3 Things To Do In Kerala After Ayurvedic Treatment

Written by ClinicTrip on November 13, 2019

How To Combine Alternative Medicine With Tourism In India’s Beautiful  Southwestern State

Ayurvedic Resort

Arabian Sea From Kochin Kerala

Traveling to India, and especially Kerala, has become popular for Ayurvedic treatments. Considered an alternative medicine, it has been the traditional medicine in India for thousands of years. Kerala has been the center of Ayurvedic practices and even has Ayurvedic hospitals and of course many spas. Some top hospitals have also added Ayurvedic centers to complement the modern medical procedures.

However, a trip to Kerala to an Ayurvedic spa is just one of the few things to do in that area of the country. In fact there are many tourist activities to enjoy in combination with an Ayurvedic trip. Here are three that are unique to the area.


Kerala Tea

Tea Estates In Munnar Kerala

Munnar is a hill town up in the Western Ghat Mountains that’s about a four hour drive from Kochin, the main city of arriving in Kerala. It’s an area with great beauty from forest areas, tea plantations, and mountain hikes. It’s cooler in Munnar than in the lowlands along the coast which gives it a relaxed therapeutic feel.


India Hospitals

Elephant Families In Thekkady

Thekkady is a small town at the edge of the Periyar lake and forest reserve. It is a wonderful national park where many wild animals can be seen including monkeys, elephants, deers, and water buffalo. It also may have tigers roaming through the park. Enjoy staying at a nice resort near the park entrance and take a safari through the jungle or a boat ride on the lake.

Alphuzza And The Backwaters

Kerala Backwaters Ayurvedic Spa

Houseboat In Kerala Backwaters

South of Kochin is the town of Alphuzza which is the main port to the Backwaters, a networks of canals and lakes that that run parallel to the coastline and the Arabian Sea. The lakes are filled from rivers flowing from the mountains and the canals connecting the lakes and towns comprise 560km of waterways. Tourists can rent “houseboats” which are large rice barges and cruise the waterways with overnight trips available. The beauty of the area is nice to sea from the houseboats and is a unique travel experience and provides a close looks at the center of life in Kerala.

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