Genetic Testing and Personalized Medicine is Individual Focused Health Care

Written by ClinicTrip on July 7, 2017

Personalized Medicine is a growing medical field that inspects a patient’s genes to improve the prevention and treatment of disease. It can also be called Precision Medicine or Individualized Medicine. Your genes may determine many things about your long term health or risk of disease. Studying your genes provides relevant medical information that doctors can use to keep you healthy.

There is more than one kind of clinical genetic testing. Some genetic tests are done to see if you’ve inherited a disease or likely to inherit a disease from your parents. This can apply to sickle cell anemia. Other tests look to see if your genes have transformed or mutated which might indicate the likelihood of developing cancer. More recently, genetic testing has evolved to provide detailed information about all of a person’s genetic code, called whole-genome sequencing, which may lead to even better analysis of a person’s potential for health.

All three kinds of genetic testing use the information gathered about one’s genes to customize the treatment for that person so that they get optimal care with the most precise prescriptions for health and in the most accurate way. Since not every person is the same or responds to treatment in the same way, this can lead to fewer side effects and more effective treatment than a general approach to wellness or mainstream treatment options.

Keep in mind that clinical genetic testing is different from commercial genetic testing which is done to determine ancestry, healthy traits, weight management analysis, and wellness markers.

Clinical genetic testing is used for the very complex analysis of disease prevention and treatment and may increase the long term health success for each individual especially as this field of study and type of care progresses.