Recover in Paradise at These Top International Hospitals

Written by ClinicTrip on May 6, 2017

There are several aspects of medical tourism that are important to consider – the quality of the hospital and doctors, the costs, and logistics of traveling to the medical center. One aspect that is often overlooked is the quality of the recovery period. Many procedures may require a week to several weeks of recovery before the patient is able to return home. During this period the patient heals and the doctor monitors the results of the treatment. More complicated procedures may even require a second treatment.

Several top international hospitals around world are located in areas that are very beautiful and the cost of living is moderate to low so that the stay is peaceful, affordable, and enjoyable. Here are five hospitals that let patients recover in paradise.

Penang Adventist Hospital – Penang Island, Malaysia
Sunset from Penang Island - Malaysia

Sunset from Penang Island – Malaysia

Penang Adventist Hospital is a JCI accredited hospital located on the stunning island of Penang off the northwest coast of Malaysia. Penang was one of the first hubs for medical tourism known for excellent health care, affordable travel, and amazing scenery. Located in the center of Georgetown, the main city on the island, the hospital is nearby to the popular beach destination of Batu Ferringhi with peaceful resorts and a variety of lodging. Quiet affordable hotels throughout the city are available. Because of this, patients are never far from the hospital and have access to enjoyable attractions highlighting the tropical forests on the island, great beaches, and beautiful sunsets.

Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital – Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is know as the cit of eternal spring due to its beautiful climate. This Colombian city is going through a renaissance in culture and livability and is rated as the top city to live in South America along with Santiago, Chile. Pablo Tobon Uribe Hospital is JCI accredited and listed among the top 10 hospitals in South America. The excellent transportation, beautiful parks, and small towns surrounding the city make it an ideal place to recover and relax.

Tweet Translation: “A hospital with soul, we join the week of sustainability.”
Hospital Galenia – Cancun, Mexico
Most people know Cancun as a popular resort town along the beach on the Yucatan peninsula. It also has high quality health care. Hospital Galenia is a JCI accredited hospital that is within easy reach from the resort zone along the beach. Just a short flight from the U.S., getting treatment at Hospital Galenia lets patients combine vacation with health in a relaxed tropical environment with the entire area for their enjoyment and the hospitality of the medical staff to speed up recovery.

Hospital Clinica Biblica – San Jose, Costa Rica


Tweet Translation: We are the first private Costa Rican medical center to obtain the national brand license – Essential Costa Rica.”

Costa Rica is on many travelers list of places to visit. In just a 3 1/2 flight from Houston, visitors have this small tropical country to explore with beaches, jungle, volcanos, and coffee farms. Located in the capital of San Jose, Hospital Clinica Biblica is JCI accredited and offers high quality care in a beautiful setting. With more than 40,000 Americans traveling to CR for health care each year, the country is very accepting of those visiting for medical care and offers the convenience of a popular tourist destination to get around during the recover time.


Waterfall near San Jose, Costa Rica

Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin – Hua Hin, Thailand
Thai Food

Delicious Thai food options in Hua Hin

Bangkok Hospital – Hua Hin is JCI accredited and belongs to the long established Bangkok Hospital network. Hua Hin is a small beach town that’s a popular place for residents of nearby Bangkok to enjoy the coast, get out of the city, and avoid the larger beach town of Pattaya. The town is a very relaxed setting for medical care.

The nice beach atmosphere in Hua Hin is perfect for recovering and costs are lower than Bangkok as well. With many hotels available and great food at every turn, you just may want to stay longer than needed. There are non-stop coach buses from Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi  Airport to Hua Hin for 270 Baht (~$US 8).

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