3 Benefits Of A Health Screening Program

Written by ClinicTrip on June 5, 2019
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Top International Hospitals Offer Affordable Health Screening Packages

Health screening programs are a popular medical tourism specialty offered at top international hospitals. They are a comprehensive evaluation of your health and used to determine any type of health risks that may be treated early by the specialists at the hospital.

The top international hospitals have an entire department dedicated to the health screenings with administrators, nurses, and doctors to conduct a review of the results and make recommendations. The tests include vitals, full blood tests, heart stress tests, urine analysis, chest XRAY, bone density tests, and an abdominal ultrasound to view the organs. Extra tests can include a colonoscopy and endoscopy to view the throat down to the small intestine.

These are three benefits of a doing a heath screening at an international hospital as a medical tourist.

health screening program

Waiting Area Of Health Screening Department

Receive A Full Assessment Of Your Health

The Health Screening program is not just a check-up. It’s a full study of your health and can catch a wide variety of potential risks from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to kidney disease and even cancer. It only takes a couple of hours with a follow up visit to the doctor for the review. It can be done while on vacation and save time so you don’t have to do a check up at home.

Get To Know The Hospital

The second benefit is that you get to know the hospital. The health screening will provide a good idea of how the hospital operates, the quality of the nurses and staff, and provide a connection to a doctor who will know the condition of your health. It’s so important to know the hospital before choosing additional procedures. A health screening program is an excellent first step for preliminary research as a medical tourist.

Save Money And Time

A health screening is an affordable way to review your health. Most cost under USD $500 and major credit cards are accepted. To receive a similar range of tests, it would costs much more at hospitals in the U.S. or Europe. In fact the health screenings are very popular among expat communities. Lastly, they go by very quickly and can been done in a morning, leaving enough time for tourism in the afternoon.