3 Reasons To Visit Croatia For Medical Tourism

Written by ClinicTrip on May 28, 2019

Croatia Offers Excellent Healthcare Options In Beautiful Surroundings

Croatia Dental Clinics

Trogir, Croatia. Credit: Kookay at Pixabay.com

With wait times for medical treatment in Western European countries increasing, especially in the UK, Eastern European countries offer excellent options for several medical specialties with affordable and quality care that doesn’t require a long waiting period.

Croatia is one country providing excellent medical services while also being a beautiful location to visit and a nice place to stay during the recovery period. The capital of Zagreb which is the largest city in the country is located along the Sava river and is rich in history. Several top clinics are located in Zagreb. The cities along the scenic Dalamtia coast such as Split and Trogir are top tourist destinations and beautiful coastal towns and ports.


Croatia has developed an expertise in dentistry that is affordable and top quality. You can find dental clinics in Zagreb, Split, and Trogir. It’s easy to take care of basic dental work while on vacation and being in Croatia makes it easy. Dental Center Repic in Trogir is focused on international patients arriving for vacation. It is located in the vicinity of the Old Town.


Staying youthful in appearance is a specialty in Croatia which offers clinics focused on skin care (dermatology) and cosmetic surgery. One of the top clinics in Eastern Europe for cosmetic surgery is Poliklinika Bagatin which has been recognized by medical tourism industry organizations.

Eye Care

Eye care is the third medical specialty that is easy to access in Croatia. The top eye care clinic, Svjetlost Eye Clinic, offers world class eye care in Zagreb and is a clinic highlighted by medical tourism organizations.

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