Dr. Orawan Holistic Dermatology and Anti-Aging Institute

Written by Dr. Orawan Holistic Dermatology & Anti-Aging Institute on July 10, 2019

Dr. Orawan Holistic Beauty and Anti-Aging Institute was established back in 1988 by the world-famous guru in health and beauty, Wg. Cdr. Dr. Orawan Kitchawengkul MD. Her philosophy has remained the same throughout the years – to blend the best of Eastern medicines with those of innovative Orawana solutions to health and beauty. Their superior quality, services, innovation and even CSR program have made them winners of awards from across the world. Thanks to Dr. Orawan’s commitment to bring the best solutions to her clients, they have not only enjoyed looking and feeling more beautiful, but have even felt younger and healthier than ever before.

Our Treatments

Treating The Whole You

Holistic & Wellness

‘Holistic’ refers to treating the whole body, including the mind and the spirit. The holistic approach aims to cure – not simply suppress illness.

Anti-Aging Treatment

In the world of beauty therapies the most popular treatments center on non-surgical lifting and rejuvenation.

Beauty Treatment

Dr. Orawan provides consultation, evaluation and treatments for all types of facial enhancement and correction.

Laser & LIght Therapy

Dr. Orawan provides a full range of state-of-the-art technology for treatment, such as Laser with Acupuncture, Hydro Acupuncture, Bluelight, UVB.

Natural Herb Treatment

Research in the field of anti-aging medicine has identified hormonal depletion as one of the key factor that contributes to the aging process.

Treatment Checkup

Telomere checkup to evaluate your life span from your genes, Genetic checkup using a saliva test, giving a full blue print picture of your health.

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