Top Dental Clinics In Eastern Europe

Written by ClinicTrip on December 2, 2019

Dental Tourism To Hungary, Estonia, and Croatia


Hungary has long been a leader in dental tourism in Eastern Europe and continues to grow. Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest has won many major medical tourism awards and services patients from Western Europe and the US. It also has a desk at the airport. Evergreen Dental is also a highly rated dental clinic in Budapest. Both clinics have videos below.

Kreativ Dental Clinic – Budapest

Evergreen Dental Clinic – Budapest


Estonia is a short distance from Scandinavian countries and has become a destination for dental tourism. With low costs for treatment and excellent care, the main city Tallinn is now a dental tourism hub. Sakala Hambaravi Dental Clinic is one of many clinics welcoming international patients.


Croatia has become an emerging hub for dental tourism in Eastern Europe  Zagreb is the largest city and center of the medical tourism industry in Croatia. Excellent dental clinics are also available in the popular tourists areas of the Dalmatian Coast including the towns of Split and Trogir.  Check out Dental Center Repic in Trogir.

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