Vacation a Good Time to Address Men’s Health

Written by ClinicTrip on December 27, 2016

Statistics show that men don’t get regular medical check ups or spend as much time as they should focusing on health which exposes them to chronic illnesses which could have been prevented with early detection or monitoring. Common illnesses which could have been avoided include heart disease and diabetes.

There are various reasons for men not monitoring their health including lack of time, not having a primary care doctor, confusion whether or not insurance will pay for it, not feeling sick, and not having the patience to visit a doctor. Because of this several public service campaigns exist to encourage adult men to visit the doctor more frequently for physicals or other health evaluations.

Not having enough time is a very common reason that is difficult to overcome, especially when some doctors require scheduling months in advance. A great way to deal with this issue is to encourage men to get a check up during vacation. A health screening at an international hospital is a standard and comprehensive preventative health evaluation that only takes a couple hours, but is easy to schedule at top hospitals and clinics in major tourist destinations.

Top travel destinations such as the Cayman Islands, Cancun, Costa Rica, Panama City in North America and Bangkok, Phuket, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Cebu City in Southeast Asia all have top hospitals with established health screening programs, sometimes called executive health screens.

The screenings can be booked online through the hospital website or by email and usually can be done the next day, although its always good to book ahead of time. Costs for such programs can range fro $300 to $500 dollars and be paid by credit card. Compared to the cost of a physical in the U.S. with blood work and similar tests, it’s a fraction of the price.

Even more valuable, the health screening program usually covers more tests than a normal physical. Beyond blood work, vitals, physical tests, and urine analysis, most health screenings include a chest x-ray, heart stress test, and abdominal ultra sound.

The abdominal ultrasound is particularly helpful since it images the abdominal organs to detect problems in the pancreas and digestive tract. Add-ons to most health screenings include colonoscopies and advanced cancer marker tests.

After the results have been collected, a formal meeting with a physician is set up to review the data and make recommendations. The doctor can detect problem areas that may be related to infections, heart issues, and cancer markers, as well as overall nutrition deficiencies, diabetic concerns, liver and kidney function problems, and weight issues.

The tests are simple, carried out very quickly, and take no longer than a couple of hours on the morning of a vacation day with enough time left over to relax on the beach afterwards. The time spent can help many men get a good picture of their health, which they may not otherwise get, and help them make good lifestyle decisions in the future!