Recover From Medical Treatment In Paradise

Written by ClinicTrip on March 29, 2019

3 Top Countries For Medical Tourism Where Recovery After Treatment Can Be Done At Amazing And Affordable Resorts

For any medical treatment done as a health tourist or medical tourist, it’s very important to understand the recovery requirements after a procedure is finished. This may include frequent follow ups with the doctor for monitoring the outcome, avoiding travel for several weeks for recuperation, or additional procedures to address complications if needed.

All the recovery requirements depend on the type of procedure and the complexity. It is important to remember that any type of surgery that is done, even cosmetic or bariatric surgery, will require a recovery period.

Since many top international hospitals are located in beautiful travel locations with nice resorts and spas, it’s a benefit to medical tourists to take advantage of the location in addition to the lower costs to facilitate the most pleasant and speedy recovery as possible after treatment. When the scenery and atmosphere are nice, it’s easier and more enjoyable to take care of yourself and heal.

Here are three top countries for medical tourism that also offer wonderful affordable resorts in tropical environments for a pleasant recovery.


Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia between Singapore and Thailand. It’s a tropical country with a long coast line with small islands a short distance from the shore. It’s inexpensive to travel in Malaysia and there are a wide range of resorts and beach hotels for all budgets. Malaysia’s medical services are ranked the top in the world for health tourists so combining treatment in Malaysia with recovery at a nice resort is an excellent combination.

Malaysia Resort

Beach resort in Malaysia


Thailand, located just north of Malaysia, has become the top country for both tourism and medical travel globally. Because Thailand is a tropical country and has a variety of beach resorts as well as hill resorts in the north of the country, it’s an ideal place to combine medical tourism and recovery. The medical tourism options in Thailand are numerous. The busiest hospital for medical tourism is Bumrungrad International Hospital, located in central Bangkok, making it easy to access nearby beach resorts for a speedy recovery.

Thailand resorts

Tropical island beach in Thailand

Costa Rica

For medical tourism from North America, Costa Rica offers an excellent location to combine medical or dental travel and recovery. It’s also a tropical country with a variety of beach resorts to accommodate all needs. Since most medical travel to Costa Rica is for dental tourism, relaxing at a beach resort after having dental work makes the recovery as pleasant as it can be.

Dental Clinics In Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano and Town in Costa Rica

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