Two Trends in Medical Treatment at Top International Hospitals

Written by ClinicTrip on June 29, 2017

Top international hospitals are always researching and implementing new methods of treatment to prevent and cure chronic illness.  Here are two trends that may expand treatment options for patients in the future.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is changing the approach to healthcare. This approach to healthcare considers lifestyle factors as reasons for a change from healthy to chronic sickness. These lifestyle factors may include diet, risky habits such as smoking or drinking, and stress factors on the individual. By managing and changing the patients lifestyle, the goal is to return them to wellness rather than just treating the symptoms of the disease. You can read more about Functional Medicine on ClinicTrip here.

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine is the treatment of damaged body tissue or organs to help them fully heal by regrowing the damaged areas back to normal. This can be done by providing modified stem cells to the damaged areas to help them regrow. It can also be done by transplanting organs form living or deceased patients, or eventually growing the organs in a lab in the future. Lastly, this type of medicine can focus on the body’s naturally ability to rejuvenate and heal on its own. You can read more about Regenerative Medicine on ClinicTrip here.