German Heart Center Now Providing Urologist Services

Written by German Heart Centre on December 18, 2018

The German Heart Center Bremen is among the pioneers for dispensing top-tier clinical care at the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). Since its inception, the facility has been on the forefronts for providing the latest in medical treatments in cardiology, gynecology, dermatology, and psychology. While maintaining the highest technical standards, German Heart Center employs internationally recognized doctors and staff for upholding its exemplary reputation. As a beacon of medical excellence, the clinic actively engages with their patients, giving them space to openly address their concerns while focusing on minimizing unnecessary tests, examinations, and treatments.

Since the clinic maintains a strict check on the quality of services it provides, the German Heart Center has experienced tremendous popularity in both UAE and internationally.

Urology Department

In its recent bid to provide professional medical assistance for patients with urinary tract problems, German Heart Center has introduced the Urology Department lead by Senior Consultant Urologist Dr. Noor Buchholz.

The Urology Department at German Heart Center features the finest medical staff, up-to-date equipment and latest treatments under the special care Dr. Buchholz. With the addition of Dr. Noor Buchholz as Senior Consultant Urologist, the clinic has effectively enriched its roster of globally recognized doctors. Receiving his training from Germany, Switzerland and Australia, Dr. Noor served as the Director of Stone Services & Endourology at The Royal London Hospital/ UK. With first-hand veteran experience, he successfully treats patients suffering from every disease related to the urinary system.

Dr. Buchholz has also published over 300 articles in the leading scientific journals and is ranked among the select group of 50 trainers recognized worldwide by the International Endourology Society (IES). He displays an impressive track record, remarkable professionalism and an outstanding career and prominent achievements, making him is a valuable asset for both patients and the clinic itself.

The German Heart Center keenly listens to what patients have to say for modifying their services exactly as they intend them to be. With the Urology department now effectively serving patients, German Heart Center has earned another badge for its utmost medical excellence in the UAE.

German Heart Center works in partnership with the UAE Health Authorities and various other International Accrediting bodies. It also coordinates with DHCC on topics such as patient safety protocols, research, and development in various fields of medicine, conducting medical programs general improvements in the public health sector in UAE.