Alzheimer’s Care Resorts Expanding In Thailand

Written by ClinicTrip on January 14, 2020
Elderly Care Resorts

Image by sarcifilippo from Pixabay

Benefits Of Caring For Families Members With Dementia In Thailand

More families in Europe are sending their loved ones with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease to Thailand for full time care. The benefits include lower costs for full time assistance, one to one patient to nurse ratios, and more daily interaction and out-of-room mobility.

The rise of aging populations in Europe and the U.S. is straining existing resources for care and also putting a huge burden on families who are already short on time and financial resources to provide constant care for elderly family members with dementia. As a result, many are seeking care outside of their home country, especially in Thailand, at care centers and resorts for patients with dementia.

With medical tourism already a growing trend, this segment of the industry is also showing expansion. Since Thailand is already a leader as a medical tourism destination, this service offering is consistent with the capabilities of the country. It is also a nice opportunity to give elderly patients better care rather than being institutionalized in their home country.

This article from the The Guardian highlights the latest examples of the trend. While not all families are willing to send their loved ones overseas, for those who are more comfortable with the arrangements, it presents a way to potentially increase the quality of life for these patients.