Common Eye Procedures for Better Vision

Written by ClinicTrip on July 8, 2016

Many international hospitals offer top notch eye care clinics with highly trained ophthalmologists. Here are three common procedures that people seek for better vision.

Cataracts Surgery

When the natural lens of the eye becomes clouded, usually with age, it impairs vision. The term ‘cataract’ refers to the clouding of the lens. To correct the problem, an eye surgeon can remove the lens and replace it with a synthetic one restoring full vision. The procedure is minimally invasive and done on an outpatient basis. It is one of the more common eye procedures performed globally.

Glaucoma Surgery

Glaucoma refers to an condition when fluid pressure builds up in the eye and causes damage to the optic nerve impairing vision. Glaucoma occurs when fluid doesn’t drain properly out of the eye or is blocked. The two main types of glaucoma are open-angle glaucoma and angle-closure glaucoma. Treatment can start with eye drops to improve fluid flow and reduce pressure. If eye drops are ineffective, then surgery may be required to create pathways for the fluid to flow. This can be done with laser therapy or filtering surgery. Visions loss due to glaucoma cannot be recovered so it’s important to get regular eye exams as a preventative measure.

Laser Vision Surgery (LASIK)

Laser surgery is a refractive surgery performed to reduce dependency on contact lenses or glasses. LASIK surgery is a common refractive surgery to reshape the cornea so that light entering the eye can be properly focused on the retina for better vision. LASIK is done on an outpatient basis and can be completed quickly and without pain.

Regular eye exams are recommended for early detection of any vision complications. Check with your local eye doctor before traveling for eye treatment.