Top 3 Cities For Dental Tourism In Thailand

Written by ClinicTrip on January 7, 2019

Thailand has become a major tourist destination globally offering a mix of exciting cities, pleasant beach resorts, and tropical hill terrain in the north of the country. In addition to the wonderful food, ancient temples, and warm culture, it also offers a concentration of excellent and affordable dental clinics that make it easy to add a teeth cleaning or more to a holiday there. Taking care of basic dental work is easiest in these three cities which are also top tourist destinations in Thailand.


Bangkok is the largest city in Thailand and is the main entry point for many visitors to the country. Offering excellent inbound infrastructure, it hosts more than 20 million tourists per year. Bangkok is the heart of Thailand’s booming medical tourism industry with top hospitals and clinics available in the city center and surrounding areas. Dental clinics are numerous as well as dental departments in the major private hospitals.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a beautiful city in the north of Thailand which is surrounded by hills and near the border of Laos and Myanmar. It has a large artistic and creative community along with numerous temples, an elephant sanctuary, and cultural festivals to suit any traveler. It’s even home to a large expat retirement community which uses the services of its dental clinics regularly. Chiang Mai is about a 75 minute flight from Bangkok and is easy to travel around.


Phuket is a large beach resort area in southern Thailand. The famous Patong beach is located in Phuket along with many resorts, spas, and outdoor activities. A popular location for tourists who enjoy beach life, it’s also an excellent city for dental tourism around the beach area and in Phuket City a few miles away.

All three cities have the highest concentration of dental clinics due to the increasing tourist arrivals and top dentists opening clinics. Here’s a lists of dental clinics in these cities – click below:

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