Ayurvedic Treatment Gaining Popularity As Alternative Medicine

Written by ClinicTrip on May 21, 2018

While there are many amazing international hospitals available to treat every medical condition, some patients may choose to try alternative medicine before seeking treatment from a doctor. One type of alternative medicine is Ayurvedic Treatment. Its origins are in India, especially the southern states of the country, most notably in Kerala. Ayurvedic spas and resorts are gaining in popularity as wellness destinations, but Ayurvedic hospitals also exist to treat chronic complications.

Ayurveda is the healing practice in India that was developed before modern medicine. Its purpose is to restore balance in the body and it does this with herbal oils that are applied to the body along with diet, exercise, yoga, and lifestyle improvements. While the scientific research on Ayurvedic medicine is limited, it has been used to treat stress, diet related problems and chronic illness conditions. It’s also been used by patients recuperating from the effects of surgery or cancer treatment. It can be applied for body care and rejuvenation like a spa treatment as well.

India has both Ayurvedic resorts for casual spa-like treatments for those who want to try it out and get the feel of an Ayurvedic session and see if it has wellness benefits to them. Kerala is also home to Ayurvedic hospitals where the treatments are intended for actual healing of chronic conditions or recovery from a hospital procedure.

Whichever Ayurvedic treatment you choose to enjoy, it’s good to know the 5,000 years of learning and knowledge have gone into the practice and the benefits just may help you feel better and put you in a good state of mind.