5 Top Countries For Medical Tourism In Eastern Europe

Written by ClinicTrip on February 28, 2019
Medical Tourism Eastern Europe

Discover Top Dental Clinics And Hospitals In Eastern Europe

With Eastern Europe’s nearness to Western Europe and lower prices for high quality dental and medical care, it’s an attractive destination for medical tourism and dental tourism. The growth of clinics in top cities is an indication that more medical travelers are arriving for excellent care and to save euros. The medical tourism specialties offered are dentistry, dermatology (skin care), cosmetic surgery, and orthopedics (knee, hip, shoulder, elbow treatments), and physical rehabilitation.

Several countries and specific cities within those countries have emerged as leading providers of care for health travelers and they are also pleasant tourist destinations as well.


Croatia has become a leading hub for medical tourism in Eastern Europe for dermatology and plastic surgery along with orthopedics due to its successful sports programs. Zagreb is the largest city and center of the medical tourism industry in Croatia. The leading clinic for dermatology and cosmetic surgery is Poliklinika Bagatin which has been recognized as one of the best in Europe by medical tourism industry organizations. It also recently opened a clinic in Split on the Dalmatia Coast.

3 Reasons To Visit Croatia For Healthcare


Poland has also become a hub for medical tourism for orthopedic surgery, spine treatments and dentistry. Clinics in Poland offer lower costs for treatment but with top quality care. A leading orthopedic clinic in Warsaw in Carolina Medical Center which has won numerous awards and provides care for the Polish Olympic teams and Polish ballet. It also has a spine treatment center.


Greece is working hard towards becoming a medical tourism hub. As many travelers in Europe are familiar with vacations in Greece, it’s a nice complementary service to provide medical care for those visiting as well. Several top fertility treatment clinics are located in Athens along with hair treatment clinics. Genesis Athens Clinic is a leading clinic for fertility treatment.


Estonia is a short distance from Scandinavian countries and has become a destination for dental tourism. With low costs for treatment and excellent care, the main city Tallinn is now a dental tourism hub. Sakala Hambaravi Dental Clinic is one of many clinics welcoming international patients.


Hungary has long been a leader in dental tourism in Eastern Europe and continues to grow. Kreativ Dental Clinic in Budapest has won many major medical tourism awards and services patients from Western Europe and the US. It also has a desk at the airport. Evergreen Dental is also a highly rated dental clinic in Budapest. Both clinics have videos below.

Kreativ Dental Clinic – Budapest

Evergreen Dental Clinic – Budapest

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