Sani Dental Group Opens Dental Office In Cancun

Written by ClinicTrip on October 23, 2019

Popular Dentist In Los Algodones Expands To Playa Del Carmen

Sani Dental Group ( based in Los Algodones, Mexico, which is a hub for dental tourism just across the US-Mexico border from Yuma, Arizona, has expanded to the Playa Del Carmen area of Cancun, Mexico. Sani Dental Group is a top provider and has two locations already in Los Algodones on Calle Alamo and Calle Tercera (3rd Street) . Both locations can be reached by walking.

Sani Dental Group Cancun

Mayan Temple In Near Cancun, Mexico

With the growth of dental tourism driven by US patients who have no or very limited dental coverage, Sani Dental Group has become a leader among the growing number of qualified dentists in Mexico. With the expansion to Cancun, tourist to the popular vacation spot can now add a trip to the dentist easily among doing the other tourist activities.

Sani Dental Group has written a nice blog post about seven popular things to do in Cancun while getting dental work done at their office at affordable prices.

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