Island Hospital In Penang-Malaysia Offers Health Screening Package

Written by ClinicTrip on December 4, 2018

Malaysian Hospital Developing Medical City In Popular Tourist Location

Island Medical City (IMC) is a planned development in the city of George Town on the picturesque and popular island of Penang in northwest Malaysia. The 600 bed medical city will be the first of its kind in Malaysia and be an extension of the current 300 bed Island Hospital in the Jalan Burma area of the city, one of the original destinations for medical tourism in Southeast Asia.

The new medical city will have the largest and top tertiary care hospital in Penang, medical suites for clinics, and a hotel dedicated to medical tourists. Because Penang is a top tourist destination in Southeast Asia and a cruise ship port of call, as well as a growing city from Malaysia’s economic development, the expansion from hospital to medical city will match the population and tourist growth on the island. Read more about the project here:

Island Hospital currently offers a health screening package as part of their mission to “Act Don’t ReAct” which encourages medical tourists to be proactive about their health and catch any medical risks early with the comprehensive health check up. The package starts at RM670 and includes the full range of preventative health tests. Learn about the package here:


Consultation, medical history, physical examination, explanation & counseling by the consultant physician and:
▪ Medical Report
▪ Complimentary Island Hospital bag
▪ Complimentary diet book
▪ One meal coupon

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