Top Private Hospitals In Kuching For Medical Tourism In Borneo

Written by ClinicTrip on April 26, 2019

Malaysian State Of Sarawak Offers Easy Medical Tourism For Indonesian Patients

Kuching is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo. It is located in the northwest area of the island and borders the Malaysian state of Sabah to the east and the Indonesian state of Kalimantan to the south.

Kuching Borneo travel

Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. Credit: Image by travelphotographer from Pixabay

As Kuching has grown in popularity as a tourist destination due to the tropical coastal islands, long river trips, and jungle treks to see indigenous tribes, and the famous Mulu Caves in the interior, it has also developed as an excellent medical tourism destination. Medical tourists arrivals are primarily from Indonesia and Pontianaka which is the largest city in Kalimantan.

Two hospitals in particular offer Indonesian patients top care. Normah Medical Specialist Centre and KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital. Normah Medical Specialist Center is Joint Commission International accredited. KPJ Kuching Specialists Hospital is a part to the large KPJ Healthcare Group with 22 private hospitals across Malaysia several of which are Joint Commission International accredited.

Both hospitals are located in the city center of Kuching and offer a range of general medical specialties. They provide an easy and convenient medical tourism option for Indonesian patients and a nice city to visit as well. Learn more about both hospitals in Kuching on

Normah Medical Specialist Centre

KPJ Kuching Specialist Hospital