Healthcare in the Caribbean a Perfect Combination

Written by ClinicTrip on May 29, 2016
Health City Cayman Islands

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The Caribbean islands have wooed travelers from all over the world with a salubrious climate and friendly people. Island breezes and swaying palm trees are enough to put even the most busy people at ease for a while. Its proximity to Florida and the East Coast of the U.S. make it an easy destination to reach. As a world away, but still close to home, it’s a wonderful escape.

While the islands have an abundance of first class resorts, the Caribbean now has a first class hospital in the Cayman Islands which is a healthcare option for medical travelers who want the best of both worlds – an affordable quality international hospital within easy reach of the U.S. and a beautiful healthful environment.

Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) is the second Joint Commission International accredited private hospital after Doctors Hospital in the Bahamas and is aiming to turn the Caribbean into a medical tourism hub. A joint venture between Narayana Health group from India and U.S. based Ascension, it opened in February 2014 and offers high quality care at affordable prices compared to healthcare costs nearby in the U.S.

For example, here are four procedures with prices comparisons between Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) and U.S. average prices.

Heart Bypass (CABG x 4)

HCCI: $31,680 vs. U.S.: $151,533

Heart Valve Replacement

HCCI: $30,960 vs. U.S.: $186,548

Hip Replacement

HCCI: $15,840 vs. U.S.: $105,049

Knee Replacement

HCCI: $15,840 vs. U.S.:$69,214


The Affordable Healthcare Act in the U.S., while helping to insure millions of Americans, has not slowed the pace of growth of medical tourists seeking care outside the U.S. Commons concerns for medical tourists are being as near to home as possible, being in a comfortable environment, and receiving higher quality care than is available in their home city. Health City Cayman Islands provides all of this with the extra benefit of offering an ideal location for recovery before returning home, a benefit that many overlook.

Health City Cayman Islands has several centers of excellence including cardiac surgery, cardiology, orthopedics, pediatrics, endocrinology, pulmonology.

It also has a helpful international patient desk that can help schedule your appointments at the hospital. Their goal is to make the patient’s experience exceptional from arrival to departure using world class specialists and leading edge technology. The hospital offers bundled pricing that includes the initial consultation, all physician visits up to two weeks post-surgery, the operating and medication fees, along with all transportation costs and inpatient services.

With a resort style setting, top medicals services, and affordable prices, Health City Cayman Islands has established itself as the premier hospital in the Caribbean and an ideal location for medical travel.