19th Street just off Oud Metha Road next to the Movenpick Hotel, it’s easy to reach in Dubai.

Zulekha Hospital

Zulekha Hospital was founded in 1992 in Sharjah by the esteemed Dr. Zulekha Daud and has 150 inpatient beds. The hospital specializes in bariatric surgery, minimally invasive surgeries, and joint replacement surgeries, and high risk cardiac care. In addition to supporting UAE patients, Zulekha Hospital also provides support for international patients with an extensive international patient department which provides travel booking assistance so that visiting the hospital is frictionless. Patients requiring dialysis during vacations to the UAE can also rely on Zulekha Hospital to provide excellent service for this treatment. Zulekha has an additional 79 bed hospital in Dubai.

Because of the high quality hospitals in the UAE, it makes sense to consider it as a health destination, either directly or while on vacation. The Emirati culture of caring for patients throughout the entire experience and the focus on returning patients to full health is what makes these hospitals so valuable for the health traveler.



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6 Cosmetic Procedures Popular for Medical Travel

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Cosmetic or plastic surgery is one of the more popular reasons patients seek medical travel. Most procedures are done on an outpatient basis meaning that there no overnight stay at the clinic or hospital. The costs of the treatments at overseas hospitals can be more affordable and the risk of complications during recovery are much less compared to major surgical operations.

There are now many dedicated clinics at international hospital hubs that cater to medical travelers seeking cosmetic surgery. Brazil is the top destination dubbed the ‘World Capital of Plastic Surgery’, but Thailand and Malaysia are popular as well. Because of the focus and experience these clinic have in this specialty, the quality of the treatment can be quite high. These locations also after comfortable resort style accommodations for recovery. Below are several of the most common procedures for which patients will travel.

Face Lift

The face lift procedure (rytidectomy) removes or reduces the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of the face caused by age and is an anti-aging treatment.  The procedure addresses face issues such as sagging skin, droopy cheeks, neck bands, and deep lines and folds. Post operative conditions include bruising, swelling, and discomfort in the face for 10 to 14 days.

Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the more popular treatments since it solves a small but common problem of excessive and sagging skin on the lower and upper eyelids. This causes bags or bulges under the eyes and wrinkles. Eyelid surgery reduces bulges under the eyes and excess skin above the eye improving appearance. After surgery, eyes may be bandaged for a day and swelling and bruising around the eyes may occur for one to two weeks.

Hair Transplant

Advances in hair transplanting have resulted in fuller heads of hair without the scarring typically resulting from the removal of a strip of skin. The new method called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) takes individual hairs from the sides and back of the head and then they’re transplanted individually into the balding areas. The day after the procedure the patient may resume normal activities (except for washing the hair for 3 days or as advised by the physician).

Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery is performed to enhance or correct the shape of a woman’s breasts. By using implants or fat transfers from the body, breast size and volume is increased as desired or restored due to age or weight loss. Discomfort from the surgery can last for two weeks and scarring from the incisions may take six months to soften or fade.

Buttocks Augmentation

Enhancing the buttocks is done for two reasons – to provide a rounder shape or to remove excess and sagging skin to give a more tone appearance. The first is achieved with implants or fat transfer, but the second can be achieved with a laser assisted procedure that is minimally invasive and helps sculpt the muscles of the posterior and remove excess fat.

Nose Shaping (Rhinoplasty)

The nose knows. Nose shaping surgery is often chosen to enhance and to alter the size, shape and angle of your nose.  It is also done to bring the nose into better proportion with the rest of one’s face. It can be done to correct structural problems with the nose that cause chronic congestion and breathing problems as well. Bruising and swelling from the procedure will usually disappear within 2 weeks.

Several international clinics focus only on plastic and reconstructive surgery including Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand, Beverly Wilshire Medical Center in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hospital da Plastica in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Advanced Hair Clinics in Athens, Greece.



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Telemedicine Can Make Medical Tourism More Efficient

June 13, 2016 Tweet

Many potential medical travelers are hesitant to seek health care overseas because they lack the initial personal connection with the hospital or doctor. If a private practice is located in the community or at a nearby hospital, it takes a short visit to meet the healthcare provider and develop a feel for their capabilities and commitment to your health.

This is much harder when the healthcare provider is overseas. Some medical travelers overcome this by going on vacation to a international hospital hub and making an initial inquiry into the hospital, even if they don’t have a specific illness. By doing so, they take care of the upfront familiarization process without having to go out of the way to do so. They may also schedule a health screening so that they learn more about the services of the hospital, which is an important first step to gauge an international healthcare provider.

If you are unable to combine tourism with the exploration of healthcare options, then telemedicine or telehealth is another viable option. Telemedicine use technology to interact with a healthcare provide who is not in the same room as you. It can happen locally, when a patient is connected to monitoring devices which are viewed at a nearby hospital or care center (used especially to monitor elderly people with chronic illness) or it can be used across continents to discuss potential illness and the ensuing medical travel.

In the second case, images and simple diagnostics can be sent, potential screenings can be done, and more importantly, preliminary discussions can happen between the patient, local physician, and the overseas doctor. Sometime teams of doctors can be present in the discussion with telemedicine technology linking everyone together.

Telemedicine can also assist in post-operation situations where the recovery needs to monitored carefully. In many cases, the patient will plan to remain overseas for the recovery period. However, when the patient returns home, telemedicine can continue to monitor and evaluate their status. Wound management is where this technology can be applied in a beneficial way.

The technology will only continue to develop and can make medical tourism more efficient and safe for patients, but also give doctors more reach before and after procedures. As medical tourism increases, it will help hospitals deals with the influx of patients more effectively. Although telehealth can’t guarantee a successful outcome, it does help reduce some risks with patient-doctor communication before and after treatment.



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Healthcare in the Caribbean a Perfect Combination

May 29, 2016 Tweet

Photo Credit:

The Caribbean islands have wooed travelers from all over the world with a salubrious climate and friendly people. Island breezes and swaying palm trees are enough to put even the most busy people at ease for a while. Its proximity to Florida and the East Coast of the U.S. make it an easy destination to reach. As a world away, but still close to home, it’s a wonderful escape.

While the islands have an abundance of first class resorts, the Caribbean now has a first class hospital in the Cayman Islands which is a healthcare option for medical travelers who want the best of both worlds – an affordable quality international hospital within easy reach of the U.S. and a beautiful healthful environment.

Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) is the second Joint Commission International accredited private hospital after Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas and is aiming to turn the Caribbean into a medical tourism hub. A joint venture between Narayana Health group from India and U.S. based Ascension, it opened in February 2014 and offers high quality care at affordable prices compared to healthcare costs nearby in the U.S.

For example, here are four procedures with prices comparisons between Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) and U.S. average prices.

Heart Bypass (CABG x 4)

HCCI: $31,680 vs. U.S.: $151,533

Heart Valve Replacement

HCCI: $30,960 vs. U.S.: $186,548

Hip Replacement

HCCI: $15,840 vs. U.S.: $105,049

Knee Replacement

HCCI: $15,840 vs. U.S.:$69,214


The Affordable Healthcare Act in the U.S., while helping to insure millions of Americans, has not slowed the pace of growth of medical tourists seeking care outside the U.S. Commons concerns for medical tourists are being as near to home as possible, being in a comfortable environment, and receiving higher quality care than is available in their home city. Health City Cayman Islands provides all of this with the extra benefit of offering an ideal location for recovery before returning home, a benefit that many overlook.

Health City Cayman Islands has several centers of excellence including cardiac surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, endocrinology, pulmonology.

It also has a helpful international patient desk that can help schedule your appointments at the hospital. Their goal is to make the patient’s experience exceptional from arrival to departure using world class specialists and leading edge technology. The hospital offers bundled pricing that includes the initial consultation, all physician visits up to two weeks post-surgery, the operating and medication fees, along with all transportation costs and inpatient services.

With a resort style setting, top medicals services, and affordable prices, Health City Cayman Islands has established itself as the premier hospital in the Caribbean and an ideal location for medical travel.



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5 Popular Private Hospitals in Malaysia

March 28, 2016 Tweet

Top Hospitals In Kuala Lumpur For Medical Tourism

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, a small country in Southeast Asia situated between Singapore to the south and Thailand to the north. Formally a British colony, proficiency in English is very high in the healthcare community and a key strength of the doctors and administration officials at the major hospitals. KL, as it is known locally, is an influential city in the region with modern buildings, an award winning airport and effective transportation throughout the metro area.

KL is a multicultural city with a pleasant mixture or Malay, Chinese, and Indian communities along with a large expat community. Because the country is so hospitable and friendly to visitors, it has become a hub for medical travelers who find good value in the extensive and high quality international hospitals located in the city and throughout the metro area.

These five popular hospitals in KL have either received international recognition, are popular regionally, or have a very strong reputation locally and among the expat community.

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur

Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur is located in the heart of the burgeoning and popular Ampang area of northeast Kuala Lumpur. The hospital is owned by the large Parkway Pantai Group which includes Mt. Elizabeth Hospital and Gleneagles in Singapore. It is a modern hospital which has won international recognition among medical tourists and has a very popular Executive Health Screening program serving many of the business expats, embassy personnel and foreign diplomats in the area. Centers of excellence include oncology, women and children’s health, cardiology, orthopedics, and neurology. The hospital is adding another ten story building with an integrated laboratory, service apartments and a hotel. Just off Ampang Road (Jalan Ampang) and not far from the city center, access is easy and convenient.

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Malaysia Medical Tourism

Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur (Bldg B)

Sunway Medical Center

Sunway Medical Center started with one building in 1999 and has now expanded to five with another complex on the way. Located in the planned development of Bandar Sunway in the KL suburb of Petaling Jaya which includes Sunway Univeristy, Sunway Resort, Sunway Lagoon which is a theme park, and various condo complexes. Its very modern facility is designed for maximum efficiency with a pharmacy located in every department to speed up the fulfillment of prescriptions. Centers of excellence include oncology, health screenings, digestive health, and fertility. Post operation recovery is simplified at Sunway Medical Center with the resort facilities nearby.

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Sunway Medical Center

Sunway Medical Center

Prince Court Medical Center

Prince Court Medical Center is a private health care facility located centrally in Kuala Lumpur and very close to the KLCC shopping center. It was owned by Petronas which is Malaysia’s national petroleum company and then sold to a sovereign wealth fund known as Khazanah Nasional. Its ultra modern, sleek, and “green” design give it a relaxing and spacious feel. Well known for its Executive Health Screening program, it is also well known for gastroenterology, cardiology, burn management, IVF , oncology, orthopedics, and radiology. Popular as well among the expat community, it has received international recognition and attracts top doctors. Located just off Jalan Tun Razak and Jalan Raja Chulan, it’s easy to find and access.

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Top Hospitals In Malaysia

Prince Court Medical Center, Kuala Lumpur

Subang Jaya Medical Center

Subang Jaya Medical Center is the flagship hospital in Malysia for Ramsay Sime Darby Health  which is a joint venture between Ramsay Health of Australia and Sime Darby which manages palm oil plantations in Malaysia. The hospital is located in the KL suburb of Subang Jaya another suburb southwest of KL and bordering the large suburb of Petaling Jaya. The hospital has operated since 1985, won numerous awards, and is accredited by the Joint Commission International. The hospital has an efficient Health Screening Program and top expertise in a variety of medical specialties. Two other hospitals are owned by the same group in KL – newly built ParkCIty Medical Center and Ara Damansara Medical Center.

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Subang Jaya Medical Center

Subang Jaya Medical Center

KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital

Opend in 1995, KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital is the first hospital of the largest hospital network in Malaysia, KPJ Healthcare Berhad, which operates 25 hospitals in the country. Located in the Ampang area of KL, it is Joint Commission International certified. It offers services for a wide range of specialties including renal treatments, cardiology, OBGYN, gastroenterology, and endocrinology.

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KPJ Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital

As medical tourism continues to expand in Kuala Lumpur, these hospitals are excellent choices when preparing for one’s health care needs and offer the convenience and expertise needed to make medical travel to the city worthwhile.

Search hospitals and dental clinics in Malaysia on ClinicTrip.

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What is Living Donor Liver Transplant – LDLT

November 22, 2015 Tweet

The liver is a vital and important organ in the human body.  The liver filters blood coming from the digestive tract before it goes to the rest of the body.  It also detoxifies harmful substances.  It is the largest internal organ and works 24 hours a day.

Because the liver is a complex organ it is susceptible to many complications such as hepatitis which is inflammation of the liver. Inflammation can be caused by viruses and also lifestyle factors such as alcohol, obesity, and allergic reactions.  When the liver is scarred from chronic inflammation, autoimmune disease, or fat build up it leads to cirrhosis.  This condition prevents the liver from functioning properly.

When treatment is unable to prevent damage to the liver, a transplant is the last option for patients with end-stage liver disease.  There are two types of transplants.  The first is deceased donor liver transplant and the second is living donor liver transplant.  If the wait time is too long for the first type of transplant, the second type, LDLT, can be a viable option.  According to the Mayo Clinic:

“You may have a shorter waiting period and equal or improved life expectancy with a living-donor transplant.” ~ Mayo Clinic

During an LDLT procedure, the surgeon removes the entire damaged liver of the recipient and replaces it with a portion of the healthy liver from the donor.  It’s expected that the livers of both parties will grow back and be healthy.  Two additional benefits of the LDLT procedure are that it allows scheduling of the procedure so that the recipient can be properly prepared and the quality of the graft may be better since it is received from a healthy donor and the cold ischaemic time (duration which the donor tissue is on ice) is shorter.

Several international hospitals have centers of excellence devoted to liver transplants.  Investigating and researching the best options locally and globally early on for LDLT can optimize your chances for a return to proper health.



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Arriving at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL) – Malaysia

October 28, 2015 Tweet

Kuala Lumpur International Airport, known as KLIA, is an ultra modern airport located about 25 miles south of Malaysia’s largest city, Kuala Lumpur.  Built in 1998, it is a major airline hub for Southeast Asia and home to two local airlines – Malaysian Airlines and Air Asia.  It has won airport of the year three times in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  There are many transportation options from KLIA to downtown Kuala Lumpur including taxi, bus, and light rail.  The light rail option is describe here on the KLIA website.

Upon arriving at KLIA, you will most likely take the rail link inside the airport called Aerotrain to get to immigration and baggage claim.  For most travelers, there is no need to fill out a landing card.  Immigration usually goes very quickly as the hall is large with many stations.  Within the airport there are a variety of food and beverage options and you’ll be able to get a first taste of the local cuisines.

If you plan to visit an international hospital in Malaysia, KLIA makes a very good first impression and is an efficient airport for arrival and departure.



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Growth of Medical Tourism in Malaysia – Country Focus

August 2, 2015 Tweet

Between 2009 and 2013, the number of medical tourists arriving in Malaysia increased to 770,134 from 336,225 according to the Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).  These numbers are expected to grow as the sector receives more attention and a boost from the government which is eager to make the country a preferred destination for international patients. The construction of a world class airport, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), several years ago is an example of this commitment.

There are many strong factors which will aid this goal.  English is widely spoken in Malaysia since it was a former British colony, making travel to and communication with hospitals easier.  Further, because there is a pleasant mix of cultures in Malaysia, many hospital staff are used to communication with visitors from a variety of backgrounds. Second, there are a large number of world class hospitals in Kuala Lumpur, the largest city, and in Penang Island which hosts the second largest city and is a 45 minute flight up the west coast.  Third, the cost of many procedures is much lower compared to the U.S. and wait times for procedures can be as short as a day.

Malaysia is building a core strength in performing high-end procedures such as heart bypass and orthopedic surgery non-invasively which shortens the recovery time for patients and reduces the time the have to stay at a hospital.  This is important since many patients are concerned about how long they need to stay after a procedure before returning home without fear of complications.

While there are competing nations in the region such as Thailand, Singapore, and potentially Vietnam in the future, Malaysia offers very good value comparatively and is prepared for an increase in international patients originating from the region such as Indonesia, the Gulf states such as the UAE, and eventually the U.S.



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How to Prepare for a Health Screening

June 30, 2015 Tweet

The popularity of health screenings at international hospitals is growing because they are so useful to analyze one’s health.  To make the most of the program and maximize the accuracy of the measurements, the patient must do a few things to get ready.  Here are five key ways to prepare for a health screening.

1.  Fast for 12 hours before the the health screening program starts – all the way up to when the blood test is done.  Fasting includes skipping all foods and liquids except for water.  All medications may be taken except for medications that must be taken after food (such as anti-diabetic medicine).

2.  Bring gym shorts, a t-shirt, and running shoes for the heart stress test which is done on a treadmill.  Depending on your physical shape, you may be actually running and sweating.

3.  Drink lots of water prior to arrival.  The nurses will ask to get a urine sample from you, so it is helpful to be ready to go.  Also, for the abdominal ultrasound, your bladder will need to be full so that the doctor can get an accurate image.  There will be water provided at the department as well.  Some programs have radiology equipment inside the health screening department.  Others will require you to walk to the Radiology Department in another part of the hospital.  The administrators will explain how to get there.

4.  Bring your passport.  The patient form requires passport information.

5.  Allow time for the screening program.  It may take less than two hours, but depending on how many people are going through that day it may take longer.  Most programs will provide food after all of the tests are done.  Also, determine when you’ll be able to review the results.  If your program is in the morning, then results will be available usually by 2pm in the afternoon.  If you can’t review it on the same day, try to have a day and time in mind when you can come back in to meet with the doctor.

If you are able to follow all of these guidelines, then you are prepared for a very accurate health screening and analysis of your state of health!



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Arriving at Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) in Bangkok – Thailand

June 7, 2015 Tweet

Bangkok, the capital of and largest city in Thailand, is an established medical hub for international patients and has a wide range of internationally accredited hospitals, including Bumrungrad International Hospital, one of the busiest medical centers in the world.  The main entry point for patients is Suvarnabhumi International Airport located at the eastern edge of the metro area.  It’s an easy airport to navigate and provides a variety of transportation modes into the city.  The three most common forms of transit are taxi, the Airport Rail Link, and hospital arranged transport.

Upon arriving, most passengers will de-plane directly at the gate.  However, some flights will de-plane onto the tarmac and passengers will load onto a bus which will transport them to the terminal.  Once inside the terminal, passengers will walk to immigration, baggage claim, and customs which appear very similar to most international airports.  After collecting one’s baggage, passengers proceed to the transportation departure points to Bangkok.

Taxis and hospital pick-ups are located outside Floor 1.  Just follow the signs for taxis and request on from the Taxi Desk.  Make sure it is a metered taxi.  Fares start at 35 Baht and there is a 50 Baht surcharge from the airport.  It is helpful to have 100 Baht notes to pay for the trip. Depending on one’s arrival time, travel by taxi could take more than an hour due to high levels of traffic and congestion.

If you are mobile enough to handle transit by light rail, then the Airport Rail Link (City Line) will could save time and costs.  Travel into the city by rail is 45 Baht [roughly US$1.30] one way payable at the ticket window in the airport.  The airport line ends at the PhyaThai station in Bangkok.  You will need to exit the train and then either leave the station to catch a cab or connect to the BTS line.  If you decide to continue on the light rail look for the BTS ticket window.  The ticket fare for the BTS line varies by distance to the stations and can be up to 35 Baht.  The ticket window will not issue a ticket but will provide change for your Baht paper money in 10 Baht coins.  Once you have the coins, go to the nearby ticket dispensing machine, find the fare for the station to which you need to go, and insert the coins to get the ticket.  Central stations include: Siam, Ploen Chit (near Sukhumvit Soi 1), Victory Monument, Chit Lom, and Thong Lo.  From these stations, you can catch a taxi to the hotel or hospital.

Bangkok BTS Map:

The photos below are a visual guide to Suvarnabhumi International Airport and show how to get to the Airport Rail Link.  Upon returning to the airport for your departure flight, be sure to arrive at least two hours before the flight.  Check-in lines and, particularly, immigration lines can be long and slow.



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10 Benefits of Visiting an International Hospital

May 21, 2015 Tweet

Seeking treatment for a medical condition at an international hospital has become easier.  In fact, the experience may be even better than at one’s local hospital.  Here are several benefits to visiting a hospital overseas.

1. Shorter wait times – many international hospitals don’t have wait times to perform surgical procedures.  Once one’s condition and treatment plan has been evaluated, surgery can be perform almost immediately.

2. See specialists more quickly – there are few barriers to seeing specialists at international hospitals.  In fact, some hospitals may only have a small fee to meet with a specialists to evaluate your condition and treatment options.

3. Lower costs –  based on most comparisons, costs at many high quality international hospitals are less than costs in the U.S.  Costs in the U.S. for many treatments ranging from orthopedic surgery (hip replacement and knee replacement to angioplasty and heart value replacement) may be higher by a factor of 5 compared to international hospitals in Southeast Asia, India, or Latin America.

4. Equal or better quality – there has been an rapid increase in accreditations by international organizations such as the Joint Commission International of hospitals around the world, meaning the standards at certified hospitals are very high.  In addition, the facilities may be more modern and the equipment newer and more advanced.

5. Evaluation of all options before surgery – while surgery may be the first option at hospitals in one’s home country, many international hospitals aren’t driven to perform surgery.  Doctors may evaluate all options with you first including natural healing methods.

6. Better post treatment care for less cost – while surgery can be done almost immediately at many international hospitals, it is the post surgery and recovery time that will determine the success of the operation.  Because costs are lower for inpatient rooms at international hospitals, you may be able to afford a longer stay at the  hospital to recover from your procedure.  Further, many hospitals recommend nearby resorts and spas where recovery can be done in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

7. Nicer inpatient rooms – because of the lower costs and newer facilities, inpatient rooms may be much nicer and offer private accommodation.

8. Hospitals take care of travel arrangements – many international hospitals are located in established tourist hubs, so travel to the hospital is streamlined.  Hospitals have international patient teams that will assist with travel arrangements and visa requirements taking the stress out of the travel portion of the visit.  Some of the larger hospitals may even have a counter at the airport.

9. High levels of efficiency – if a hospital in your home country seems slow, many international hospitals, by contrast, pride themselves in operational efficiency so that the patient’s experience is pleasant.  For example, a hospital in Malaysia has a pharmacy in every department so that prescriptions are filled hassle free.

10. Combine holiday and medical travel – it is becoming popular for people to combine travel plans and even book vacations around a hospital visit.  Many outpatient procedures can be done together with holiday travel rather easily.  Having a comprehensive health screening while on holiday is one of the first ways people become familiar with medical tourism.



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