3 Benefits of Dental Tourism In Costa Rica

Written by ClinicTrip on June 24, 2019
Dental Clinics In Costa Rica

Costa Rica Offers Easy Access To Affordable Dental Care

Costa Rica is a tropical country located Central America, just a three to four hour flight from main airports in the U.S. such as Houston, Miami, or Los Angeles. It has become a popular destination for dental tourism due to high quality dental clinics offering services at affordable prices and at large discounts compared to dental care in the U.S. It’s also a fun tropical country to visit. Here are three benefits of dental tourism to Costa Rica and its largest city of  San Jose.

High Quality And Affordable Dental Care

Costa Rica’s main medical tourism specialty is dentistry. It has a concentration of top dental clinics providing the entire range of dental and orthodontic treatments including All-on-4, dental implants, fillings, caps and crowns, and dental check ups.

The dental clinics in Costa Rica serve the expat community along with dental tourists from many countries. In fact, 90% of the dental procedures carried out in Costa Rica are done on foreign patients from the U.S., Canada, and the UK. The dental clinics are appealing because of easy access, top quality doctors,  and modern looking clinics with the latest technology. The treatments are also up to 50% to 70% less expensive than in the U.S. making it a good option for those without dental insurance.

Popular Holiday Destination For Recovery

After most dental procedures, a recovery period is important depending on the complexity of the treatment. Costa Rica makes it easy since it’s a popular holiday destination with many options for relaxation and basic tourism. Because of the tropical location with abundant rainforests, beautiful beaches, picturesque volcanos, and fun resorts, there is much to see and do during recovery so that it passes quickly.

Developed Tourist Infrastructure

Costa Rica is a top tourist destination in Central America and has a developed tourist infrastructure for inbound arrivals. This makes it easy to arrive, receive treatment, and stay for recovery without complications. It also makes it easy to get around and explore dental care options while you are visiting the country.

As with any recommendations, make sure to research the dental clinics and even visit before receiving treatment. A simple check up will help you become familiar with a dental clinic before receiving additional treatment.

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Dental Clinics In Costa Rica