Thailand Increases Length of Stay for Medical Tourists

Written by ClinicTrip on July 16, 2017

Medical tourists seeking treatment in Thailand can now stay longer. By doing so, Thailand wants to attract more medical travelers, become a world class medical hub, and continue to be a top medical and wellness tourist destination. The change is meant to increase convenience and access to medical care in the country.

The new measures has four parts:

  1. Medical tourists from China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar can stay 90 days in Thailand without a visa.
  2. The 90 day measure applies to up to four people traveling with the medical tourist (such as family). For the long-stay visa, it applies to spouses and children under age 20 as well.
  3. Medical tourists from 14 other counties who are over 50 years of age can apply for a ‘long-stay’ visa that lasts up to 10 years. The first visa is for 5 years which can then be extended for another 5 years.
  4. Thailand’s basic medical tourism “MT” visa applies to almost everyone else and allows the medical tourist to stay for up to 60 days which is 30 days longer than the general tourist entry permitted.

The 14 countries included in the long-stay visa include: USA, Britain, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, France, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, and Canada.

Be sure to check with the local Thai embassy or consulate to confirm your eligibility for the new immigration policies for medical travelers before embarking on your visit.