Transformative Travel Trend Benefits Health Tourists

Written by ClinicTrip on December 10, 2018

Bangkok Laut Malaysia

Transformative travel has been listed as a travel trend (Source) and it’s a benefit for health tourists. For those seeking a vacation that makes them better, healthier, and stronger, there are now many options that are easier to find and enjoy. Basic activities are focused on wellness and include detox, yoga, weight loss, sleeping better, meditation, and stress management or stress reduction.

More advanced transformative travel includes preventative medicine by getting a health screening at an international hospital, body improvement through exercise or cosmetic procedures, dental health, eye care, and heart health. It may also include alternative treatments such as Ayurvedic medicine, energy healing, and Chinese traditional health exercises such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

Many of the locations around the world that cater to medical tourists are also centers of wellness and transformative travel. Thailand, India, Malaysia, and Dubai have both excellent spas, health resorts, and top international hospitals. Traveling to these locations makes it easy to seek holistic treatments for most ailments and return home a stronger and more balanced person.