Telemedicine To Improve Medial Tourism Efficiency

Written by ClinicTrip on April 23, 2020

With many hospitals around the world ramping up telemedicine in accordance with social distancing, the capability will enhance medical tourism and make it more efficient. Speaking to a potential doctor overseas via video conferencing to discuss health concerns and possible treatment options will improve the research phase for patients before they commit to travel.

The research phase is one of the most critical parts of the medical tourism experience and it’s one that many patients overlook because it is time consuming, may require preliminary travel before the main travel for treatment, and it’s not as efficient to meet with several doctors at different hospitals around the world before choosing the best one.

With telemedicine, a medical tourist could interact with many doctors and hospitals before choosing the one that offers the best chance for a successful treatment. In addition, video conferencing software allows the patient’s doctor locally to join the conversation effortlessly. Video conference will also allow the patient to connect with the international patient office, potential doctors, nurses, and payments staff all in one sitting.

With this extra level of communication before a patient travels for treatment, the medical tourism experience will become more manageable, efficient, and convenient. As the world begins to open up to travel again in the second half of 2020, telemedicine should be a key factor in the decision process for international patients when reviewing a hospital or dental clinic for treatment.