Lasik surgery cost in Bangalore

Written by Seedi Eye Care Centre on December 6, 2018

The best thing about LASIK is that it is non-invasive, besides, it doesn’t cause any pain as such. Recovery is quick and requires minimal assistance. There are no bandages or stitched needed, which reduces recovery time to about a week tops. However, there might be slight discomforts immediately post surgery. These can range from mild discomfort, temporary haziness to irregular astigmatism.

Many factors determine how much a LASIK procedure will cost you. The most important ones are:

1. Technology: A clinic offering state-of-the-art technology, with renowned equipment may charge a little more than clinics that perhaps use technology of a lower standard.

2. Types of Procedure: Certain minimally invasive, non-standard procedures like the bladeless ReLEx SMILE can end up costing more than regular procedures. But you’re paying for what you’re getting.

3. Location: Depending on the city and the locality, the prices of the clinic might fluctuate. Big cities often have a little more expensive set-up as compared to smaller cities. This is due to the sheer higher cost of setting-up in Big cities.

4. Aftercare: Many clinics and centres nowadays offer aftercare as an added package. Which means you don’t compulsorily have to opt for it. (this implies it won’t be included in the overall cost, so you’ll have to be vigilant for that).

5. Hospital Size: Economies of Scale plays out here. The bigger the firm, the lower the prices they’re able to offer because their overall costs are lower. Clinics with a nationwide set up of doctors and assertive staff are often less expensive.

6. Patient Care: Often an optometrist or optician will carry out the initial assessments, which can help reduce the cost when compared to an assessment by the surgeon. Be a little cautious with this because it doesn’t allow you to build a professional relationship with the surgeon prior to your surgery. Which is often underestimated but an integral part of your comfort with the procedure.

If you are in Bangalore, however, I’d recommend Seedi Eye Care Centre, which is located in Jayanagar. This is mainly because of their experienced medical staff and world-class equipment. When I had my LASIK done with them it only cost me around Rs. 20,000. Which let me tell you is way below what other clinics of similar repute are asking for. I literally made a list of all the best eye clinics in Bangalore and did my homework before landing on Seedi. Having had a personal LASIK procedure conducted by them on me, I can vouch for their wonderful care and brilliant doctors. You need to remember that your eye sight is too important to take unnecessary risks.

Lasik Surgery cost at Seedi Eye care centre Bangalore: 20,000

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