5 C’s for Outbound Medical Tourism from the U.S.

Written by ClinicTrip on July 8, 2017

If you live in  the U.S. and are considering medical treatment outside of the country at an international hospital, there are several locations in that are easy to reach and provide top care. Here are five popular locations with excellent hospitals and dental clinics that all happen to start with the letter C.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are just a three and a half hour flight from NYC and are a popular vacation spot in the Caribbean. It’s also the location of a top hospital that is accredited by the Joint Commission International. It’s located on Grand Cayman and was developed by Narayana Health, a large health care company in India. It’s called Health City Cayman Islands and the doctors are top notch with great track records. The hospital caters specifically to medical tourists. The orthopedics and cardiology departments have excellent doctors. They also offer executive health screening programs.

Cancun – Mexico

Cancun is a popular tourist destination in Mexico and one of the safer areas of the country. It’s also just a three and a half hour flight from NYC and has a good inbound tourist infrastructure. There are two parts to Cancun, the hotel area along the beach and the main city. In the beach area are several excellent dental clinics including Sunset Dental and Ocean Dental. In the city, Hospital Galenia is a Joint Commission International accredited hospital that has a top cancer center and is also popular for orthopedics.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical country in Central America that’s a five hour flight from NYC. About 40,000 people from the U.S. travel to Costa Rica for medical care each year, the majority of which is for dental treatment. San Jose is the capital of the country and where most of the medical centers are located. Because Costa Rica is popular tourist destination with a large American expat community, inbound travel is easy. Top dental clinics include Meza Dental, Nova Dental, and Flikier Dental Institute. Top hospitals include Hospital CIMA San Jose and Hospital Clinica Biblica both of which are accredited by the Joint Commission International.


Colombia is an emerging center for medical tourism and offers top quality healthy care that’s affordable. While the country has had safety concerns in the past, it’s currently a top place to live. Medellin, the location of the best hospitals in Colombia, is the highest rated city to live in South America along with Santiago, Chile. Medellin has excellent public transportation, inbound infrastructure, and a spring like climate year round. Medellin is well know for its history of excellent medical care and its hospitals are top rated in South America. The highest rated hospital is Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe. There are also a range of smaller medical clinics and dentists.


Chile is one of the top countries in South America for its economy and health care system. It’s an overnight flight from NYC lasting ten hours and forty-five minutes. Santiago is a very modern city and the best city in which to live in South America along with Medellin, Colombia. It has an extensive health care system with the strongest hospitals in Santiago. Santiago has a great subway system to navigate the city and top accommodations. Two hospitals which are Joint Commission International accredited are Clinica Las Condes which is in an upscale part of the city and Clinica Alemana de Santiago. There are a range of additional large hospitals and dentists.

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