Carolina Medical Center

Written by Carolina Medical Center on March 3, 2018

Carolina Medical Center is an orthopaedic clinic and hospital situated in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, in a new 15 story building and it occupies 7 floors. There are 4 operating theatres in the hospital, each of them equipped with octagonal laminar air conditioning system which protects not only a patient but all medical team from bacteria during the operation.

One of the floors is dedicated to the post-operative ward where there are 21 single and double bedrooms, all with bathrooms, TV, telephone, internet connection and catering services provided.

The Diagnostic Imaging Centre is also located in the hospital building and performs prompt diagnostic tests using:

  • General Electric Sigma 1,5T HDxt Adv magnetic resonance apparatus equipped with coils earmarked for orthopaedics;
  • Philips computed tomography apparatus allowing 3D reconstruction of the examined tissue or organ;
  • Philips X-ray apparatus equipped with two permanent digital detectors (DR) supplemented with the CR system;
  • Toshiba ultrasound apparatus allowing examinations of all sinews, muscles and joints, including children’s hip joints after Graf, as well as ultrasound 2D and Doppler method examinations of arteries and veins.

Our clinic provides post-operative care as we have created Physiotherapy Centre and Physical Movement Centre. The physiotherapy room is about 530 square meters (5 705 square feet) in size, outfitted with a balance platform with biofeedback, a Red Cord system for joint stabilization and sports rehabilitation, a Power Plate, equipment for functional and forcible training and equipment for physical treatment, to name a few.