Affordable Preventative Health Screening and Dental Checkup In Malaysia

Written by Sam Z on December 8, 2017

I just visited Malaysia again for my annual health check up and it was efficient and affordable as expected. I combined it with a vacation that I took there as I’m familiar with the country and like visiting Kuala Lumpur. My health screening at a private hospital in the Ampang area of Kuala Lumpur was $331. It included a range of preventative tests that I would not have received in the U.S. (even with insurance) including an abdominal ultrasound which allows the doctor to visually examine the liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, lower portion of the aorta (for plaque build up), and the prostate.

In the same hospital, I also visited a dermatologist to get a skin health screening since I live in a very sunny climate. The cost for a very thorough exam and consolation with the specialist was $75. The administrators at the health screening center set it up for me very quickly.

My last appointment was with a dentist in the central part of the city that I’ve visited before and for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning. The cost was $40 and it went very quickly with no wait time in the office. The dental clinic was in a small mall.

The total for all of the appointments was $446 and it was a very easy and convenient to combine everything with my vacation. I’m also happy to have established relationships with the doctors and dentists who were friendly and very helpful. Based on my experience, I consider Malaysia a very good option for medical care for those who live there and for medical travel for those who plan to visit the country.