Medellin Emerging Global Hub for Medical Travel

Written by ClinicTrip on September 25, 2016

Medellin is Colombia’s second largest city with 2.64 million people and one of the economic centers of the country. Due to its pioneering medical research and cluster of top hospitals, it has become a hub for medical tourism in Latin America and beyond.

The South American business journal America Economia based in Santiago, Chile, ranked 100 hospitals on the continent in 2015 and Medellin had eight on the list with the highest ranked hospital, Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, listed as 9th overall.

It’s no surprise that Medellin has emerged as a major hub for medical tourism. They city’s medical teams have been pioneers in several medical procedures, especially organ transplants. In 1973, its doctors performed the first kidney transplant in Colombia. In 1979 they also performed the first liver transplant in South America. In 2008 they performed the first trachea and larynx transplant in the world [Source].

The growth of medical tourism to Medellin has also been link to the improved quality of life in the city. In 2013 Medellin was listed as the most innovative city in the world by the Urban Land Institute and the Wall Street Journal. Recently it was listed with Santiago, Chile, as one of the best cities in which to live in South America. It also has the complete transportation infrastructure for inbound visitors and patients.

Medellin has propelled itself as a leader in medical research and healthcare through a powerful ecosystem which utilizes local resources to advance the quality of care. This includes setting the highest medical standards to attract international patients, expert knowledge management and shared learning to improve every aspect of the care value chain, and partnering with local industries.

As a result this cluster of health care organizations offers world class services to the growing international patient community. These organizations include the previously mentioned Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Hospital Universitario de San Vicente, Hospital Las Vegas, and Clinica Cardio VID among others. Dental clinics include Alta Estetica Dental, Clinica Odontologica VID, and Dental Center.

As medical tourism continues to grow globally, Medellin is well positioned to become a major hub for patients who are willing to travel for better treatment and care. The flight duration is 7 hrs and 23 min from Chicago on Delta with 1 stop in Miami. Along with its salubrious weather and friendly people, patients can expect to find high quality care at hospitals and clinics in Medellin during treatment and afterwards through recovery and a welcoming global city.