Medical Travel Safest at Established International Hospitals and Clinics

Written by ClinicTrip on February 19, 2017

It’s fairly common to read about patients traveling overseas for medical care that have a bad experience or even a fatal experience. These are very tragic situations. Many times, however, the patients sought medical care or treatment from hospitals, clinics, or doctors that were not established or legitimate providers in their fields. It is commonly seen for patients seeking plastic or cosmetic surgery. The risk of having a terrible outcome goes down when medical travelers seek treatment from established practitioners.

The value of medical travel is at its best when the quality of care is high, the wait times are short, and the costs are at a discount compared to what patients have available in their home country. If patients try to undercut any of these benefits and costs even further by going to non-established medical providers, they put themselves at great risk which doesn’t make the equation pay off any more.

It is always recommended to research the medical provider first even when it’s a referral from a friend. The top ones are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) organization and are usually the large hospitals. If you are seeking medical treatment, even for cosmetic surgery or dentistry, that is not from a JCI accredited hospitals or clinic, make sure they have a well known reputation for success and are a legitimate operation in anyway that you can including researching their credentials in their home country. Even visiting the facility first and interviewing the doctors, well before any treatment, is recommended as well. By not leaving anything to chance, you increase the likelihood of success and a positive outcome.