Health Screening – The Best Bet For Your Health

Written by Sam Z on July 14, 2017

Having completed an executive health screening at a hospital in Malaysia while working in Kuala Lumpur for a brief time last year, I was impressed with the quality of the program and had these thoughts to share about it.

As men and women today face more challenges of career and family commitments, they must take charge of their health and well-being. A Health Screening is important to do annually just as dental check up is a regular commitment as well. There are many hospitals in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand that offer health screenings for men and women where health is affordable and the quality is high.

It’s easy to make an appointment at a hospital for a wellness physical that includes several options and costs. A simple health screening includes a vitals, basic blood and urine tests, ECG, and a chest xray. Additional tests which are usually included are lung function and abdominal ultrasound.

The health screening will also include consultation and physical examination and a review of a with a physician to analyze your results. There are several other tests that can be included that apply to women or men specifically. The costs vary according to the packages and options chosen.

On the day of the test, fasting the night before is necessary to give accurate readings. Be sure to bring shorts and gym shoes for heart stress tests where you walk on a treadmill. After the health screening test are complete a free coupon for a lunch is usually given to the patient to use in the hospital’s cafe. You won’t go home hungry.

The tests are analysed and then read to the patient at a later time of the date or on another date chosen by the patient. The results of the test are kept for two to three years and if you return to the same hospital, the physician will compare results and look for trends. If you show continual improvement, then you know you are on the right track!

Renal (Kidney) Profile from My Health Screening Results