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My First Health Screening at an International Hospital

I didn’t think that one day I would use the services of an international hospital or be a medical tourist.  However, during a visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to visit friends, I was given a recommendation to do a Health Screening at a private hospital in the city. It had been while since I’d had a physical or check-up, so I decided to give it a try.

The out-of-pocket cost was reasonable, it was nearby, and the list of tests appealed to me because it was larger in scope than what I was used to.  So I booked an appointment without any delays and arrived at 8:30 am, more anxious to see what it was like rather than to determine the status of my health.

To my surprise, the private hospital was like walking into a very modern hotel and made me feel comfortable from the very beginning.  I found the health screen department, opened the door, and discovered an spacious and pleasant waiting room, super friendly staff, and no delays to get started.

Inside the screening area, I saw a clean and ultra-modern environment with separate rooms for each test.  The assistants were gracious and friendly and I moved through each test with ease.  Most importantly, the range of tests I was given surpassed any physical I had taken at my local hospital.  In fact, the most impressive part was that they took an ultra sound of my pancreas, abdomen (pictured), stomach, and other abdominal organs, giving me a clean bill of health. In contrast, for my last several physicals in the U.S., I was only given a blood test and a 5 minute consolation with a doctor.

Since I had two friends who were suffering from pancreatic cancer, I thought that a health screen such as this may have prevented or caught the illness early so that it could be treated properly. I was also frustrated that this test was not included in any of my previous physicals at home.

As a result, I have gone back every year for the health screen and feel quite comfortable being a medical tourist since the international hospitals I have visited have a quality, cost, infrastructure, and efficiency that surpasses the standards with which I’ve grown up.

This site is intended to help you and other people find similar hospitals globally and see reviews from patients. With this information they will have the knowledge to choose medical options in other countries that may be better than the choices they have at home.

Thanks for visiting, participating in this mission, and for saving lives.

abdominal ultrasound
My Normal Abdominal Scan

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